黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1]

Free Read 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1] - by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, Free Read 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1] - by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1], Tadatoshi Fujimaki, Kuroko no Basuke. Free Read 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1] - by Tadatoshi Fujimaki - 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1], Kuroko no Basuke

  • Title: 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1]
  • Author: Tadatoshi Fujimaki
  • ISBN: 9784088746944
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1] - by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1], Free Read 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1] - by Tadatoshi Fujimaki - 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1], Kuroko no Basuke

  • Free Read 黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1] - by Tadatoshi Fujimaki
    498Tadatoshi Fujimaki
黒子のバスケ 1 [Kuroko no Basuke 1]

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  1. Tadatoshi Fujimaki , Fujimaki Tadatoshi, born June 9th, 1982, Tokyo is a Japanese mangaka, most known for his manga Kuroko no Basuke, serialized in Weekly Sh nen Jump Fujimaki was brought up in a good household and environment He attended Toyama High School and enrolled to Sophia University He chose for a manga career after finishing his studies Also known as and .

  2. The rating is for Book 1, 4 Star.The quick review below is for the entire series.It is sport manga series, about high school basketball From quality of character development and plots, Kuroko no Basuke KnB is still worse than Slam Dunk Slam Dunk, Tome 1, a well known basketball manga But KnB has better unrealistic basketball techniques These high schoolers have deity level basketball skills.The cons There are many overused plots characterizations in this manga So there won t be many genuine surp [...]

  3. I m extremely happy that someone has decided to set up a page for Kuroko no Basuke I searched for it on in January to no success Having added a few other new mangas, I was rather worn for tatter already I m a keen reader of Kuroko no Basuke on mangafox Kuroko is your no ordinary basketball player He s a shadow He is neither sensed or seen on court or in classrooms, unless he deliberately makes a move or talks With a personality that blends itself with the background, hardly anyone notices Kuroko [...]

  4. There was a team of basketball players from Teiko Middle School that were so skilled in basketball that they were called the Generation of Miracles Each of them has a unique ability that made them dominate in their chosen field They practically DEMOLISHED every other team there is and were always first So it was natural that every high school wanted a member from this team to go to their school upon their graduation.The story begins when the basketball club of Seirin High School was looking for [...]

  5. Okay, honestly, Sophie a BASKETBALL series That s what I ve been asking myself ever since watching the first episode of the anime, after which I was completely sucked it I watched the whole season in one week which is really fast for me when it comes to watching anime and afterwards I decided I wanted to read the manga, too The anime followed the manga pretty closely, so it was a bit repetitive for me and nowhere near as excting as watching the anime was with the exception maybe of the Aomine Ki [...]

  6. wow cre que me gustar a, pero me ha fascinado Los mangas o animes sobre deportes no me llaman casi nunca la atenci n, pero este ha sido muy interesante Sobretodo, Kuroko 3 Lo adoro Adem s los otros miembros del equipo son muy agradables Aparte, Kagami tambi n es genial, pero su personalidad es un poco dif cil y aun tiene muchas cosas que aprender.

  7. So after all the hype, and seeing various people read this, I decided to check it out Now I am not one for sports anime manga, but I was still hoping I might enjoy this one I heard the epic tales of hot boys Sadly, I didn t really see any hot boys The boys in this book were just not my type Kuroko was just bland, Taiga was just too hot headed, Kise was just meh Also the art was just bad terrible.The basketball part was pretty awesome, and I love the coach and her ability.But will I continue this [...]

  8. This is my current favorite manga and anime I started reading it when I came across it while looking for manga in mangahere It s been a while since I read any sport manga so I checked it out I was quickly hooked and couldn t stop until my eyes hurt I finished until the latest chapter the next day I could hardly concentrate on anything else It was that good I recommend it for all sport manga lovers and basketball lovers

  9. Pertama kali kenalan sama cerita ini waktu nonton anime Gintama Meskipun nggak begitu ngerti lawakan lawakannya, tapi episode khusus itu lucu buanget Padahal sebelumnya semacam sadar juga sama manga dan animenya, tapi belum ada dorongan yang kuat untuk membaca atau menonton Akhirnya setelah direkomendasikan seseorang, saya nonton animenya deh Dan, jreng jreng Jatuh cintalah saya kepada Kuroko no Basket.Temanya unik, tentang seorang pemain basket bernama Kuroko Tetsuya yang baru masuk SMA Waktu i [...]

  10. Since I m a fan of the anime I have decided to read the manga to differentiate how different platforms of media coincide with each other And like I am enjoying the anime right now, I also enjoyed reading the first volume of it.This manga centers around the sports basketball but they make and put basketball in a higher, fun and exciting level also it tackles about friendship, teamwork and how can a person improve himself in times of failure or success To be honest, you can t deny that anyone migh [...]

  11. Esta no es la primera ni la segunda vez que leo este manga, adem s de que ya me he visto el anime, pero en cuanto supe que se iba a publicar en espa ol qui n se resiste a tener esta magn fica serie en casa Es la primera vez que lo leo en espa ol, porque el manga online lo prefiero en ingl s mayor calidad de traducci n no oficial , es refrescante leerlo en otra lengua y es interesante ver c mo adaptan las expresiones cosas que los fans no saben hacer , adem s, me alegro de que mantengan la termin [...]

  12. Read up to chapter 45 I m enjoying it thus far even though I can t help but compare it to Slam Dunk I almost wish it had been slower paced prior to the tournament, to get to know the rest of the teammates better Koganei, of course, from the name and the habit of making a 3 face, makes me think he s somehow snuck over from Recca no Honou and become average all round in the meantime Looking at the later drawing style, I m hopeful But in the beginning, it s rather awkward in regard to body shape an [...]

  13. 27 Sep 2015 rating ikut ikutan Nanna Bukaaan ,, Memang gak boleh dan gak bisa dibandingin sama Slam Dunk sih, tapi ini lumayan seru lah Gerakannya awal 2 masih gak jelas, tapi makin berlanjut volumenya, gerakan operan dsb nya makin mengalir kayak sungai _____________Edited 05 Sep 2016 Sampai vol.15Kuroko menghilang dari pandangan salah Kuroko pake jurusTeman teman setimnya menghilang lagi lagi salah jurus baru KurokoIni lama lama penonton bangku penonton ikut hilang juga kena jurus Kuroko orzMau [...]

  14. I think I can count this amongst my favorite manga series of all time, not that I ve read that many to tell you the truth, but I ve seen the anime adaptations for quite a few of them, and there are few who managed to grip me as well as Kuroko No Basuke I think I started reading this because it was winter, and I couldn t be bothered to go out and actually exercise, so I watched sport movies, cartoons and anime And so far my favorite has been this and The Prince of Tennis, Volume 1, which is also [...]

  15. I, to put this bluntly as I can without crying tears of joy, love this series I even had to make a new shelf just for it Seriously, you should read this It s about a basketball player named a kuroko and how he helps his High School team win a competition while kicking the asses of his over confidant and ego filled former Middle School team members who have each went to different High Schools Now, if only they would release it in English I ll be waiting for you Kuroko

  16. Mediocre read, the sports manga is about basketball focusing on unbelievable games technics, which is where it went wrong, would have been ok if it had that with the focus on human drama, romance or comedy, either you make a believable sports manage or focus on something else It s boring when same crazy stuff is repetitive over and over for 270 chapters It s a drag and thank god it s over.

  17. Bence ok g zeldi, basketbola da biraz ilgim oldu u i in izlemeyi seviyorum daha ok be endim Okuman z tavsiye ederim Sonu heyecanl bitti G zeldi be endim y

  18. I haven t started the manga yet But I am almost done with the anime And I must say I am completely hooked with this anime manga

  19. Also I m kinda into this right now in spite of how RIDICULOUS it is But who am I to talk about ridiculousness, I had a Prince of Tennis phase.

  20. Baca sampai volume terbaru, 12 atau 11 ya Seru sih komedinya juga dapetTapi kekuatan para pebasket terlalu miracle buatku aku jadi ikutan miracle bacanya

  21. Koroko s Basket a d abord t pour moi la d couverte d un anime extra passant sur Game One et sur lequel j ai pass un excellent moment Alors, quand j ai vu la s rie en papier, je me suis dit il faut que je l ai et c est ainsi que je l ai commenc.C est la rentr e au lyc e Seirin, et comme dans tous les lyc es au japon du moins les clubs font leurs promotions afin de pouvoir attir de nouveau membre, c est ainsi que Taiga Kagami et Tetsuya Kuroko entre dans le club de basket ball, deux l ves qui semb [...]

  22. Quel bon moment j ai pass avec ce premier tome A vrai dire je ne sais pas pourquoi j ai mis autant de temps me lancer dans un manga sportif alors que c est clairement ma came c est toute ma jeunesse Galactic football, Eyeshield 21, et un anime de volley dont je n arrive plus retrouver le nom, peut tre Jeanne et Serge Le personnage de Kuroko est vraiment tr s prometteur, j adore comment il change des h ros de shonens habituels En plus si l entra neur n avait pas eu du caca dans les yeux ou dans l [...]

  23. Kuroko No Basket by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, its a bout basket ball and the main character is Kuroko He is in miracles league that after high school basketball they go to a professional league He is hard to find and you do not notice him and that s how he got so talented He would pass the ball and the other team would not see him coming.I loved this book because everyone was amazed that the kuroko was a good player It wasn t boring and I don t even like basketball.I recommend this book for everyone b [...]

  24. En sevdi im mangalardan biri ve art k T rk e olarak okumak ok g zel Kuroko ve Kagami nin aralar ndaki ili ki olduk a ilgi ekici.

  25. No entiendo, C mo es que estos dibujos son tan kawaiis Ya vi el anime, as que me s todo, pero me dieron ganas de leerme el manga.

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