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The Dish Best Download || [Stella Newman], The Dish Best Download || [Stella Newman], The Dish, Stella Newman, The Dish Love is on the menu With a side order of lies When Laura Parker first crosses forks with Adam Bayley she s only after one thing his custard doughnut But when she takes a closer look she sees a talented handsome man who outshines the string of jokers she s been dating There s just one problem Adam s job means Laura has to keep her job as restaurant critic for The DishLove is on the menu. The Dish Best Download || [Stella Newman] - The Dish, The Dish Love is on the menu With a side order of lies When Laura Parker first crosses forks with Adam Bayley she s only after one thing his custard doughnut But when she takes a closer look she sees a talent

  • Title: The Dish
  • Author: Stella Newman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Dish Best Download || [Stella Newman]

The Dish, The Dish Best Download || [Stella Newman] - The Dish, The Dish Love is on the menu With a side order of lies When Laura Parker first crosses forks with Adam Bayley she s only after one thing his custard doughnut But when she takes a closer look she sees a talent

  • The Dish Best Download || [Stella Newman]
    155Stella Newman
The Dish

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  1. Stella Newman studied English at Sussex University, then went on to work in advertising, at the BBC and then as a professional food taster She is now a full time writer, based in London and has written three novels Pear Shaped, Leftovers and The Dish, as well as the festive e short story, A Pear Shaped Christmas She blogs about restaurants, food and writing at stellanewmansblog.wordpress.

  2. This is a really nice romantic read, telling the story of food critic Laura and chef Adam When they meet, they hit it off straightaway and things are looking rosy, despite Adam s insane working hours The only problem is, Laura hasn t told him that she is a food critic.The story is quite slow in the build up and there were times when I was getting a little impatient waiting for the story to move on You know from fairly early on that things are not going to go smoothly for the two of them, and you [...]

  3. I am so happy that I found The Dish just before heading off on my Christmas vacation I really enjoyed reading Laura s story and her path to finding what she wanted and needed That she finds the delectable Adam along the way is a great bonus I loved her relationships with her friends and colleagues especially enjoyed the funny emails zinging back and forth throughout her workday A wonderful story about love, food critics, hot chefs and finding oneself.

  4. Laura is in London, trying to find her feet following her divorce and not very successfully dating anyone with a future.After another disastrous date she bumps into Adam, in fact she bargains with him in relation to a bacon sandwich and a doughnut my kind of girl In fact Adam is quite a dish in his own right.With a spark of attraction, friendship grows to something else and Laura finds quite a lot out about Adam in fact he is a Head Chef.The Head Chef of the restaurant that she has just visited [...]

  5. I ve read Stella Newman s Leftovers before and I liked this book very much, but The Dish is an absolute cracker I loved it from start to finish and I wasn t able to voluntarily put it down The author created a world that I so wanted to be a part myself, characters that I adored, and brilliant, refreshing plot, with just the right amount of humour, drama and romance Laura is living in London, where she moved after she and her husband divorced She s trying with the dating, really she s trying, but [...]

  6. It doesn t matter how many times I say it Me and Chick Lit do not have as tight a bond as we used to I never thought I would overdose on the genre, but it appears I have, and I am now a lot selective about what Chick Lit books I do read The Dish was one of the lucky ones that made the cut, and I m so glad it did, because it was such a good book First off I must mention the atrocious formatting on my copy I know, I know, you can t really complain when it s an eARC, but by God, I never knew where [...]

  7. I wanted to start this review with a food related pun but I just can t The one on my proof copy is brilliant though Fiction has never tasted so good A brilliant line, and so very true The Dish was a delightful read, and if I m honest I enjoyed it a lot than I thought I would This was my first read from Stella Newman, but I ve wanted to check out her work ever since hosting her on my blog just before Christmas with this brilliant guest post.The idea behind The Dish isn t terribly unique, having [...]

  8. If you ve followed my blog for awhile you have may have noticed that I took part in a blog tour for Stella Newman s novel The Dish where Stella dished on some of the disastrous dates she s had I enjoyed being a part of the blog tour that when I saw Headline had ARCs for the book on NetGalley, I jumped at the chance So, thank you to lovely Frances Gough at Headline for letting me be a part of the blog tour and thank you to all the people for Headline at NetGalley for granting me with an ARC in ex [...]

  9. There are 3 things in life that I lovewriting, food and a dollop of romance This book has all three so it was a no brainer that I would devour this book in one sitting Laura has just recently moved back to London following a divorce from her cheating husband Still grieving the death of her mother she sets about starting to make a new life for herself and when her mum s old boss offers her a job she lands on her feet and quickly becomes the writer of The Dish A food critic column in the magazine [...]

  10. Having just dated and been dumped by another loser , restaurant critic Laura seeks solace in a badly needed bacon sandwich at a cafe But the last one has just been sold to the customer seated behind her Laura instead orders one of their renowned custard doughnuts, only to find again that Adam, the customer sitting behind her, has been served the last one.As Laura attempts to bargain with Adam for the doughnut, they find themselves attracted to each other and end up spending the morning together [...]

  11. I m on a new year mission to clear up my kindle I can t even remember buying this one but I did enjoy the last two Stella Newman books.This one isn t as good as the others The characters aren t as likeable and you can see the plot twists a mile off An there s this argument between the two protagonists in the middle that I personally would never have come back from.Maybe it s just third novel syndrome Or maybe I ve changed.

  12. Having just finished the book today, I have mixed feelings about it Although lots of food was described in great detail, the premise of the story was very slow My main complaint was the many emails from the main character to her family and workmates which didn t really add to the story.I didn t feel that the book was going anywhere till I was halfway through.

  13. I didn t find this to be as romantic as other books in this genre I feel it was about Laura finding herself and doing the right thing.With the romance there was, I loved it And the elements of them both being foodies made it all the better and me hungry.I felt there was a lot that wasn t needed but it is an enjoyable read My only problem is I hoped for .

  14. Why did the book end at 95%, gutted Some of the good lingo was completely wasted on me but wow I just kept reading because I was so desperate to find out what would happen with Laura and adam, though, can we have a sequel where they get married please Feel like the ending was somewhat rushed but a great book nevertheless Now to suffer with finished book hangover.

  15. A very enjoyable book, especially if you re looking for a fun, light, romance Definitely enjoyed, would recommend

  16. Originally published at bookboodle.wordpress 2017This is another ARC that had been on my book shelf for far too long and I m really glad I finally got round to picking it up It s very rare that I choose a women s fiction, specifically a chick lit novel, but I ve got to say I really enjoyed this and would love it to have had a sequel.From the outset I enjoyed the humour of main character Laura and her witty restaurant reviews The one in contention for the most part of the book was hilarious I als [...]

  17. This story fills you with wonderful food ideas to cook but leaves you wanting of this delightful story dish In this book we meet Laura Parker who comes with a bag full of trust issues, leaving her home in Manchester after finding out her husband was cheating on her with her best friend She moved to London as far as possible from them and started a new life Once in London she finds somewhere to stay and is leaving of her savings but needs to get work soon and contacts one of her mother dear work [...]

  18. 4.5 stars My thoughts as I was reading this book Tell him Go on, tell him Oh, just tell him already Teeeeeeeeeeeell him Please, tell him Oh, for goodness sake, just tell him Argh, Laura If you don t tell him I m going to stop reading right now, which would be a shame because hang on, let me read a few pages, but you better tell him soon or else Yes, this book is a minor exercise in frustration, because despite being a woman who hates secrets and lies, Laura is surprisingly eager to keep her own [...]

  19. Thanks to Frances Gough and Headline Books I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest reviewLove is on the menu With a side order of lies.Meet Laura Parker, a restaurant critic for The Dish is finding her feet again after getting divorced and is finding the dating scene not very successful and after been dumped yet again by another looser, Laura decides to seek comfort in a bacon sandwich in a local cafe but when the last sandwich has been sold to another customer sat behind her, Laura [...]

  20. Originally posted on lauraslittlebookblog.4.5 5The Dish is without a doubt Stella Newman s best novel to date I think it has everything in it you could possibly want from a true to life novel and forgive the pun, but it was full of flavour.Laura Parker has had a mini setback in life, but she s doing ok working for magazine The Voice and writing anonymously as the critic for The Dish After a disastrous fourth date, Laura heads off to get a bacon sandwich and a custard doughnut, only to discovered [...]

  21. pagetostagereviews 201With a delectable title and beautiful pastel cover to match you might expect this to be a scrumptious read filled with mouthwatering dishes and you d be right However, Stella Newman s latest novel is far than a mere foodie delight the story within the beautiful design is a sweet surprise and one that upon turning the final page leaves you craving .Laura Parker works as a PA for Roger Harris at The Voice magazine, which sounds like a job she is overqualified for, as her sis [...]

  22. Laura is an anonymous food critic for a popular magazine Her identity must be kept a secret otherwise she wouldn t be able to do her job.After a disastrous date, Laura opts for the one thing that will make her feel better a bacon sandwich Heading to her favourite cafe, she is informed that the last one has just been served No problem, a custard doughnut will hit the right spot too Unfortunately for her the last one of those has just been ordered, by the same man.Feeling pretty outdone, she confr [...]

  23. What s it about The Dish is a story about magazine food critic Laura Parker, and how she traverses the tricky landscape of her life which involves getting over her mum s death, dealing with her pushy sister, dating as a damaged divorcee who has trust issues after her ex cheated on her, living with an irritating housemate and managing to get through office dramas which often revolve around her colleague, Sandra, one of the world s most annoying women To help her on her journey are her friends and [...]

  24. Wow, if people ever stop buying Stella Newman s books which I hope never happens , Stella should be become a food writer, as I truly believe she would be as talented as food writer in her own name, as she was describing Laura, talking about food I felt as though I could taste the pastries, and I loved all the food descriptions They really were good enough to eat The story is told in a mixture of narrative and also flurries of emails between Laura, and her friends, colleagues and even occasionall [...]

  25. The Dish, was a great read I had a bit of a reading slump with it so it took me forever to finish, but not because its s a bad book, its bloody brilliant I ve never read anything by Stella Newman before and I seen this book everywhere whilst shopping, so one day took the plung and got it I love the cover, its catchy.I did think the storyline was a little slow in places, but towards the end, it flew by Laura is a secret reviewer of all food places, her artical, The Dish, gets rave reviews from ev [...]

  26. Warning, this book will make you hungry If there s one thing I like as much as books it s food and there are some sumptuous descriptions in this foodie chick lit Custard doughnuts and bacon sandwiches can lead anywhere Laura spends plenty of time in cafes and restaurants and she s not shy in telling us what delight she s eating I did feel it was a bit overdone in places, but overall it s an easy and entertaining story, if a little predictable.The narrative is a mix of Laura s first person and em [...]

  27. Laura is a food critic for a magazine, a job she acquired not due to her experience or qualifications but due to her love of food and her descriptive writing skills Not to mention that the boss is also an old family friend, so Laura turned to Roger for a job after her divorce.After the abrupt end to a disastrous date, Laura goes to a cafe for a bacon sandwich only to find that the last one has been sold to another customer She then plumps for a custard doughnut, but is served a jam doughnut inst [...]

  28. For some strange reason, books labelled as chick lit for me tend to put me off of reading them Silly, really as I have read several really good books that way once I have gotten over the label The Dish is one such book I read it in a couple of days because it was so readable and hard to put down From page one I was drawn into the world of Laura, a divorcee trying to get her life back on track after a messy divorce from her cheating husband as well as coming to terms with guilt she felt over the [...]

  29. I have high expectation for this book I love Stella Newman s previous books It took me quite some time to get my hands to this book BUT IT TURNED OUT TO BE A DISAPPOINTMENT Sobs.The story is about a food critic that fell in love with a chef of a restaurant, it s not an unfamiliar plot for me, I ve read one other book that has the same plot but the diff is the critic is a man and the chef is a woman, forget the title, though The synopsis looks wonderful The preview pages in enticed me so much.In [...]

  30. I love Stella Newman s other novels, Pear Shaped and Leftovers They re what is patronisingly referred to as chick lit but they re so much better than that Most of this genre concentrates on the complicated love lives of quirky heroines, with their jobs just a source of wacky incidents, but Stella Newman recognises that careers are just as big a part of our lives as relationships and she plots her novels accordingly.I m not going to go into the details of the plot, which centres on secretary and [...]

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