Island Of Lost Girls

Free Read Island Of Lost Girls - by JenniferMcMahon, Free Read Island Of Lost Girls - by JenniferMcMahon, Island Of Lost Girls, JenniferMcMahon, Island Of Lost Girls While parked at a gas station Rhonda sees something so incongruously surreal that at first she hardly recognises it as a crime in progress She watches unmoving as someone dressed in a rabbit costume kidnaps a young girl Devastated over having done nothing Rhonda joins the investigation But the closer she comes to identifying the abductor the nearer she gets to theWhile pa. Free Read Island Of Lost Girls - by JenniferMcMahon - Island Of Lost Girls, Island Of Lost Girls While parked at a gas station Rhonda sees something so incongruously surreal that at first she hardly recognises it as a crime in progress She watches unmoving as someone dressed in a rabbit costum

  • Title: Island Of Lost Girls
  • Author: JenniferMcMahon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Island Of Lost Girls - by JenniferMcMahon

Island Of Lost Girls, Free Read Island Of Lost Girls - by JenniferMcMahon - Island Of Lost Girls, Island Of Lost Girls While parked at a gas station Rhonda sees something so incongruously surreal that at first she hardly recognises it as a crime in progress She watches unmoving as someone dressed in a rabbit costum

  • Free Read Island Of Lost Girls - by JenniferMcMahon
Island Of Lost Girls

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  1. I m the author of seven suspense novels, including Promise Not to Telll, The Winter People, and most recently, The Night Sister I live in central Vermont with my partner and daughter, in an old Victorian that some neighbors call The Addams Family house.

  2. The initial premise of this novel seems quite intriguing and promising but it very quickly degenerates into a very clich d and mundane story This is a book of two stories, the first that of a little girl abducted by someone dressed as a rabbit The witness has a second story of her childhood experiences when another adult who dressed as a rabbit disappeared, along with his daughter The story of the modern day abduction felt incredibly contrived and extremely far fetched, and it felt like the auth [...]

  3. Edited to change misinformation While it did not change from first to third person it still was not written well and the story was not done well.That should only be 1.5 stars and that is being generous The main character, Rhonda, is just annoying She s been pining away after Peter, her childhood friend since she was eleven, but she s twenty three now and has made no move to get a life She s just graduated from college and is getting gas when she sees a person dressed in a bunny suit abduct a sma [...]

  4. When you walk into some restaurants, you know they re designed by consultants That s this book s feel assembled from a marketing menu reader note I am revealing a plot detail stop now if you care Just like with a restaurant consultant bringing in mini burgers, we get the short chapters we get the carefully designed cover we get the molested kid And we get the faux suspense, with a set up for twists at the end Alas the last fifty pages suck too The two minutes it will take you to read this book w [...]

  5. Release Date April 22, 2008 Genre Mystery ThrillerThis book was pretty good, although after reading the blurb I was expecting a bit You see, the blurb leads you to believe that this story is going to be insanely creepy i.e a person in a rabbit costume kidnaps a girl but I felt a little let down because it honestly wasn t creepy at all Instead, we are taken on a hunt with the heroine and trying to figure out the pieces not only to this one disappearance, but some that have taken place in the pas [...]

  6. This book was just as awesome as the other one I ve read from Jennifer I would recommend these books to anyone who likes a good mystery, since both times I thought I had it figured out but then I turned out to be all wrong And I love it when that happens Hopefully she will continue to come up with such amazing stories.

  7. I recently read a positive review of this novel and picked it up at a local bookshop The main character, Rhonda, is filling her car with gas at a local gas station and witnesses a person dressed in a rabbit costume abduct a 6 year old girl while the girl s mother is inside the station buying lottery tickets Riddled with guilt over her failure to take action, Rhonda becomes obsessed with aiding in the search for the little girl and does an investigation of her own At the same time, Rhonda confron [...]

  8. This book is a bit hard to rate Parts of it were good, parts were not so good The description led me to believe that there would be some sort of strong tie in between two separate disappearances, but it hardly even got into one of them I was certain of at least part of the conclusion from nearly the beginning, though a part of it surprised me Two of three twists surprises I had figured out from a few chapters in The last left me feeling meh And I did have a major problem with part of the story v [...]

  9. I m just starting this book but I m finding myself stuck on this Trudy s nails were no joke They were two inches long, filed to points, and showed off a fresh coat of reddish orange that reminded Rhonda of a bleeding Creamsicle Ummm What is that supposed to be a real person update finishedThis was a quick and easy read for me The plot was not terribly simple and only slightly predictable This is certainly not a piece of literary art However, it s interesting enough to be a good way to pass time. [...]

  10. This book was hard to get into at first, but it ends up being a decent little mystery that I couldn t put down for the last 50 or so pages A young woman witnesses a kidnapping but does nothing to stop it Her guilt sends her on the quest to find the kidnapper who happens to be dressed as a rabbit who she worries might be her childhood love The book alternates between the present 2006 and the past 1993 , to a memorable summer that slowly unravels clues to the mystery There really are two separate [...]

  11. Now, I ve reviewed another book by this author and I was blown away I will say that this book captured me right away and I really like how this author creates a story line and builds characters I may not always like the character and truth be told I felt like punching Rhonda for being a whining baby about everything and is just too woe is me for me to like her but I like the role they play in the story.I felt this book really captured the fascination of child abductions and it made you feel not [...]

  12. Luckily, there s no sopho slump here If anything in her new novel, Jennifer McMahon s writing is even assured She brings back many of the elements of mystery and memory that made her debut PROMISE NOT TO TELL such as success.Rhonda Farr never expected to get caught in the middle of a crime On her way to a job interview, sitting in her car at the gas station, she watches as someone in a big white rabbit costume grabs a young girl from a nearby car Confused by the absurdity of the incident, Rhond [...]

  13. I believe this is my favorite book of 2015 McMahon established herself as a story teller with this one not all authors, even some of those whose books I have also given 5 stars, are worthy of that title Intricately woven plot, good character development and surprise after surprise made me finish this book in two sittings Were there a few things that made me scratch my head and say, What the , yes However it was in the way McMahon revealed the story, like peeling back layers of an onion yet keepi [...]

  14. Addictive with it s twists and turns At first, there were way too many characters to keep straight but that may have had to do with the fact that I wasn t able to read without massive interruptions The characters were interesting, complex and almost exaggerated but in an appealing way The book seems to be about one thing, who is the bunny who kidnapped the girl but was about the main character s journey to self and understanding her past and her present I did figure out the BIG SECRET way befor [...]

  15. Somehow this kidnap thriller mystery mostly missed the mark for me I didn t find it awful but just wasn t interested or invested in the characters enough to really like it I could feel the intrigue but the lacklustre characters did not set off the story like I hoped This read definitely has a few twists but overall seemed a mediocre and sometimes laborious read.

  16. I was fortunate enough to get a galley of this thoroughly engrossing novel scheduled for release in May It is the best kind of mystery, one that explores not only the who dunnit, but probes deeply into the dark questions of the human heart.

  17. We believe what we want to believe, even when the truth is right under our noses First things first, let s get this conspiracy theory out of the way And after reading this book, I m firmly convinced of that theory This book will do to the Easter Bunny what Stephan King did to clowns You ll never look at those suckers the same way ever again.Poor Peter Cottontail He doesn t deserve this Rhonda Farr can hardly believe her eyes when she observes an abduction of a child by a person in a bunny suit I [...]

  18. REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS This book was not great It was just mildly interesting enough to get me to finish, but that is the best I can say First of all, Rhonda is a bit pathetic Who would sit by and watch as a creepy bunny takes a child from a car Also, you know the child and you do not even bother to get the license plate number How basic is that Especially if it was the car of a person you knew and somebody else wearing A rabbit costume was driving it Of course the mother is mad at you Who wou [...]

  19. I read another book by McMahon, Promise Not to Tell and from what I remember, as it was quite some years ago, I enjoyed it So I thought I would give this one a try too I wish I hadn t.Rhonda is sitting at a gas station, waiting for her car to fill up, when she sees a 6 tall, white rabbit abduct a little girl from the back of a car She doesn t realize what really happened in front of her until it is too late Now ridden with guilt, she dedicates her time to helping find this little girl, all while [...]

  20. Alice in Wonderland was a book that I enjoyed in my childhood, but that somehow creeped me out There is something very unnatural about someone named the Mad Hatter, who, by the way, will be played by Johnny Depp in an upcoming version run to your local theater and see Public Enemies While some kids and adults just fell into this world with no problem, the analytical side of me did not really want to read about a cat who smiled all the time and about two creatures named Tweedledum and Tweedledee. [...]

  21. So, this is the last McMahon that I had put on ereserve whew This was better than Don t Breathe a Word, about the same as Winter People but different I still maintain that Promise Not to Tell is the best The rest of these are just middling murder books On a side note, my 12 year old is just loving them.This one was still not quite believable I thought the whole Pat as the Rabbit was just unrealistic for the whodunit, but the overall story was compelling I wasn t sure why Peter didn t have any fr [...]

  22. This book was a bit of a mess In my quest to find another author of a good thriller I stumbled upon this book which I was assured was on the same level as a Chevy Stevens novel Let me assure you that this is indeed not anywhere near that level In fact I suspect that Chevy Stevens could write a thrilling grocery list than this I should have known anything that starts with someone being kidnapped by a dude in a bunny suit just doesn t have the makings of a good thriller I was willing to forgive t [...]

  23. Jennifer McMahon seems to be one of those writers who gets better with time or age Since I have been reading her books out of chronological order, it s a bit disorienting, but her debut novel was an ok read, this sopho effort a bit better and Dismantled was significantly better, which, of course, leaves a reader excited to watch this author s progress and looking forward to new books McMahon has a schtick that works for her and her books are all a variation of the tightly knit circle of friends [...]

  24. I really wanted to like this as much as her first book Promise Not to Tell 2007 , but I was kind of disappointed because it wasn t difficult to figure out the twists and turns of the plot It s not fun to read a whodunit if you know who it is by page 30

  25. I am so scared of kidnappings and that sort of thing, but then I read books like this Picked this up at one of those read and returns at the airport It was ok

  26. I read this book on and off, but I d still rate this book a 3 This is the second book I ve read by Jennifer McMahon I like the way this author used metaphors and similes throughout the book, and the Alice in Wonderland allusion of searching for the rabbit, which was quite sinister The children in the story also write and act out the play Peter Pan, and there were references to Neverland throughout the book, which highlighted the idea of the fear of growing up, and what responsibilities it brings [...]

  27. As seen on lostinanotherbook2.5 starsI went into this book, thinking that it would be all about the abduction of a little girl and the search to bring her home Never, in the long time that it was on my TBR list, did I realize that it really wasn t about finding the little girl who had gone missing but was about solving mysteries from the past.When I started reading, I was gripped by both ends of the story the current timeline 2006 and the past 1993 but as I read further, I found my mind driftin [...]

  28. Reviewed for Eclectica s July issue Will post link to the review when it is up Here s a snippet With each stop at the gas station, false directions are given towards home The symbolic nature of Peter Pan , loves lost, and forests which slowly rot away from the truth lying beneath the floor all work to pull you into this sheer force of plot and character driven narrative I recommend you dock your senses at the nearest island located between fantasy and reality before taking a hike on this tour de [...]

  29. Ugh, I didn t like this book Every Jennifer McMahon book I have read up to this point I have LOVED except for this one It was a dud I was very confused on who was who and who was related to who there seemed to be a lot of characters view spoiler Things took an unusual turn when Warren and Rhonda ended up having sex and so I was surprised at the reveal of Warren and Pat working together The part at the end where Lizzy was talking about how her dad, Daniel, repeatedly raped her and revealed how he [...]

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