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[PDF] Praxis Novellas | by ✓ Andrea Pearson, [PDF] Praxis Novellas | by ✓ Andrea Pearson, Praxis Novellas, Andrea Pearson, Praxis Novellas Note from the author Praxis Novellas Katon University Book Two contains three novellas that while not continuing Nicole and Austin s relationship per se are integral to the plot line of the entire series which is why together they re considered to be the second book of the series As stated above you can receive Praxis for free by joining my newsletter list Happy reNote from the. [PDF] Praxis Novellas | by ✓ Andrea Pearson - Praxis Novellas, Praxis Novellas Note from the author Praxis Novellas Katon University Book Two contains three novellas that while not continuing Nicole and Austin s relationship per se are integral to the plot line of the entire

  • Title: Praxis Novellas
  • Author: Andrea Pearson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Praxis Novellas | by ✓ Andrea Pearson

Praxis Novellas, [PDF] Praxis Novellas | by ✓ Andrea Pearson - Praxis Novellas, Praxis Novellas Note from the author Praxis Novellas Katon University Book Two contains three novellas that while not continuing Nicole and Austin s relationship per se are integral to the plot line of the entire

  • [PDF] Praxis Novellas | by ✓ Andrea Pearson
    471Andrea Pearson
Praxis Novellas

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  1. Andrea, a Brigham Young University graduate, is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast hiking, fishing, boating, biking, spending time in the Rocky Mountains, and taking walks She spent a year and a half serving the Spanish speaking community in Toronto, Canada, and fluently speaks 2 languages She plays several instruments, not including the banjo, and loves putting together musical arrangements Her favorite sports are basketball and football, though several knee surgeries and incurably awful coordination prevent her from playing them.Andrea is always in the mood for a good movie with close friends and family especially her husband and mom , with a large glass of milk and a bowl of overly buttered popcorn nearby She also enjoys oil painting, making earrings, squeezing every bit of oxygen out of Ziploc bags, and she hopes to someday travel to Italy and Alaska.

  2. Three short stories are nestled in between books one and three, all designed to give depth to three main characters, Nicole, Austin and Lizzie Brief bites to be read all at once or broken up when time allows.The Focus Nicole still struggles to gain focus on her magic When she hears and feels the magic from an apartment above, she is thrown into a dark world where terror awaits Just enough to keep readers guessing at what will happen next, while hoping for detail in a complete novel.The Manor F [...]

  3. This book is a set of 3 novellas that help expand on the world and story created in Discern.1st novella is The Focus Dedication We follow Nichole as she travels to Hoglin, Ohio to study with Professor Stephen Nielson, a Wind Arete who uses the Cello as a medium She is drawn in by an elusive elderly woman who plays Cello in the middle of the night What is her story Also, Nichole continues to struggle with the Cello as her medium.2nd novella is The Manor In this story we follow Austin, Nicole, Liz [...]

  4. Praxis Novellas Katon University 2 by Andrea Pearson is the second book in the series by can be read as a stand alone book The book has three short stories in them that continue the story of the main characters Each are chilling Magic, suspense, mystery, and all wrapped up in the three stories I loved all three I stayed up all night reading the book It was creepy and awesome at the same time, loved it I got this book free for being on her newsletter list Thanks so much

  5. Drei Kurzgeschichten, je eine zu jeder Hauptfigur Nicole, Austin und Lizzie Alle wirklich gut und die letzten beiden fand ich teilweise auch wirklich ziemlich gruselig.Ich bin immer noch geflasht davon, wie klasse die Reihe ist und ich hoffe, dass es auch bei den anderen sechs B nden so bleibt.

  6. Nicole s followed the recommendation to move and Hoglin, Ohio is to be her new address Cosmetically the new location appears to be worse than her old residence If the short stare followed by a refusal to meet her gaze is anything to go by, then her new street s neighbours are far from friendly One might go so far as to suggest rude The absence of a wide enough span for parking her car, adding insult to injury She couldn t find her focus well enough either, so lugging her moving items cannot even [...]

  7. Praxis, the second book in the Mosaic Chronicles, contains three novellas The Focus Nicole s POV , The Manor Austin s POV , and The Angel Lizzie s POV They don t exactly carry on the story from the first book, but they are necessary in the progression of the series and some events are mentioned again later These stories kept me up way too late one night which contributed to some weird Kilenya Mosaic mashed up dreams mainly because The Manor and The Angel are so creepy They are well written and w [...]

  8. Nicole is in Seattle for 3 weeks learning from a master Cellist and Professor She lives on an odd block on the other side of a smelly canal It s just three weeks Every night she hears a brilliant cellist playing She befriends the elderly lady and she listens to her play Nicole comments she would like to hear her play what she has been listening to every night for the past week Oh No There is something very Strange going on Andrea Pearson again has claimed my heart and my full attention I can t w [...]

  9. Each story was to further introduce you to Lizzy, Nichole and Austin from the series I enjoyed Nichole s story and would have given that story a 5 star Austin s story had my heart racing and me freaking out with a scary story and then it was over It didn t leave on a cliff hanger, but I felt the ending fell a bit short to what I thought was going to happen It s because of this I would give his story a 3 star.Lizzy s story seemed rushed and didn t draw me in like the others It wasn t horrible, ju [...]

  10. Once again I enjoyed Andrea Pearson s supernatural stories as she crafts three separate stories in one book I found myself speeding up my reading to finish each of them Then I reflected on what I would do if I were faced with those experiences providing of course that I possessed magical abilities.I must also say that she proves a story can be exciting without having profanity I am turned off by such language and I don t think I m alone in my thinking that.

  11. This series is absolutely a must have Andrea really brings out the world that Lizzy, Austin and Nicole live in It s a fantastic read with all the excitement you crave It definitely keeps your mind engaged Great imagination Andrea.

  12. This book wasn t quite as good as I was expecting It was focusing on Nicole rather than the entire story But it does give a good insight into Nicole Learning to control or harness her powers.

  13. These novellas are fun additions to the story, but they also fell flat I didn t even understand what was going on and the motivation behind most of the characters actions.

  14. A true pleasure to read, as is all her work This one holds your attention well from start to finish.

  15. These were fun stories to read, reminding me very much of the spooky stories we tell each other around Halloween Lizzie s story was my favorite overall Can t wait to read the rest of the series.

  16. You will enjoy this bundle best if you have previously met the main characters in the Katon University series, by reading Discern, the first book However, each of these three short experiences stands alone.Each story in this set features one of the main characters but they refer back to previous experiences and connect overall to the series as a whole Each character, Nicole, her best friend, Lizzie, and new friend, Austin, are each the fourth child of their families, making them Arete, magical.E [...]

  17. Set of 3 novellas to read after Discern Each short story deals with a different character during break between semesters Nicole goes to Ohio for 3 weeks to study with a famous magical cellist to learn how to harness her power better She meets and hears an old lady in her apartment building who plays her cello every night in ways that Nicole can only imagine She wants to know her secret, but that might be deadly for her The 2nd novella dealt with Austin and a magical photo his brother gives him t [...]

  18. I liked this book, it had parts that was spooky and tense and on Earth, or was it There wasn t many characters as a whole in the story and after the first book Discern in the Katon University series Mosaic I kept especting them to pop up, if I m honest I did miss them especially after the bonding of all of them ended up being so intense However i did think when I finished the book that it was good to see that Nicole was capable of managing another intriguing plot, perhaps this helped her grow i [...]

  19. At first I was a little bummed that it only focused on Nicole, but as I was going through the book, I grew to enjoy the fact that it focused on Nicole and her growth without the underlying tension between her and Austin I ve read it a few times now, and I feel like I understand her as a character now and see her growth It helps tie things together as I read through the rest of the first 5 books I have the box set D.Definitely worth reading and re reading If I had the hard copy either hard back [...]

  20. Mosaic Chronicles, Book 2 Praxis NovellasI received a copy free from the author for joining her mailing list.This is actually a compilation of 3 novellas that provide necessary backstory for future stories in the series The Focus Nicole story , The Manor Austin story , and The Angel Lizzie story.These were spooky, enjoyable stories that I devoured after finishing the first book in the series, Discern.If you re already hooked after reading Discern, join the author s mailing list to receive a free [...]

  21. Praxis Nicole s magic is still blocked and since her Cello seems to be key to her talents, she goes to Ohio YAY OH I O to train with a master cellist But she hears heart wrenching cello melodies in her building at night and has to investigate The world just gets weirder and weirder Embrace it and have fun with it and this book will enchant you If you bring expectations with you to this book, you might not like it as much as the first book If you are open minded you can roll with it, enjoy And an [...]

  22. This book was interesting with three different stories about Nicole, Austin and Lizzie The stories may not move the actual story of the three friends along but it gives the reader insight in to each of the characters who they are and what makes them tick All three stories were exciting in their own right.I am really enjoying Andrea Pearson s books and can t wait to read the next one and of the Kilenya series.

  23. This was a great book to show what Austin is feeling The first book is all about Nicole and her family and the first time she goes to the University This book fills in some of the missing background for how he feels towards her I only gave it a 4 because I couldn t give it a 4.5 The story left me going slower I still greatly enjoyed it and couldn t wait to start the next one Happy Reading

  24. Nicole goes to an Ohio university to study under a wind Arete who also is an expert cellist While there, she meets and befriends a weird elderly lady who is also a cellist Austin receives a magical old picture from his brother that constantly changes The group meets the ghostly woman in the picture, Elizabeth Lizzie finds a magical whistle that calls to a statue that tries to kill her.

  25. This book includes 3 novellas one about Nicole, Austin and Lizzie each being the lead Nice read, the characters follow over from the first book it gives you of what is happening to each one even though they all join in the story.

  26. The 3 short novellas in this book help give info to the story about the group of friends at Katon University However, I didn t think they flowed very well and some of it felt forced I still enjoyed the stories enough that I plan to read the next book in the series.

  27. Great magical books, that delve into 3 different types of stories Terrifying creatures, a mirror that changes and not for the better and Fast paced, amazing, that keeps you reading until the end and then want

  28. I loved the first book and was really excited to read book 2 but I was a bit disappointed I didn t like the setup of 3 stories in one book The stories were entertaining but I was interested in Nicole s journey.

  29. Terrifying Heart wrenching terror I found myself looking around for something, anything and at any noise I heard All three stories were thrilling and brought chills and paranoia I loved it

  30. This book is a novella with Nicole, Austin, and Lizzie on their own adventures It a great read and I love reading each doing their own thing

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