Grant Best Download || [Jennifer Ashley], Grant Best Download || [Jennifer Ashley], Grant, Jennifer Ashley, Grant Grant Campbell famous trick rider from Riverbend Texas thought it was over with Christina the love of his life But a chance encounter one dark spring night gives Grant hope that he can have a second chance Things are changing in Riverbend though things that threaten to take Christina away from him forever Christina Farrell has tried to move on after her breakup witGrant Campbell famous. Grant Best Download || [Jennifer Ashley] - Grant, Grant Grant Campbell famous trick rider from Riverbend Texas thought it was over with Christina the love of his life But a chance encounter one dark spring night gives Grant hope that he can have a seco

  • Title: Grant
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 283
  • Format: ebook

Grant Best Download || [Jennifer Ashley]

Grant, Grant Best Download || [Jennifer Ashley] - Grant, Grant Grant Campbell famous trick rider from Riverbend Texas thought it was over with Christina the love of his life But a chance encounter one dark spring night gives Grant hope that he can have a seco

  • Grant Best Download || [Jennifer Ashley]
    283Jennifer Ashley

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  1. NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance, historical mysteries, and urban fantasy as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner Jennifer s novels have won RWA s RITA and RT Reviewer s Choice awards, have been translated into many different languages, and earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher s Weekly More about her books at jenniferashley, allysonjames, and gardnermysteries.

  2. A cowboy walks into a barGrant is the second story in the Riding Hard series by Jennifer Ashley This author is one of my favourite historical romance writers and when she decided to branch out into contemporary, I jumped at the chance to read them Unfortunately, they just don t pack the same kind of punch These books are a little formulaic a lot corny and riddled with unnecessary angst.Grant and Christina had been in a serious and loving relationship when they try unsuccessfully to start a famil [...]

  3. Grant s book follows Adam s It s Adam and Bailey s wedding day, and Christina and Grant have to handle being in close quarters with each other Grant is available in e book, print, and audio

  4. I really liked Grant and Christina as a couple, but wish there could have been communication and less big misunderstanding I get the difficulty of what they were going through, going through that same issue myself and my ex for 10 years, it takes a toll on a relationship Grant and Christina broke up after being together for several years because of them both wanting kids, but being plagued with the inability to get preggers put a strain on their relationship Instead of going to an infertility d [...]

  5. Grant is the second book in Ms Ashley s riding hard series and picks up with the wedding day f his brother Adam to his first love Bailey Grant being Adam s closest brother is his best man and of course Bailey smaid of honor is her sister Christina , but to spite the rift between he and Christina they are both determined not to let it interfere with Adam and Bailey s day Even though the two of them probably should have been married already, neither Grant or Christina can really pick out what trul [...]

  6. I hate giving a Jennifer Ashley book 2 stars, because normally I love her books but I just couldn t get into this book I was pushing myself just to finish it I had really felt for Grant and Christina in the previous book and I was really looking forward to reading about their reconcilliation Unfortunately, I didn t care for the way this book got them together I don t want to say too much due to spoilers but I didn t think that Grant and Christina really came to any resolution or made any real ch [...]

  7. Was this a great story No, but the family is fun and I m looking forward to the next one This one was just too blah They never resolved their issues that broke them up before I m not a big believer that a baby makes everything better Also, I m judgmental enough to not be impressed with someone who has a who my baby daddy moment I expected Maury to show up with you are NOT the father I ended up feeling sorry for the way she treated Ray I have no idea why they dated in the first place and in the a [...]

  8. It was OK but not a wow for me Two thirds through the book the plot and dialogue became cliche, and I started to lose interest Some fun, witty dialogue in places but got very angsty and melodramatic near the end it felt like a soap opera plot, rather than what I expected from this author.Love her Mackenzie series, but not going to keep the Riding Hard western series to reread.

  9. Grant and Christina have a painful history They were madly in love but their inability to start a family drove them apart so there s a lot of hurt between them There s also still a lot of love between them, so when a wedding reception brings them together, they still feel that spark and one thing leads to another and before they realize it, Christina and Grant are back in bed together Deciding it s wiser to leave town than figure out how to work things out with Grant, Christina s plans are put o [...]

  10. 2.5 3 starsKyle unbent enough to laugh Shit, if we have to go through watching another relationship like yours and Christina s, I think we ll all move away Screw you, Grant said good naturedly.And I think that about sums it up LOL These too took a minute to get it right, and not without messily getting other people involved, either Some readers won t like view spoiler The heroine being with another hot cowboy while broken up from Grant Campbell, but still sickly pining after him then she finally [...]

  11. I was so so on the first book of the series, so this book was going to be a make or break book for me Sadly it didn t work out I didn t care for either of the couple, hated how they kept circling each other The last straw came for me when Christina hid in a closet when Grant had a man eater in his house Granted I don t think Grant wanted sex from her, but the childish behavior on both their parts made me want to stop In the end this one just wasn t for me.

  12. Christina and Grant were together for so long that even when the separated physically they were still together emotionally They tried living together and when that did not work the shattered each others heart by separating This story is an emotional ride that will keep you excited and hopeful to the very end Loved every moment So looking forward to Carter

  13. The Best Thing In My Life Grant Campbell had been on a relationship with Christina Farrell for years Everything was going great until they decided they wanted to have a baby with no medical problems from either of them They took the plunge yet nothing happened The disappoinent had taken hold of them so they decided to go their separate ways Christina started dating Ray Malory and Grant well he was known to have a different woman women on his arms often Despite that they still loved and missed ea [...]

  14. COWBOY HEAVEN I once again enjoyed this 2nd installment in the new series by Jennifer Ashley Although normally a paranormal writer, she has captured my heart with these endearing brothers Grant is a stunt rider on horses but the danger he faces at work rivals that of his love life Christina has loved Grant for years and was heartbroken when their relationship didn t work out Some shocking news brings these two together again but not easily Cabin they overcome their past mistakes Find out when yo [...]

  15. I m still enjoying this series I liked Grant and Christina and their story was entertaining.My one criticism is that Grant and Christina s problems could have been explained fully I know we were told that they d had trouble conceiving a child, but we were also told they d been fighting a lot and it seemed there was to it That part of the story was a little too vague.Other than that, this was a good read.

  16. Wonderful I have to say, Grant and Christina s story was like watching an episode of the Maury show They were seriously messed up Thank God they finally figured it out I did feel sorry for Ray, he didn t deserve how things played out.

  17. Great Story I haven t read anything that she has written that wasn t Great I have limited time to read so I try to find good books this is one On to the next one.

  18. Thought I Would Hate It But Ended Up Liking ItTHE STORY Christina Farrell and Grant Campbell were together for years After living together and breaking up, the two have been apart for over a year Both were supposed to move on, but neither has been able to forget the other At the wedding of their siblings, the two have an encounter that brings to life their love for one another and attraction to each other They have a difficult road to travel, however, because the arguments of the past and diffic [...]

  19. Grant Campbell possessed all the charm of the Campbell boys Women were drawn to him like a magnet For the past five years Grant and Christina Farrell had lived together and the locals believed they would hear wedding bells one day However, there was pain in the relationship Both of them had hoped that Christina would get pregnant Christina was older than Grant and was the bartender at the local hear Locals were quick to point a finger a her when the relationship ended and Grant was playing the f [...]

  20. Grant, second book in the series didn t manage to wow me.Grant and Christina were together for five years and they put a stop to their relationship because life got to them.Christina moved on with Ray, a bull rider and sort off rival of Grant and Grant with the rodeo bunnies But they never stopped loving each other.Adam and Bailey s wedding was a good reason for sparks to fly again between Grant and Christina.The arrival of trouble in town through Karen brought the brothers together to fight for [...]

  21. Grant Campbell and Christina Farrell s problem wasn t that they fell out of love or they couldn t make it work They didn t want to blame each other when they had a problem they hadn t been able to work through Then Christina started dating rival Ray Malory and Grant always had a buckle bunny or three trailing in his wake But Ray wasn t Grant and the buckle bunnies weren t Christina no matter what.The population increases a bit as city slicker developers try to buy up the town and not necessarily [...]

  22. Okay, yes, there isn t a lot of substance here, but I just ate this book up And with this book, yes, these boys are superheroes, no doubt about itGrant and Christina were together for years, and due to something, not sure what, they split Whatever it was, couldn t have been too awful because they still lust after one another Christina even has been dating a local man for the better part of a yearThe attraction is strong, and neither has a problem acting on it, so really they should be together, [...]

  23. Knowing that you belong with someone is often not enough and reflecting on past issues doesn t always provide the insight one needs to prevent the same mistakes the second time around.So it s no wonder that Grant, being a typical male, is confused and bitter when it comes to Christina They have always had chemistry, but for some reason Grant can t quite grasp, when they leave the bedroom, their relationship is volatile.This second book in the Riding Hard series has grit, emotion and a frustratio [...]

  24. I don t think there is anything Jennifer Ashley can t write I m loving her cowboys as much as her highlanders and her fairy tales Grant is the second story in her Riding Hard series and it s about the two young lovers that couldn t make it work the first time They split and have been seeing other people but still love each other This is a second chance story and I m eat these up Grant s family are rodeo trick riders They are also rescuer s at heart I don t know much about horses but these guys m [...]

  25. The only song that kept rolling through my head while I was reading this was your hot then your cold, your yes then your no, your in then your out, your up and then down.Christina Farrell has been in love with Grant Campbell and him in love with her for so long that now that they re not together it s even worse I don t want to give anything away with this story my only advice to anyone looking or thinking about getting into this series is.You better make sure your calendar is clear because you r [...]

  26. Oh my goodness, another five star Campbell Brothers Riding Hard story This one featuring second brother, Grant and his long time off and on love, Christina Who happens to be the sister of Bailey, the heroine in the first book, Adam This was so great, and a little different than most romances with a little twist Which I did enjoy the mystery, and what was going to happen Awesome job, J Ash.

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