Real, Vol. 1

Real, Vol. 1 Best Download || [Takehiko Inoue], Real, Vol. 1 Best Download || [Takehiko Inoue], Real, Vol. 1, Takehiko Inoue, Real Vol A motorcycle accident bone cancer a speeding truck crashing into a boy on a stolen bicycle tragic life changing events turn the worlds of three young men upside down Three very different personalities have only one thing in common their passion for basketball Meet Tomomi Nomiya a young tough whose passion for basketball is at the core of his very being When he getA motorcycle acci. Real, Vol. 1 Best Download || [Takehiko Inoue] - Real, Vol. 1, Real Vol A motorcycle accident bone cancer a speeding truck crashing into a boy on a stolen bicycle tragic life changing events turn the worlds of three young men upside down Three very different personalit

  • Title: Real, Vol. 1
  • Author: Takehiko Inoue
  • ISBN: 9781421519890
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback

Real, Vol. 1 Best Download || [Takehiko Inoue]

Real, Vol. 1, Real, Vol. 1 Best Download || [Takehiko Inoue] - Real, Vol. 1, Real Vol A motorcycle accident bone cancer a speeding truck crashing into a boy on a stolen bicycle tragic life changing events turn the worlds of three young men upside down Three very different personalit

  • Real, Vol. 1 Best Download || [Takehiko Inoue]
    235Takehiko Inoue
Real, Vol. 1

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  1. Takehiko Inoue is a Japanese manga artist, best known for the basketball manga Slam Dunk, which has become a success both in Japan and overseas Many of his works are about basketball, Inoue himself being a huge fan of the sport, and many Japanese children started to play basketball because they read the manga This in turn helped make basketball popular in Japan and across East Asia.Inoue has been drawing manga mainly in male oriented magazines His name is ordered as Takehiko Inoue on his books sold in North America through Viz Media Vagabond, Slam Dunk, and Real , although Gutsoon Entertainment s earlier Slam Dunk translations in North America used Inoue Takehiko.Source

  2. vol 1 13 Karya dari komikus ternama Takehiko Inoue, yang sebelumnya sudah menelurkan komik basket termasyhur di tahun 1990 an, Slam Dunk Yang ini juga berkisar dunia basket tapi kalau Slam Dunk tentang pebasket , Real lebih mengisahkan soal manusia yang hobi main basket Perbedaan yang kedengaran tipis, tapi penting Jalur plot Real memang tidak selurus jalur komik sport pada umumnya Fokus narasinya juga lebih banyak mengupas hal hal di luar lapangan, dengan tiga protagonis Togawa bekas pelari yan [...]

  3. One of the best and most realistic manga i have ever read, it follows the life of 3 young men and how their life got turned upside down, Tomomi Nomiya who got into a motorbike accident and ended up disabling the girl who was ridding along with him, everything went wrong for him as he s been carrying the guilt on his shoulders ever since and has quit the basketball team which was his passion and school Kiyoharu Togawa, who had bone cancer in his leg and had to get it amputated, he s now in the wh [...]

  4. Lately, everything has been going wrong for 18 year old Nomiya He s been expelled from school, he s struggling with guilt over his involvement in a motorcycle accident that left a girl disabled, and worst of all, he was kicked off the basketball team Basketball was his life, and without it he feels aimless and depressed While visiting the hospital one day, he hears the sound of dribbling from a nearby court and goes to check it out, only to discover Kiyoharu a guy whose passion for basketball an [...]

  5. A downright amazing manga that deals with a lot of Inoue s favorite themes finding your passion in life, the price of ambition etc which he then combines with the one thing he s most passionate about, basketball.Inoue also did an amazing job with the writing and characterization, once I got done with this first volume I was already very attatched to most of the characters and felt that I had a good idea of what they were about The biggest problem of Inoue s other work Vagabond doesn t seem prese [...]

  6. I first fell in love with Takehiko Inoue s Slam Dunk anime series, about a high school misfit who learns basketball to impress a girl he loves This manga series follows in the basketball fun with a focus on wheelchair basketball But as always with his works, the characters are paramount, and you get sucked into their world of stuggles and emotion, which are real, not melodramatic, and punctuated with humor all throughout Inoue is a talented storyteller, and by now, one of the top artists out the [...]

  7. This book is about a kid in high school who is trying to be one of the best basketball players around who makes friends with crippled kids in wheel chairs who also love to play basketball I only read the first book so I don t know much of what really happens after the end of the book I thought it was a decent book, a little confusing to read If you re into manga comics than this would be a great book to read.

  8. Je ne suis pas une grande admiratrice des genres sh nen et seinen Voir des sc nes de sport qui se prolongent sur plusieurs chapitres ne m a jamais passionn Et c est pour cela que Real n est pas un manga comme les autres Si le handibasket semble tre le th me de fond, il ne fait pas toute l histoire Ce manga nous d livre une psychologie des personnages comme il est rare d en voir dans la litt rature japonaise Nous suivons la vie de trois jeunes hommes, qui d une mani re ou d une autre rencontrent [...]

  9. This is a very well drawn manga, especially the covers are breathtaking I ve been enjoying sports manga lately Even though they have the same troupes going on, but the way they are being executed is really fascinating This series explores the group with disability, it is a very intense topic and it is time for us to recognize and learn about them.

  10. Read for work A good option for teens who prefer realistic fiction and some grit over the scifi fantasy that tends to overwhelm manga shelves.

  11. This is a series that focuses on the lives of three individuals with completely different tragedies occurring in their lives with the one sport to intertwine them together basketball We are introduced to Tomomi Nomiya who, following a motorcycle accident that severely disabled his female passenger, quits the basketball team and his high school life Kiyoharu Togawa, a former sprinter in middle school, is a wheelchair basketball player who struggles to connect with his teammates Lastly, we have Ta [...]

  12. Real volume 1 by Takehiko Inoue is a graphic novel three amazing basketball player s life that changed dramatically One of the basketball players name is Tomomi Nomiya and his life changed from a fatal motorcycle accident Everything went wrong when he quit the basketball team He disabled a girl during this incident and he s been visiting her ever since The guilt has been on his shoulders ever since The other basketball players name is Kiyoharu Togawa he had bone cancer He amputated his leg but h [...]

  13. A realistic manga about wheelchair basketball At first I was skeptical, because I m not big on sports but I grew to really like this The characters are believable and what I really enjoyed was the realistic portrayal of disability itself One character only has one leg due to amputation, and one is paralyzed from the waist down There are other side characters in wheelchairs and each one handles their situation differently The main character, Nomiya has a problem with authority and has been expell [...]

  14. Sampai volume 13 yang sudah terbit di sini Memuaskan Gambar 5 bintangkin lama gambar Inoue sensei makin real aja Cerita 5 bintang.nda, sedih, keterpurukan, perjuangan untuk bangkit.n komplit pokoknya Antara rasa bersalah Nomiya, kegalauan Togawa, serta pertarungan Takahashi yang harus berjuang mulai enol, komik ini membahas masalah berat dengan se nyata mungkin view spoiler Mataku mulai meler meler pas Togawa nunjukin kakinya yang sudah diamputasi ke ToraRasa putus asanya lebih karena ia merasa [...]

  15. I ve had this volume of manga sitting on my shelves for years now, always wanting to read it so I could justify buying of it , never wanting to read it because I only had 1 volume on hand and I figured it might hook me in It certainly did pull me right in, particularly since it wasn t quite what I was expecting I had anticipating that all of the characters would be wheelchair bound, but that isn t the case, and it gives the reader a bit of an empathetic in into this world of wheelchair basketba [...]

  16. We have Real Vols 1 7A motorcycle accident, bone cancer, a speeding truck crashing into a boy on a stolen bicycle tragic, life changing events turn the worlds of three young men upside down Three very different personalities have only one thing in common their passion for basketball.Meet Tomomi Nomiya, a young tough whose passion for basketball is at the core of his very being When he gets into a motorcycle accident rendering a girl paralyzed for life, his world is turned on its head Tomomi quit [...]

  17. I am in love with this manga series by Takehiko Inoue Usually, I m drawn to shojo manga I m all about the romances romantic comedies But the realism for lack of a better word of the characters and situations in this series is mesmerizing I was instantly drawn to the dynamic and varied personalities of the featured characters And the artwork is really sensational Teen boys dealing with tragedy and the consequences of their own actions learning to transform difficult circumstances into sources of [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this manga I thought it was about time I read something other than shonen fantasyI read a good review of this, so I picked it up I ll tell ya, it kept me turning pages It s got three realistic and interesting main characters,attractive art, and an unsentimentalized un cliched treatment of people dealing with major changes in their lives and or a disability Also, manga basketball showdowns.I sense burgeoning romance, too, and you know how I love loveI ve read 1 4 so far and they [...]

  19. Nomiya is a young thug recently kicked out of high school who yearns to play basketball When he meets the wheelchair bound basketball prodigy Kiyoharu Tagawa, the two begin hustling pickup games at local outdoor courts In the meantime, Takahashi, the newly appointed captain of Nomiya s former school basketball team, is hit by a car and paralyzed from the waist down.This is a great premise for a story, manga or otherwise I found it to be engrossing, and am impatiently waiting to get the rest of t [...]

  20. Mature TeensHaving read Takehiko Inoue s masterpiece, Slam Dunk in Japanese a few years back, I was thrilled to find Real Volume One at my local library Inoue s ability weave sweet basketball action, characters of depth, and serious issues teens face is a gift Volume One does a fantastic job of setting the stage for what I can only imagine is a powerful story about basketball and overcoming life s many obstacles.

  21. The lives of three boys obsessed with basketball interweave with one another Heavy themes pull at your heartstrings on and off the court in this exquisitely illustrated series.Warning This title is rated for older teens due to mature themes Full frontal male nudity appears on one of the last pages of the first volume, but it is a really a compelling moment in the issue and it not obscene in any way.

  22. I actually read volume one a couple of years ago I got it on loan from my library, unfortunately they did not have the subsequent volumes Now that they have, I decided to re read volume one and continue with the series Great art, great story This is the written work my father and I would have bonded over His love of basketball coupled with my love of a good story would have made this great fodder for dinner conversation I am sad that he s not around so that we could read it together.

  23. This gritty, urban drawing style is definitely not for younger teens The story follows three young men, one a high school dropout, another a bone cancer survivor and the third a victim of a car accident with the common thread being their love of basketball Of course like all manga, the story never ends.

  24. After reading many volumes of Slam Dunk I decided to give Real a shot I m so glad I did Definitely a very dramatic and largely different story than Slam Dunk I m not even sure I would have known it was the same author if I hadn t done my research The characters were likeable and I was really feeling for them by the end This one is worth picking up, even if you aren t a sports fan I m not

  25. wow, this was quite moving i started to think it was going to be a book much like slam dunk about high school and basketball and the things you learn about yourself when you are obsessed with basketball and real is these things too but it also talks about remaking oneself through disability ooo there is gravitas among the high school puffery i m impressed.

  26. Great manga about teen tragedy, overcoming disability, and basketball One of the first manga I ve read with a very male point of view The way the men in this book call each other out on the basketball court to solve their personal problems is fascinating to me as an all around non sports loving person.

  27. Its a great manga No wonder its title is REAL Full of realistic , inspiration Its really really Can t even simply use a word to describe it Its just too good Anyway , its a masterpiece A totally opposite of Slam Dunk Worth a shot to read it

  28. I might be able to invest myself in it if I cared at all for basketball Good art, lots of pathos it s interesting, but the investment of time, energy and dollars to read much is greater than I m willing to make.

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