Unlimited Contact - by Susan Grant, Unlimited Contact - by Susan Grant, Contact, Susan Grant, Contact Focusing on suspense and action rather than world building or technology this is the perfect breakout book for Susan Grant sure to appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann and Linda Howard. Unlimited Contact - by Susan Grant - Contact, Contact Focusing on suspense and action rather than world building or technology this is the perfect breakout book for Susan Grant sure to appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann and Linda Howard

  • Title: Contact
  • Author: Susan Grant
  • ISBN: 9780505524997
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle

Unlimited Contact - by Susan Grant

Contact, Unlimited Contact - by Susan Grant - Contact, Contact Focusing on suspense and action rather than world building or technology this is the perfect breakout book for Susan Grant sure to appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann and Linda Howard

  • Unlimited Contact - by Susan Grant
    373Susan Grant

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  1. When NY Times USA Today bestselling author and Air Force veteran Susan Grant isn t driving an 18 wheeler a 747 jumbo jet she loves writing romantic, action packed stories featuring gutsy woman and honorable men Flying to exotic places and trying every kind of food imaginable helps Susan bring her sci fi worlds alive for readers She is a winner of the prestigious RITA award for her book Contact, an alien abduction sci fi romance.

  2. I really enjoyed this sci fi romance by Susan Grant Imagine being the co pilot of a 747, plucked out of the sky by an unknown entity Your captain dies, leaving you in charge of 300 terrified passengers in a situation that defies all meaning aliens have saved you because a rogue comet has destroyed Earth You re being transported to a new world, forced to learn a new culture and language and ohere is a race of being who want you for slaves and are in pursuit of your saviors.Jordan is my favorite k [...]

  3. After I listened toI browsed through the readers also enjoyed scroll here on GR I saw this book and I thought it looked interesting and I already had the book in my library.I liked it Jordan is a single mother who is a 747 pilot for an airline During a redeye from Hawaii her flight is intercepted and taken aboard a space ship Jordan and her passengers are told that the earth has been destroyed by a comet and they are all that remains.Kao is an officer for the Alliance who is still recovering fro [...]

  4. Jordan Cady is a pilot for United Airlines While making a quick flight to Hawaii her plane is swallowed up by an unknown alien aircraft The lead pilot has a heart attack from the stress and dies, leaving Jordan in charge of almost 300 people that make up the crew and passengers of Flight 58 Kao Vantaar Moray has been assigned to debrief the survivors from Earth The alliance patrol ship rescued flight 58 right before Earth was hit by a comet It is his job to help the last remaining survivors of E [...]

  5. Another awesome read from my good friend Susie This one follows Jordan Cady, co pilot aboard United Airlines Flight 58 While on route from Honololu to San Francisco, the flight is swallowed up by a bizarre vessel, despite Jordan and the captain s attempts to evade it The captain dies of a heart attack shortly after and suddenly Jordan becomes captain What Jordan and the crew and passengers of United 58 go on to discover is that they have been rescued by the starship Savior after Earth was destro [...]

  6. On a routine flight from Honolulu to San Francisco, United 58 with just under 300 passengers and crew disappears from the radar Copilot Jordan Cady suddenly becomes Captain when they are sucked into the interior of an enormous space ship and the Captain suffers a heart attack They are told that they have been rescued just as Earth is being hit by a massive broken up comet and destroyed Kao Vantaar Moray is put in charge of interfacing with the earthlings, who as refugees need to learn the key la [...]

  7. I m going to give this book 3.5 stars Slow beginning 1 3 of book and then it finally started getting better and the ending was very romantic Jordan s a pilot on her way to a stop in Hawaii when her plane is abducted by aliens The captain dies of a heart attack and now she s in charge in a plane full of people At first they think terroists have the plane and then learn what they were really abducted for Kao is the adopted son of the spaceship s captain who is put in charge of calming and answerin [...]

  8. A t rt net j l indult, kezdetben izgalmas is volt, csak valahogy nem siker lt sem a t rt n sekben, sem rzelmekben el rni egy cs csot, ink bb egyre laposabb lett Nagyon k r, mert eg szen egyedi volt a t rt net, iszonyat j mell kszerepl k lettek volna ha ki vannak dolgozva , s a f szerepl kben is volt potenci l Minden alkot elem megvolt, csak sajnos nem siker lt bel le igaz n finomat kif zni.

  9. I d forgotten all about this author s books and while working on them for GRs, I remember reading these a few years ago They were neat This one was one of my favoritesd Once A Pirate Wonderful, action packed, romantic, feel good romance books PG13

  10. Another really good story that mixes science fiction and romance Wish authors wrote this type of story as well as this one was crafted.

  11. All in all, I liked this book Not your traditional sci fi love story I loved how self sufficient the heroine was The author did a great job building the character naturally to fill the leadership role in desperate circumstances I also really enjoyed that the hero for the most part kept out of her way and let her take the lead often than not Also, I loved the interesting unexpected character twist toward the end The only reason I didn t give this book a five star is because it didn t hold my att [...]

  12. Great readThis is a great afternoon read with the right amount of aviation dialog without getting bogged down, romance without to much detail older teens book , intrigue that keeps you guessing but not way out in cyborg space, wonderful word ans situation building Finally just a book that takes you away from you own troubles without giving any in return I hope you find this book as enjoyable as I did J

  13. This was a satisfying read that would normally earn three stars from me, but I m giving it four stars for the unusual story idea.

  14. Science Fiction Romance happens to be one of my favorite sub genres of romance, along with historical, historical paranormal and time travel Heck, I love most romance subgenres But finding well written non erotic titles in this sub genre is not easy Now don t get me wrong, I don t mind reading some fluffy erotic earthling kidnap story once in a while, but often its all sex and no story Just like I sometimes want fluffy historicals and other times deeper and researched ones, I want to read SF r [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this sci fi romance Saved by the aliens because a comet has destroyed Earth, the crew and passenger of a Boeing 747 are being transported to a new world,that will be their new home and they have to learn a new culture, language First they will need to get used with the idea that the Earth and their loved ones are no longer there.Jordan is the perfect heroine for me She is scared as everyone else, confused but because she is the new captain after the sudden death of the captain s [...]

  16. Overall, a good read, but not something to get excited about It s of a sci fi story with a strong romance sub plot than your typical romance since the emphasis remains on the plight of the humans from the airplane with the love story developing as an outgrowth from events Sensuality rating would be 4 out of 5 for several fairly conventional love scenes I would have liked for the aliens to be alien than they were Pacing Somewhat uneven slow beginning, picks up in the middle and then has an abru [...]

  17. Contact by Susan GrantFirst Officer Jordan Cady of United flight 58, becomes Captian of the flight when Captian Wendt has a fatal heart attack Believing they have been hijack she organizes crew to fight back They have not realized that there plane has been swallowed whole by a Alien craft.Kao Moray orphaned at 3 and adopted by Starship Commander Moray He works hard to help the nearly 300 Earthlings to adjust to their new world.All things are not as they appear, there is a plot afoot to sell the [...]

  18. Feels Like I m Right There, so authentic sounding and believable Capable yet fallible heroine Check Scared emotionally damaged, yet caring hero Check Romance takes its time Check Plenty of heat, but not erotic The plot had a couple of turns, but nothing completely unexpected, as the author offered breadcrumbs No let down after the initial build up Plenty of excitement and suspense Nicely balanced Great ending.

  19. Good book I enjoyed this book I liked the heroine and I loved the hero My only issue was that I occasionally found it to be too tedious I skimmed a decent amount just to get to the good parts of the plot Normally I love this authors stories but this one was just ok for me Regardless, I still recommend the book because it truly is good brain candy.

  20. Review written 2014 I FOUND IT.A few years ago I was wandering through the local library and came across this I was going through a cheesy romance phase so I borrowed it and was never able to find it again.It remains to this day the best romance I have read.A fantastic blend of ramnace and science fiction.

  21. I loved this book, everything from the strength of the heroine to the enigmatic and caring hero I loved the slow build of their relationship and how it wasn t an insta love story It kept me thinking about it even after I had finished it and put it down Excellent book Will be reading again

  22. While Grant deserves a nod for writing tough heroines no shock there, as she s former USAF , it s difficult to take her seriously when her futuristic romances carry only the barest gloss of actual SF coughs McCaffreydiditbetter coughs

  23. A wonderful book Great story, I really liked the characters The hero and heroine both strong and intelligent No TSTL moments and a great epilogue.

  24. 3.5 I enjoyed this sci fi romance about a female airline pilot caught up in a galactic game of espionage and traitors Good characters and enough suspense to keep me reading late at night.

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