Storm in a Teacup

[PDF] Read ✓ Storm in a Teacup : by Emmie Mears, [PDF] Read ✓ Storm in a Teacup : by Emmie Mears, Storm in a Teacup, Emmie Mears, Storm in a Teacup Mediator Ayala Storme handles PR by day and kills demons by night She avoids Mediator luncheons and a fellow Mediator who s been trying to get in her pants for years She does her job She keeps her sword clean and her body count high But when a rash of disappearances leads her to discover that Nashville s hellkin are spawning a new race of monster in human hosts AyalaMediator Aya. [PDF] Read ✓ Storm in a Teacup : by Emmie Mears - Storm in a Teacup, Storm in a Teacup Mediator Ayala Storme handles PR by day and kills demons by night She avoids Mediator luncheons and a fellow Mediator who s been trying to get in her pants for years She does her job She keeps her swo

  • Title: Storm in a Teacup
  • Author: Emmie Mears
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ Storm in a Teacup : by Emmie Mears

Storm in a Teacup, [PDF] Read ✓ Storm in a Teacup : by Emmie Mears - Storm in a Teacup, Storm in a Teacup Mediator Ayala Storme handles PR by day and kills demons by night She avoids Mediator luncheons and a fellow Mediator who s been trying to get in her pants for years She does her job She keeps her swo

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Storm in a Teacup : by Emmie Mears
    101Emmie Mears
Storm in a Teacup

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  1. Emmie Mears is an author, actor, and person of fannish pursuits Emmie is a knight of the singular they They speak four languages and hold a degree in history, which means they can tell you their anteater is sick in German and rattle off Polish tongue twisters Emmie is proudly queer, agender, and likes to trample the patriarchy Emmie is the author of six adult novels and is open to bribery in the form of sushi, bubble tea, and just about any variation of cheese on carbs.They spend most of their time opening wormholes and studying fantastical wildlife Emmie may or may not secretly be a car.Emmie is represented by Sara Megibow of kt literary.

  2. I had a lot of fun reading this Ayala Storme is a sarcastic, independent, cynical and badass character with a sense of humor.Having violet eyes marking her as a Mediator, a demon hunter, she s taken from her mother and trained to slay demons from the day she was born Now, as a twenty something adult, Ayala keeps a normal day job during daylight hours, but slays demons each nightfall reporting back to the Mediator home office of her kills When Ayala comes across a powerful new crop of demon speci [...]

  3. It used to be easy Me Mediator Here sword Mediator stick sword in bad guy Ugh Ayala Storme, Storm in a Teacup Ayala Storme Series, Book One Snork Yeah Mediator What a sweet word for such a brutal excuse for a life Ayala has been a Mediator literally since birth, when she popped out of her mother s womb and the nurses caught a look at her violet eyes No mamma for Ayala Instead, she gets swords and training, blood and death, from the time she is old enough to hold her first tiny little wooden swo [...]

  4. From the outset, Ayala Storme seems like an average 20 something working a day job in PR, complete with a horrible boss, just to afford the finer things in life As the story progresses, it s quite apparent that Ayala isn t so average after all Born a Mediator, she also has a second job working for the Summit to eradicate the demons and Hellkin that wreak havoc in Nashville Being a Mediator is her primary job, although the Summit doesn t pay enough for Ayala to afford the things she favors luxur [...]

  5. Brand new Urban Fantasy series Gimme I hadn t heard the first thing about this book until the other day I read the synopsis, immediately bought it, and had it read by the next day I could hardly put it down.Ayala Storme is a mediator, otherwise known as a demon hunter, with a wicked side of snark, and a love of bunnies there s a story there I promise In this author s vision of the world, and America in particular, demons, witches, and psychics are real, and are known about by all humans Demon hu [...]

  6. I don t really know how she did it, but Emmie Mears somehow managed to read my mind and write just exactly the book I have been craving lately As soon as I picked it up, I was sucked right in and had a terrible time putting it down for silly reasons like needing sleep Ayala Storme is a badass, a bit of a misfit, and really easy to relate to By day she works in an office By night she fights demons as a Mediator It s her job, and the job of all Mediators, to keep the balance between the demons and [...]

  7. Loved this book Another solid effort from author Emmie Mears, Storm in a Teacup is fast paced, action packed, entertaining and brimming with heart The compelling main character, Ayala Storme is a demon slayer with a busy work schedule, a mysterious past, a complicated love life and a soft spot for bunnies Investigating a young woman s disappearance, leads to gruesome discoveries and for Ayala Fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, J.R Ward and the early Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake ser [...]

  8. 3.5 stars.I really enjoyed this first in a new series at least I think it s a series It starts off a bit slow and hesitant for the first 30% or so and I thought it was going to be a bit of an average ho hum kind of an UF story with the Mediators being the designated badass good guys and the demons being your typical stupid and irredeemable evil That all changes around the half way mark when the events in the synopsis start to really kick in quite noticably Suddenly the very orderly world and sta [...]

  9. This book is a very special book The world needs badass female leads Emmie Mears has crafted a world not too dissimilar to our own But instead of just plain boring humans, there are witches, morphs and mediators And demons The job of mediators is to kill demons And they excel at this job, keeping the world in balance This story stars mediator Ayala Storme She s a strong female a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but we are also allowed to see that she is not always strong in every way She gets hurt [...]

  10. Different Reminded me of Crushed in some ways Elements of the story that I didn t like did not make sense were confused about in this book were resolved in later books, often in really cool reveals.The series is rather dark UF Not in the sense of a morally ambiguous MC, which I often dislike, but in the moral quandry of what is the right thing to do what is the wrong thing to do what the hell is really going on here, where the consequences are high stakes, which I find much intriguing and engag [...]

  11. I LOVE this book In fact I love it so much I read it twice and each time I was on the edge of my seat Ayala is a kick ass, demon killing hunter with a sense of humor to boot This novel was EXACTLY what I needed after a long string of non fiction books Emmie Mears has a way of getting me hooked on her characters Go read itNOW

  12. Fast paced, dark but easily digestible and not without humor, satisfyingly updates or, better, ignores a lot of fiction s traditional roles and archetypes Recommended to all except the very squeamish.

  13. I got the ebook of Storm in a Teacup last year, and it kicked around on my Kindle for a while, until I began to crave a fresh new urban fantasy And boy, does this series deliver.Despite a couple of somewhat cheesy elements the main character s surname being one, and the fact she and the other Mediators all have violet eyes being the other , Storm in a Teacup gave a fresh face to the idea of a society of demon hunters in an alternate USA.The violet eyes indicate that a person is destined to be a [...]

  14. Ayala is a mediator so when a demon pops up it s for her to eliminate the threat it poses to normal humans Being a mediator isn t her only job either she also spends her days working for a PR firm but if it was up to her boss with all the days she misses she would be gone Ayala was raised with the mediators so she doesn t know her birth mother because the moment she was born her purple eyes set her future However she hasn t given up hope that she s out there somewhere but when a lead takes a new [...]

  15. I love when a book grabs me from the start and makes me not want to put it down The only reason I didn t finish this book quickly is because I started it right before I went away on a vacation where I had absolutely no time at all to read I finished it the day after I got home, staying up to 1 a.m to do so because I just couldn t put it down I borrowed it from Prime s free library and rather than wait a month to be eligible to borrow book two, I bought it And isn t that the goal of an author wh [...]

  16. What can I say about a book that kept me so riveted that I tried to keep reading while cooking dinner Ayala Storme could probably multitask with sharp objects, but I can t and also made me dream that my cat was spending his nights fighting demons This one really took over my head Storm in a Teacup s badass heroine, Ayala Storme, narrates with a razor sharp voice She spends the bulk of her time covered in demon blood, but she also appreciates silk robes, bubble baths, and bunnies Ayala s wit is h [...]

  17. This one is slightly futuristic, urban, pleasantly weird and paranormal In this vivid world we have mediators who are around to kick demons asses, and the people are aware of what they do and how much it matters What I love about it is the norms seem to look at the whole thing like its very normalized We have witches in this story and their qualities further the plot, the kind of story and a wicked plan they are involved in its really very complex once you get into it I wont say too much about [...]

  18. I ll start out by saying that Urban Fantasy is not really my genre I m only recently discovering and growing into my sci fi nerdiness.That said, Storm in a Teacup is a fun frolic into another world, similar to ours but definitely not the same.Emmie Mears writes in a way that assumes her reader knows certain things yet shows them to you anyway It s just an accepted fact of life that there are witches in our midst and that Mediators were born to fight demons and are marked by their violet eyes, ri [...]

  19. Ayala Storme is fierce and fighting for her life A brand new urban fantasy which will offer you much than a storm in the proverbial teacup Emmie Mears has a beguiling writing style with honesty and humour that draws you deep into the protagonist s life Ayala Storme has a raw sincerity that will intrigue you and find you urging her on as both the reader and the heroine are thrown in at the deep end Ayala is a Mediator and fights demons for a living, and she s good, one of the best, but she s goi [...]

  20. Heads Will Roll and Many Do.Emmie Mears has done it again, and I m quite sure not for the last time.Meet Ayala Storme A demon killing badass that would give Supernatural s Sam and Dean Winchester a run for their money Funny, scary, intense, nail biting suspense insert your favorite modifier and it probably fits.As with everything Mears writes, there is much here than meets the eye than a quippy chick running around slaying monsters and taking names There is depth, both in Ayala and the central [...]

  21. I started this book thinking it was going to be a Kate Daniels knock off and was hyping myself up to hate it It proved to be surprisingly entertaining though I liked the heroine and her sass although I thought she was managing to kill the super demon things waaayyy too easily despite everyone, including herself, claiming it was so difficult But besides that implausible weirdness, I enjoyed this book There is a friendship romance although this is not a romance novel in fact do not enter this expe [...]

  22. DNF 30%.I tried starting this book twice It started slow and never hooked me World building What s that Repeated sentences such as Everyone knows you re a mediator from Birth We re all born with violet eyes Everybody knows what mediators do ORLY I was easily bored distracted The accents narrator for that one, but the way they talked wasn t right either were awful The plot points were also confusing I think I m up to 0 for 3 this week

  23. I am a fan of snarky heroines especially when they have smart internal dialogue Also a story where a person questions everything they have ever known and gone against the grain to do the right thing This book got me with a good intro scene that established her competence and compassion The book got progressively better as it went.

  24. I found Storm in a Teacup difficult to put down Ayala Storme is a wonderfully written character She s tough without being invincible She s flawed and admits it The world she inhabits is very familiar to this reader, but with a some very important differences The supporting cast are all well written with very human foibles I highly recommend this book.

  25. A great urban fantasy read Ayala Storme juggles writing PR statements by day and killing demons by night as a Mediator After investigating the disappearance of a young girl, she finds the demons in Tennessee have cooked up a new breed of monsters Things aren t always black and white, and when one of the new monsters saves her life, Ayala discovers a grey area in her job as a demon slayer.

  26. New and AmazingThe characters are original, intelligent, rich, full of depth and well written The story line is uniquely designed A world that s believable and combines the best and worst of humanity s cultural ignorance The language speaks to truths often overlooked How nearsighted humanity can be I hope there s another book in the works.

  27. Ayala Storme is like a female John Taylor from the night side series This first book by Emmie Mears has the potential to become just as successful as a series The world she has created is close to the one we live In but different enough to have potential for many surprising stories.

  28. I enjoyed it, but a week later I cant remember what it was about lost among the rest of urban fantasy, but wasn t a waste of money

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