The Professor

✓ The Professor ☆ Charlotte Stein, ✓ The Professor ☆ Charlotte Stein, The Professor, Charlotte Stein, The Professor Esther wrote down her fantasies about her tutor but she never intended for him to read them Once they cross the line there s no going back Esther has always been an average student She coasts through life on a sea of Bs until a fatal mistake jolts her out of mediocrity and into something else entirely She accidentally leaves a story in an essay for her teacher one thEsther wrote do. ✓ The Professor ☆ Charlotte Stein - The Professor, The Professor Esther wrote down her fantasies about her tutor but she never intended for him to read them Once they cross the line there s no going back Esther has always been an average student She coasts through

  • Title: The Professor
  • Author: Charlotte Stein
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ The Professor ☆ Charlotte Stein

The Professor, ✓ The Professor ☆ Charlotte Stein - The Professor, The Professor Esther wrote down her fantasies about her tutor but she never intended for him to read them Once they cross the line there s no going back Esther has always been an average student She coasts through

  • ✓ The Professor ☆ Charlotte Stein
    493Charlotte Stein
The Professor

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  1. Charlotte Stein is the RT and DABWAHA nominated author of over fifty short stories, novellas and novels When not writing deeply emotional and intensely sexy books, she can be found eating jelly turtles, watching terrible sitcoms and occasionally lusting after hunks For on Charlotte, visit charlottestein

  2. I saw the blurb and that this was a student teacher romance and was all in This was my first read from this author and I was a little excited to start this Excited enough that I pushed aside a lot of required ARC reading to get to this But I sort of found it lacking the appeal that the blurb had.We meet Esther, who is very bookish, shy and all kinds of awkward When she accidently turns in an erotic story instead of her essay to her overbearing professor, she s just waiting for him to eat her ali [...]

  3. Like many other reviewers have said, the writing style of this particular book is really pretentious and odd There is no Professor says this, Heroine replies, It s just lines of dialogue with a space between speakers So the conversations seems stilted and awkward To be honest, the conversations really ARE stilted and awkward The language used is very old stylekeAusten old While the subject matter and setting are modern Meanwhile, it s hard to really get a take on the hero, because there is SO MU [...]

  4. I m going to start this review a little differently by talking about myself for a minute Coming from the South East of England I m what you would call common I have even been asked if I m a cockney before I m not I swear too much, I don t pronounce all my words properly and I m clearly a bit too obsessed with sex 80% of my updates are sex orientated , some even think I m uneducated because of these things My point is I couldn t decide for a lot of this whether it was written for posh people who [...]

  5. 2.5 stars.The beginning held promise, and there were some good moments.However, finding Prof Halstrom and Miss Hayridge dull odd made it difficult to relate.

  6. Do not go into this book thinking its the run of the mill Professor student relationship Its not The writing is formal quite Charlotte Bronte ish Beautiful prose and so very well written

  7. Es demasiado corto, me quede con ganas de m s Me encant , trasmite un mont n y las escenas de sexo son las mejores que le en mi puta vida La verdad por la sinopsis me esperaba que fuera BDSM y por suerte para mi no lo fue no estaba de humor para leer un libro as adem s me gusto como se trata el tema profesor alumna, no es como esos tipicos libros NA en las que al chabon le chupa un huevo que es una figura de autoridad Esta muy bien escrito, lo recomiendo a cualquier fan del genero y sobre todo a [...]

  8. There is a quiet intensity to this almost gothic yet modern forbidden erotic romance Review to come at bookcrack It s a slow build, esp for Charlotte Stein, but the sexual tension is ever present This book is almost gothic in the way the hero Professor Halstrom stoically resists his forbidden attraction to Esther A British romance in tone and dialogue Stein cheekily references Austin, Darcy and other classic works Insanely erotic yet it takes a lot of persistence and witty dialogue to get them t [...]

  9. Wow story So many unexpected turns to it Stein s writing and love of literature present in this story is enough to give any bibliophile wet dreams Stellar piece of work.

  10. There is a quiet beauty to this story I felt a deep connection to the characters and simply loved every element of it.

  11. Happy sigh Charlotte s books always put me in the best mood This one was slightly different than most, but still sweet and dirty as hell I love the was she brings fucked up people together and shows us their journey to accepting both themselves and each other Once again I can t wait for her next book It should be noted that the blurb here is slightly inaccurate The dirty story she accidentally turns in is not about her professor specifically, it s just a random story she wrote Also, the private [...]

  12. Ok Loved the premise a dusty, repressed professor and a socially awkward student s worlds collide.The verdict I usually love the banter that goes on in CS s books Sweet Agony was spot on and was quite similar to this So why didn t it work for me I think it s fine to reference other classics but when your characters spout dialogue that is basically Jane Eyre Wuthering Heights PP etc after a while it a gets tiresome and b feels quite derivative I was rooting for this book but the over complication [...]

  13. 3.5 5 Did you just reference Pride and Prejudice in a conversation about penises Yes, she did Funny, hot and weird The Professor can be described as a mix of neuroses and erotica neurotica Anyway, some people will enjoy that, some won t I happened to enjoy it.

  14. So good So what do you want to do now I ask, as casually as I can Only to have him answer with all the care I just disguised Never waste another second of my life pretending I don t want to spend it with you.

  15. Dont be fooled by the misleading synopsis like i wasis book is oddly weird, does not flow, and lacks chemistry btwn the 2 main characters Their convos are beyond cerebral that i skimmed thru 50% of the book 2 bored led astray stars

  16. 4.5 stars Quite possibly my favorite romance author I anticipated this book being some cheesy student professor romance but it wasn t It was a beautiful love letter from the author to herself A slow and delightful burn.

  17. Where sexy, meets proper, meets boring.I had high hopes for this book I was hooked from the reading the description and the beginning was awesome, but then it just sort of fizzled out I would definitely try another book by the author, I think maybe this just wasn t what I expected.

  18. The writing felt off throughout The guy was 31 but talked as though he was from the 1800 s and overly stuffy British I m Brit, I can say this This one wasn t for me, not sure if it was Stein s earlier work, but it won t put me off reading her again, she s fab dot com Some of her books I m addicted to.

  19. The Professor is told through the eyes of the female protagonist, Esther, about her strange interactions with her English professor Professor Halstrom Lukas.While they both had obvious issues and inner conflict, I loved the weird odd ball characters here The male protagonist was a particularly interesting character to me, with his aloof, cold manner, and completely covered up body What made him tick Like Esther, I was ready to peel rip the tweed from his big hunky body Even though there was some [...]

  20. I ve been reading by Charlotte Stein lately, and The Professor was a longer work than her usual, so I figured I d give it a try Plus, how can you go wrong with a Hot Professor story Esther Hayridge is quietly making her way through college, doing her best to fade into the background as she goes She s used to being the oddball, so she s made a career of being invisible if people don t know you re there, they can t bully or humiliate you However, she has a lively and kinky imagination, which she [...]

  21. Despite reading a lot of erotic romances in the last few years, the Professor seems like one of the smuttiest, filthiest ones I ve read so far and that s not a bad thing The author achieves an impressive feat of an almost gothic setting for the book Sometimes, such as in the descriptions of physical settings, she goes over the top from subtly setting a wonderful tone, to just being silly and over exaggerated I m thinking about Esther s first views of the Professor s work building, for example Bu [...]

  22. This book has completely taken me by a storm I did not know how in the world I should begin this review because the book is simply amazing I find myself physically smiling at so many parts of the book because they are both so impossible, so smart, and just so perfect for each other I highlighted so many beautiful passages, and stopped reading at many points just to let the words sink in From the first few chapters of the book until I have finished it, I had several repeating sentiments about it [...]

  23. i couldn t make it through this book without rolling my eyes over and over again the story idea was interesting and was the only thing keeping me going, i enjoy a good teacher student romance, but the writing the conversations would have you think the book was a historical fiction why were they talking like that it felt like the author jumped on every opportunity to flex her literary muscles and show off her intellectual insights the main characters never sounded like they were just having casua [...]

  24. If you too Mr Darcy, made him a professor at a Welsh university, and tossed in a little of Heathcliff s brooding sexual charisma on top, then you ve got the strapping hero of Charlotte Stein s latest book He flings himself away from the temptation of a small silent student who accidentally turns in a filthy fantasy she wrote about him instead of her essay assignment They talk They kiss, he flees They write emotionally wrought letters to each other and finally she tracks him down I woke up at fou [...]

  25. DNF I don t even know what is going on here I should really stop preordering books I know nothing about, because I never read them right away Now I have this book I will never read Such a shame I love the whole professor thing, just this one unfortunately was not working for me.

  26. This was my very first Charlotte Stein novel, and boy oh boy, was it a delight Such an eye opener and not what I had been expecting at all I thought the writing was absolutely lovely, and I really enjoyed the way she developed the characters, gave them tics and arcs and got me invested in them.I love the way these two characters connected, the way things developed between them I was expecting a erotica erotica, if that makes sense, but this was first and foremost a romance with some erotic over [...]

  27. whatever happen to charlotte stein that wrote the amazing, god tier you already know.i don t know if this is stein s attempt with her own the professor retelling because the language style is definitely there but sadly recasting the settings to modern, current world proven to be a daunting task for her the end i was left thinking just in what kind of world does people speak or think this way.

  28. It was hard for me to finish this book The plot was there, it could ve gone a lot differently in terms of storyline I just did not like the way the author wrote Everything was so pretentious and I felt like I was reading a book from 100 years ago It was also so short and there was nothing to the book but the dialogue between the two characters, no connections with people in the outside world.

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