Library of Souls

Library of Souls Best Read || [Ransom Riggs], Library of Souls Best Read || [Ransom Riggs], Library of Souls, Ransom Riggs, Library of Souls A boy with extraordinary powers An army of deadly monsters An epic battle for the future of peculiardom The adventure that began with Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children and continued in Hollow City comes to a thrilling conclusion with Library of Souls As the story opens sixteen year old Jacob discovers a powerful new ability and soon he s diving through histoA boy with. Library of Souls Best Read || [Ransom Riggs] - Library of Souls, Library of Souls A boy with extraordinary powers An army of deadly monsters An epic battle for the future of peculiardom The adventure that began with Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children and continued in Hollo

  • Title: Library of Souls
  • Author: Ransom Riggs
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Library of Souls Best Read || [Ransom Riggs]

Library of Souls, Library of Souls Best Read || [Ransom Riggs] - Library of Souls, Library of Souls A boy with extraordinary powers An army of deadly monsters An epic battle for the future of peculiardom The adventure that began with Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children and continued in Hollo

  • Library of Souls Best Read || [Ransom Riggs]
    165Ransom Riggs
Library of Souls

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  1. Hi, I m Ransom, and I like to tell stories Sometimes I tell them with words, sometimes with pictures, often with both I grew up on a farm on the Eastern shore of Maryland and also in a little house by the beach in Englewood, Florida where I got very tan and swam every day until I became half fish I started writing stories when I was young, on an old typewriter that jammed and longhand on legal pads When I was a little older I got a camera for Christmas and became obsessed with photography, and when I was a little older still my friends and I came into possession of a half broken video camera and began to make our own movies, starring ourselves, using our bedrooms and backyards for sets I have loved writing stories and taking photographs and making movies ever since, and have endeavored to do all three.

  2. BRB GONNA GO CRY BECAUSE IT S OVER In all seriousness, I couldn t have asked for a satisfying ending to this peculiar adventure I m so happy and satisfied with the way this story ended I m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that this series is over I m going to miss these characters, but I ll definitely revisit these books in the future and relive the adventure over again.

  3. GimmickyWithout the old photos, this series wouldn t exist and you know it While the premise is interesting, the writing is dull, the characters are flat, and it s overlong All in all, this shouldn t have been a trilogy The entire series could have fit within one 400 page book there s just too much filler that doesn t go anywhere I hate a meandering plot and side adventures when they don t serve the story and only take away from the flow It s too much stop start for me and it took me nearly a mo [...]

  4. Maybe like 4.5I really enjoyed this third book I think maybe not having read the other books in so long threw me off starting this book, it was super hard for me to get into at first, but once I was in I sped through it THAT ENDING THO I AM PRETTY EMOTIONAL.I just love these characters a lot And this story It s so unique and wonderful.

  5. Satisfying conclusion Ransom Riggs Library of Souls the final installment in Miss Peregrine s Peculiar Children trilogy picks up where Hollow City ends Even with a new purpose established at the end of Hollow City, I had become a little tired of the peculiar children always being on the run They barely seem to have time to catch their breath This made the first half of Library of Souls a bit difficult for me to engage with Finally, though, Jacob, with his newfound ability to control the Hollows, [...]

  6. I am absolutely so happy with how this series ended If you have been a friend of mine for a while, you know that the end of trilogies never work for me for one reason or another But this one, this was so so so good There is truly nothing else I could have asked Ransom Riggs to provide He gave us answers to questions, a plot that came full circle and concluded well, and a really beautiful satisfying ending that isn t over the top I will admit that I am still not into the romance in this series I [...]

  7. I have to say, this was my least favourite of the 3, but nonetheless I did still love it and I m very sad the story s over I fell in love with peculiardom and I cannot wait for stories from this world

  8. This was my reaction when I found out this was the final novel of the Miss Peregrine series.This was my reaction when I opened the book and found it intensely action packed with all of zero breathing room And this was my reaction when I got to the end Along the way, Ransom Riggs than outdid himself He s taken Jacob, Emma, Addison, and us readers further back in time than we ve seen before to the slums of Victorian London He s introduced the other brother of Miss Peregrine s Mr Bentham, whose mo [...]

  9. No one can hurt you as badly as the people you love Library of Souls is the most imaginative book of this series and the final conclusion to the war continuing since the last two books Every element astounded me and kept my eyes attach to this book The characters have developed perfectly, especially Jacob, I liked his mind and never did he bore me out because he always surpised me with his dynamic at every turn Maybe, she said Maybe But now you re making promises you might not be able to keep, a [...]

  10. Despite all the amazing reviews, I felt no connection with this book I really enjoyed the first two where as from the start of this one I couldn t get into it I found myself disinterested with the characters I also felt that the pictures didn t add anything to the story and I wouldn t have missed them had they not been there, whereas I really felt they added to the atmosphere of the first two books Probably my biggest disappointment of the year.

  11. SPOILER FREE REVIEW I was originally going to give this 2 stars, but then I couldn t think of anything I really liked about this book, so even though it hurts my heart, 1 star it is.What an enormous disappointment.Honestly, if it wasn t the third book in a beloved series, I would have easily put it down pretty early on I kept waiting for it to get better, and it never did Let me go over all of the things that I did not like about this book.1 Too many convenient moments in the plot All too often, [...]


  13. I wish I could give this 100000000000 stars Bittersweet to have finished this series Every book just got better and better Ransom Riggs you bloody legend

  14. Are you into creepy vintag Forget about that already, I got that far for the story itselfIn its darkest godforsaken loop, the real life, Victorian Devil s Acre.Where the epic concludedbut the Peculiardom truly, fully established.Okay, and there s still again Creepy Vintage Photos just as Book One and Two The Loop The story starts right after the events of book two, which is mean we re still in current day a week after the events of Book One.The Goods fast action, the story really movin [...]

  15. 2.5 stars SpoilersBetter than the last book, but still middle of the road in terms of entertainment factor and writing and story overall The world was fun to immerse into with the peculiar powers and time loops Enjoyed most of the characters, they weren t all that complex or interesting but they were fairly entertaining and easy to root for Jacob and Caul were the only ones I wasn t all that impressed with, even though Jacob was rather likeable, him turning into a total speshul snowflake put me [...]

  16. So,the third installment of Ransom Rigg s trilogy of Miss Peregrine and her Peculiar Children was hands down the best Our favourite, wonderful, peculiar children encounter peculiars, threats, all leading to a spectacular closure I won t say much ever fearful that I will spoil half of the plot but the book is an utter roller coaster Literally The action is almost frantic, and perhaps, this is one of the extremely few problems of the plot The new characters introduced are very interesting peculi [...]

  17. AND ITS GOT A NAME It sounds spooky and mystery and creepy and everything I love about this series Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie Jk, September ain t so far away waddoyoummean 2016

  18. 4.5 SOULSTEALING STARS It had become one of the defining truths of my life that, no matter how I tried to keep them flattened, two dimensional, jailed in paper and ink, there would always be stories that refused to stay bound inside books It was never just a story Oh my, the quote above is one of the most beautiful ones I ever encountered in a book It perfectly describes my feelings about books This book was most definitely my favorite of all three books in this series Not a single dull moment a [...]

  19. This is an enjoyable finale to this excellent trilogy The photographs are amazing as they have been in all the books and the book itself is a pleasure to own Hollow City ended with the biggest cliff hanger and Library of Souls starts straight into the action where we left off In fact action would be the best single word to describe this book because it is practically non stop I felt tired myself because the main characters never seemed to sleep Apparently they lived for days on adrenaline alone [...]

  20. 4.4This volume might be the best in the entire trilogy It s an enjoyable and convenient conclusion to an excellent series The story was darker, menacing, and scary at times, although it felt draggy on some parts especially when it gets too descriptive in detail I feel quite sad right after finishing this because I was immersed in this strange world I d come to know from the two prior installments I m bummed to see Jacob and the peculiar children s adventures in Peculiardom come to an end I high [...]

  21. Get them back or die trying These books seem to be released just far enough apart for me to forget EVERYTHING that happened in the previous novel If you, like me, need a refresher course on the events of Hollow City, Wiki has a nice synopsis enpedia wiki Hollow_And they re off While Jacob struggles to master his newly discovered and incredibly useful talent, the Peculiars are on a quest to rescue Miss Peregrine, the ymbrynes and the other Peculiars Maybe it s just me, but this one seemed WAY da [...]

  22. Well I did enjoy this series a ton and it was recommended to me by a student at the school I used to teach at I wouldn t have picked up these books on my own, but I m glad I did The first will always be my favorite I m glad they ended on a happy note, but I was hoping for something different, like Jacob leaving his family for the peculiars Not them coming to him and staying All in all great books.

  23. The final book in the Miss Peregrine s series is certainly the best In it s predecessor s, the books were dry, boring and forgettable They managed to put me in a really bad mood when I was reading them Hollow City had me in a slump that consisted of 2 weeks The first novel left me confused and depressed But this novel This was exciting Straight off the bat, you can tell things are getting serious Jacob and Emma are on the search for their peculiar friends after being stolen by Caul, Miss Peregri [...]

  24. This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This is definitely the kind of book that will leave you reeling for days and days Even a few pages in, I knew Library of Souls was going to be my favorite book of the Miss Peregrine s Peculiar Children trilogy Ransom Riggs s writing just gets better and better, the adventures get bigger, and my heart gets and attached to Jacob and Emma Read More on my blog

  25. Co read with the offspring, and while it was not precisely a root canal sans anesthetic, it was indeed painful Very high drama, young teen adventure, magic, romance A LOT OF YELLING The author should have stuck to just the first book in this series and then wrote something else entirely.One thing that was pretty pitiful right up front was that the main character and his girlfriend were bemoaning the kidnapping of their friends they had this sad chat while they were on a train, taking care of ano [...]

  26. Woohoo, It took me some time to get through it, but I did it I am very sad about the fact that I actually thought this was the worst one I had a hard time getting through it, because I felt like being stuck at the same thing for so long Loved the pictures as always, but it felt like the author was out of ideas after the second book.

  27. There is an old saying that goes all good things come to an end and that is definitely true here as we say farewell to Miss Peregrine and her peculiar children Picking up were Hollow City left of, Jacob and his peculiar companions, Emma and Addison the talking dog are on a journey to find their friends Helping there cause is Jacob s newly discovered power to control the monstrous Hollowgasts, something that saves them from certain death at the hands of Wights on numerous occasions.There travel w [...]

  28. I enjoyed this, but so much of the same things kept happening.How many time could Jacob almost die HahahaBesides that, I love the characters with my whole heart, and the ending was absolutely spectacular.

  29. Kind of long winded, but at least it gave closure to the series I just wish it had discussed of the peculiar children we ve all ready met, rather than introducing new ones

  30. This is my 100th book My 100th book I am so proud to say that because this book was absolutely stunning Wow Wow Wow Just amazing every page was amazing The way Ransom Riggs give you this complicated story and puts in depth, which makes his story and writing way easy to read and not complicated at all at least for me The way he writes his characters are just phenomenal because every one of them has their own characteristics Which I always love in books His cover books sigh are so different and th [...]

  31. 3.5 Stars I think the main reason for my rating is that I just gradually lost interest in the story over the years since I first read the first book When I picked this one up to finish, I was very hesitant, and it actually took me three times for it to stick and continue past 25 pages But once I got into it, it was really a great adventure that added many layers to the world I had forgotten how much I enjoyed learning about the children s powers and the fantasy side of the story Some things were [...]

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