Dome City Blues

↠ Dome City Blues Ð Jeff Edwards, ↠ Dome City Blues Ð Jeff Edwards, Dome City Blues, Jeff Edwards, Dome City Blues For fans of William Gibson Phillip K Dick and Jak Koke Los Angeles David Stalin was one of the best detectives in the business running head to head with data jackers organ thieves and the tech enhanced gangs who ruled the shadowy streets of Los Angeles He could do no wrong until what seemed like an easy case got out of control and left his wife dead among theFor fans of. ↠ Dome City Blues Ð Jeff Edwards - Dome City Blues, Dome City Blues For fans of William Gibson Phillip K Dick and Jak Koke Los Angeles David Stalin was one of the best detectives in the business running head to head with data jackers organ thieves and the tec

  • Title: Dome City Blues
  • Author: Jeff Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780983008569
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Dome City Blues Ð Jeff Edwards

Dome City Blues, ↠ Dome City Blues Ð Jeff Edwards - Dome City Blues, Dome City Blues For fans of William Gibson Phillip K Dick and Jak Koke Los Angeles David Stalin was one of the best detectives in the business running head to head with data jackers organ thieves and the tec

  • ↠ Dome City Blues Ð Jeff Edwards
    485Jeff Edwards
Dome City Blues

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  1. Jeff Edwards is a retired U.S Navy Chief Petty Officer, and an Anti Submarine Warfare Specialist His naval career spanned than two decades and half the globe from chasing Soviet nuclear attack submarines during the Cold War, to launching cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf Collectively, his novels have won the Admiral Nimitz Award for Outstanding Naval Fiction, the Reader s Choice Award, the Clive Cussler Grandmaster Award for Adventure Writing, and the American Author Medal He lives in California, where he consults for the Department of Defense.

  2. This is a mashup of a modern noir story with an inept stab at cyberpunk I note this book was copyrighted in 1995 and again in 2015 I reads like it spent 20 years on the shelf.The core of this book has a very old fashioned, straightforward noir plot It has the Private Dick, the Good Bad Girl, the Pervert, etc and it of course it takes place in The City.Writing is workmanlike Action scenes are well done Descriptive text, outside of the dystopian future world, is likewise well done Although, it is [...]

  3. This book has some major believability issues in it for me One of the important story assumptions is that people can now be digitized and ran as a program they re called Turing scions in the book All right, good enough Unfortunately, if you leave them on for a week at a time, they go nuts, because time passes very fast for them since they run fast like a real computer program should and they go insane because a 1000 years has passed already This sounds silly For one thing the book says these thi [...]

  4. Cinched tight around her waist was a broad black belt with leaves of ivy embroidered in metallic green thread Her shoes were those impossibly high stiletto pumps that street kids call fuck me shoes.She was beautiful as beautiful as surgical boutiques DNA modifying viral cultures could make her.Beautiful Perfect Artificial Like yer Cyberpunk with a generous dollop of Noir If you enjoyed Blade runner the movie , chances are you ll like this.Wavering between 3 1 2 4 stars for this book written in 1 [...]

  5. I really enjoyed this book The noir detective story with its dystopian setting and sci fi elements was a treat due to its originality The characters were great and drew you right into the story.

  6. This is a great book for anyone who loves science fiction detective noir with big doses of cyberpunk technology thrown in I can t describe the main character as down on his luck as his place is tricked out than mine Of course, he fits the formula of having lost his partner there s a twist in there and being drawn into a case by a beautiful dame From there, it is really creative and the pieces fit really well This is a wild adventure that takes the reader set in the future domed city of Los Ange [...]

  7. I really liked this book a lot It is a great mystery and detective story, set in a future that seemed quite believable The Dome City is Los Angeles in a world where people, the fortunate ones, live under domes because of the ecological mess we ve made of the world And yet, humans continue to be humans A man tapes his own suicide after confessing to a string of heinous murders The man s sister wants an ex detective to get back in the saddle and prove her brother s innocence Wonderful characters, [...]

  8. Definitely a much different story than the naval thrillers I am used to, from Edwards After reading the Authors Note and gaining a sense of understanding from it, I am inclined to like the book, than I was beforehand It is well written, just not what I would necessarily normally pick up I saw where the plot was going, bad guy wise, but there was a twist that I definitely hadn t been expecting, which is always a nice thing, for me Definitely worth checking into, particularly if you re into sci f [...]

  9. A classic lone detective story set in pseudo cyberpunk setting Closer to the end author dropped any attempts to follow common sense and everything drops into a land of poorly written fantasy with blasters.

  10. GrittyA real page turner I couldn t put this book away until I finished it David Stalin makes things easy as pie to believe the L.A he lives in is real.

  11. Excellent hard boiled detective novel set in 2063 I kept seeing a young Robert Mitchum as David Stalin while I was reading this I hope this gets optioned for a movie.

  12. What an imagination The author created a world I m not sure I would want to live in and made it believable and real The plot has plenty of twists and keeps the story moving at a good pace, revealing only enough at the time to make the story plausible and to keep your interest level up.Included elements of the noir genre which I always like.Fun read

  13. When I was first approached by the authors representative to review this book I was fully expecting to receive another in the long line of lackluster works hustled out by an upstart author and their upstart publication house However, what I received was a compelling and masterfully written book by an accomplished author named Jeff Edwards Having not previously known Mr Edwards works I was curious to find out who he was and was pleasantly surprised to see he has quite the accomplished career With [...]

  14. Easily one of the best cyberpunk novels I ve encountered It s cyberpunk as high tech, hard boiled detective story which is cyberpunk at its best Our hero is a burned out retired private investigator, the client that coaxes him out of retirement has a perfect motivational story Only a truly heartless bastard would have turned her down after hearing why she wanted to hire him Come to think of it, all characters in the story behave with solid rationality I spotted no out of character actions to fit [...]

  15. 3.5 stars A decent book even if the themes and terms are a little dated e.g the Convergence has since been coined the Singularity A noir, murder mystery with SF trappings, I thought I had figured it outbut I was wrong.

  16. Dome City Blues by Jeff EdwardsJohn Edwards generally writes military fiction Dome City Blues is his first entry into science fiction In a ruined earth people of the population lives in Domes to protect themselves from the environment that they have ruined A grieving former private detective rediscovers his life.My only hope is that Jeff Edwards continues to write science fiction I consider this a stellar first effort His character, David Stalin, was developed as an eminently likable human being [...]

  17. I loved it A fast moving noir style mystery set in LA in 2063 I won this book in a First Read contest on I was not sure I was into this genre but I have enjoyed the JD Robb books set in the future so wanted to give it a try Dome City Blues is a great fast pace mystery that kept me reading late into the night If I had reading time I would have read it straight through What is really interesting was the author wrote it 22 years ago but never had released it He decided not to do a major rewrite bu [...]

  18. David Stalin has no intention of being a private detective again, but a string of gruesome murders draws him back in This story is set into the not so distant cyberpunk future when the earth s air is hardly breadable and cities have been covered by giant domes Everything has been automated and handed over to artificial intelligence that is gaining and control over people.I saw this story compared to some of William Gibson s best work I would not go as far as that However, it is a well written [...]

  19. For fans of Blade runner and Ghost in the shell, this world really echos these two movies and also has the noir detective element too from Blade Runner The story follows a PI on his journey to track a serial killer and although this may not sound like the most original of ideas, the mystery itself, the story unfolding, the characters and sci fi elements make this idea something that s not been done before Each of the futuristic ideas through out the book come into play and are bought together fo [...]

  20. This book combines the best of old school detective noir with a cyberpunk twist Like any other detective noir, our protagonist David Stalin is a broken man He takes up art in order revive to himself but he is healed after he jumps back into the game of a good old mystery solving This book has a character typical of the old school detective movies chain smoking, gun weilding and an emotionally scarred detective The freshness is the fact that this character is in a post aployptic, cyber enhanced w [...]

  21. Still in progress, but nice little future noir murder mystery Just finished it, and my preliminary review pretty much stands Nicely written little future noir murder mystery, with a decent sized cyberpunk streak Rather dark, and the future projected seems technologically unlikely in certain ways for example, we ve got acid rain pretty much solved , but it doesn t detract from the story Engaging characters, plot twists I didn t expect, and so on Basically, if the description I gave in my prelimin [...]

  22. This was an interesting read because it takes place in 2063, when a retired PI is brought back to work by a client I enjoyed it, liked how things were different in this time and yet the same and worse Your house was computerized and could tell you anything you wanted where were your cigarettes, with a reminder that you re due for your Smoking Cigarette Cancer Booster shot Let you know where you left your car keys although neither of our cars require car keys now make your coffee for you, get you [...]

  23. Dystopian SF really isn t many favorite, but this was excellent Strong character development, plenty of could be villains, a believable dystopian setting, all blended with a classic Mickey Spillane lonely PI theme make this a great read The believability of the setting is even impressive given that this novel was originally written in 1992 a lot has happened to the world in the 20 years since Edwards wrote the first version he admits to lightly editing it before releasing it in 2011.

  24. I loved this book It was a real page turner I chose to read this book instead of watching Game of Thrones This book was an obsession So many books I ve read have had sequels that weren t that great This is one book that I wash there was another partThe best way to describe this book is Bosch meets Blade Runner At the least, this was a solid hard boiled detective novel In reality it was a well described world in the future The characters were 3D and very believable This book had some juicy raw ed [...]

  25. In the afterward, Jeff Edwards indicates that when he wrote the novel in the early 90 s it was his vision of the future I don t think that it detracts from the novel I liked the noir feel even though it might be considered a bit hackneyed I felt a bit of Blade Runner in it, which is great because I enjoy the film immensely.The writing was good and the plot was well developed The reveal was handled well and produced one of those oh yeah, it all makes sense moments I really enjoyed this.

  26. This book was so freaking good I was fortunate enough to get a copy from the author on I am so glad that I did The main character was believable and likeable even though he was severely damaged from a tragedy The book read like a crime novel, but the fact that it is set in the future gave it some really interesting sci fi aspects It had a great twist at the end that I did NOT expect Anyone who likes science fiction, dystopian, crime, or pretty much anything should read this book.

  27. I truly felt that Dome City Blues excelled far beyond my expectations in its portrayals that pull readers in from the very start and continues to entice them with a roller coaster of a ride.This book is well written and the action and suspense throughout it left me extremely satisfied The setting and the characters are well developed.A copy of the book was provided via Firstreads in return for an honest review.

  28. Really good read The world is a mess due to pollution and what s new People are jacked into the net through implants, similar to cyberpunk novels Add in a dash of Film Noir detectives, a war hero back story, and the ubiquitous hooker with a heart of gold Tie it together with lost love and you have Dome City Blues.It s hard to believe that this was originally written in the early 90s

  29. A fun ride Mix of Blade Runner noir and Altered Carbon dystopian sensibilities under your typical lone private eye bleakness I appreciated some of the real references to blues artists I have a couple now on my Spotify account I found the characters decently drawn I won t give it away here, but I found the echo of or nod to a horror classic fun as well.

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