Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1 : by Kora Knight, [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1 : by Kora Knight, Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1, Kora Knight, Up Ending Tad Bundle Re edited December Volumes One Two and Three of the Upending Tad series Loser Takes All Test of Endurance Sideline Submission Warning Contains dub con elements and gloriously explicit gay sex Intended for mature audiences only. [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1 : by Kora Knight - Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1, Up Ending Tad Bundle Re edited December Volumes One Two and Three of the Upending Tad series Loser Takes All Test of Endurance Sideline Submission Warning Contains dub con elements and gloriously explicit gay sex In

  • Title: Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1
  • Author: Kora Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1 : by Kora Knight

Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1, [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1 : by Kora Knight - Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1, Up Ending Tad Bundle Re edited December Volumes One Two and Three of the Upending Tad series Loser Takes All Test of Endurance Sideline Submission Warning Contains dub con elements and gloriously explicit gay sex In

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1 : by Kora Knight
    474Kora Knight
Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1

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  1. Kora Knight Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Up-Ending Tad, Bundle 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Kora Knight author readers around the world.

  2. WOW This bundle of 3 novels has got to be one of the HOTTEST I ve read Detailed Hot Sex between Tad, a college student, and Scott, a Personal Trainer They originally meet when Tad, who is straight, loses in a poker game and three guys in the frat house give him two optionst broken limbs or get whipped with a flogger by a man who does some BDSMTad is scared especially when he meets Scott, but Scott is a very personable, feeling person They end up in a dungeon who Scott s best friend roommate uses [...]

  3. BOOK 1 Wow, M M erotica is amazing This is a descriptive story of a frat guy, Tad, having his first BDSM encounter with Scott in his dungeon Tad gets into this because he lost a bet with three jocks, and he doesn t want to get beat up and have broken bones This night proves to be than Tad counted on He loves everything Scott is doing Minute by minute explanation of what both men are doing, feeling, and loving Whew I read it for the erotica that it details ENJOY BOOK 2 Wow, this M M erotica is a [...]

  4. Wow A fascinating, never ending journey of erotic discovery from Kora, admittedly with a few typos BUT I loved the pairing of Tad and Scott, and OMG Scott must have been a Duracell bunny in another life, he just didn t stop, hehe 5 stars from me.

  5. This is a definite must buy What an amazing mind blowing story These books are seriously HOT The heat between Tad and Scott just jumps out the page and grabs you Fantastically writing and definitely leaving you wanting ssssooo much

  6. LOSER TAKES ALL I m going to review this as I read each part.DamnDamnDamnThis is going to be one hot series.From the start I love ScottHe is just temptingly,tantalisingly hot and sexy.Tadwell he s just so damned shy,sweet and adorable.One long hot scene that is probably one of the best I ve ever read xTest of Endurance OMGI think this one was hotter than the first if that s possible.Tad goes back to help Scott with a training video and things lead to a very hot encounter.Tad is still coming to t [...]

  7. This is a HOT read But it s not like a story with a lot of action , not in the plot sense anyway wink wink.So Tad looses in poker to 3 frat boys, and he can either agree to a beating by them broken arms included or a beating by the neighbourhood Dom He of course chooses the Dom The Dom is Scott and he is one nice, charismatic motherfucker Still Scott has to coerce Tad to keep playing in the first book, and that was skirting the line of dub con in my head , since Tad when we meet him isn t gay an [...]

  8. Ok let me say first off that I was recommended this author through another author that I review ARC s for I was expecting the same writing style and type of story lines that I had ARC edWOW was i mistaken Happily tho This series is not for the faint of heart but it is so worth it From the very beginning i was pulled into Tad and Scott s story Both men seemingly so self assured in their lives and masculinity until they meet each other and then it seems that everything that they thought they knew [...]

  9. Up Ending Tad BundleI just loved these three books so far I loved how Tad was coming to terms with his feelings for Scott I especially liked how Scott is trying not rush Tad and his feelings about him Scott is taking slow but putting his foot down when needed I can not for the next book in this series Erin

  10. Holy Hotness Batman This was a treasure trove of smutty BDSM goodness Not too harsh, no edge play, just pretty solid MM action with an interesting story At first it seemed very PWP but that changed for me in book 2 because the characters started thinking about actions, the future, and what was happening Emotions were displayed and thought about Really liked this set

  11. This series is amazing A fiery inferno of sexiness Definitely one of the hottest things I ve ever read.

  12. Holy Hotness Bat man All three books from start to finish were in your face sex on a stick Steamy, erotic, emotionally intense, shy, and confusing The storyline is great, and the characters are awesome I can t wait for

  13. Kora Knight is bringing in the New Year with some HEAT Up Ending Tad A Journey of Erotic Discovery is a short story series The end of each story is a little bit of a cliff hanger but it also feels right to take a small break there Well played timed Kora These stories do need to be read in order, after all it is a journey and journeys are better if you join at the beginning wink Tad s journey starts with a choice, a choice between the lesser of two evils, at least in his mind But to the reader si [...]

  14. Kora Knight has taken me to an all new level of interest in reading She has a way with words that makes the reader see clearly the characters she is writiing about She brings you to such a heart racing place with her choice of words, pauses, and even grunts until you can t wait to turn the page and see what is going to happen on the next page Tad is like a lot of guys, he really has no idea WHO he is, he only knows what he has been told he SHOULD BE and that soon is challenged to its very core b [...]

  15. Holy shit That was a surprisingly good FAPTASTIC time Yup I made a new word If you like a dirty little break between your angsty and deep reads and are a fan of GFY gloriously greedy butt secks virgins this is definitely for you.The serial starts out as smut and gradually becomes It becomes about acceptance, about owning who you are, about letting go and letting someone in Ended up with much depth than I was expecting Note Each book has a super long sex scene in it In the beginning it s superd [...]

  16. TeaserKora Knight s Upending Tad A Journey of Erotic Discovery Bundle, encompassing the first three books in her aptly named series, really gets right down to it There s no passing go here people.Knight s detail is so amazing I could actually feel what the characters were feeling deep in my loins.Not only is the detail amazing in these three books Loser Takes All, Test of Endurance and Sideline Submission, but Kora creates such a guy vibe and demanding flirty banter between Tad and Scott, that i [...]

  17. Tad and Scott The hottest couple around This set contains the first 3 books in this brilliant series.Tad has been swindled in a card game by 3 hustlers he loses and as a result he must either face a beating at their hands or be flogged by another Tad choses to be flogged This decision will change his life as he knows it.Tad finds himself at the home of Scott, to face his sentence.There is instant attraction for Scott, but Tad finds himself emotionally and physically confused.What ensues is three [...]

  18. Reread for the third time New release for Max coming out 2nd read 10 5 15 I m not a big fan of college age stories but I m a fan of college boys being flogged I remembered I am not a fan of calling someone dude during sex scenesGSo, I personally embrace my perviness I own it This is every reason I read M M fiction Some of the Best Sex Scenes Ever It is also a personal growth journey for Tad Can t say I understand his issues He couldn t deny the gay part the first time Scott was up his butt I gue [...]

  19. Absolutely amazingA new author for me but definitely will be a auto one click A beautiful story, hot sexy men and discovery of oneself Thank you for sharing such a beautifully written work

  20. Wonderfully erotic tales of sexual discoveryI loved the first three encounters between Tad and Scott as the former finds out that he not only has a kink for a flogger but that he might just be crossing the line of sexual attraction.These are stupendously hot, not least the beautifully drawn out breakdown of Tad s resistance each time he meets with Scott There s loads of emotional context though too, it s not all based on lustful need.

  21. 3,5 STARSIt was a great, VERY HOT read, but obviously focused on sexy times than the story It was to be expected though I loved the first one the most just, SO HOT.

  22. Re read, May 18th, 2016.As much as I want to complete my reading challenge, I decided to rate this box set, since the novelettes can be read as one book I enjoyed reading all novelettes SO MUCH I would recommend this to people who loved No Homo Why Because it is about Tad, a straight guy who loves to hang around with another guy, and yet, keeps denying he is gay Besides, the humor His thoughts are just hilarious to read He over thinks, over analyzes everything he is in constant denial, whenever [...]

  23. 4.5 stars as it s One of the hottest reads in this genre I ve done in the past six months definitely I read a lot meaning 2 3 books a week minimum of varying categories This serial story firmly lands in my erotic bookshelf But in the end It hits right up against the contemporary romance shelf Books 1 3 start out with a very hard core erotic story Tad just ends up on the losing end of poker game At this point, his debt is paid to alpha male hottie Scott Let s just say there is no safe way to prop [...]

  24. 5 hot and smutty stars for this 3 book bundle Well this was quite the surprise read for me Tad and Scott meet somewhat unconventionally but their slow burn build to relationship was sexily awesome The writing is terrific funny, snarky the classic male POV with dude sprinkled in with hysterical words like pervalicious and sentences like he d bet money that butt plug just high fived Sean s G Ha I think I one clicked parts 4 and 5 before I even finished book 1 Loved Scott in his muscle bound glory [...]

  25. This story is an empty shell No plot, no character development Hell you actually know nothing of relevance about them and they neither know about each other Of course, as a consequence of the missing plot, the book resides in Tad s head, page after page after page without a word, just a constant flow of repeating mental diarrhea That or the very detailed description of the sex scenes So, yes the book split in two parts you are reading about the sex between them or you are reading about what Tad [...]

  26. 4.5 Stars I m so glad I finally read this story Tad and Scott have such great chemistry I like how Kora structured the development of these characters and their interactions Despite the unconventional and unexpected way they meet, they can t seem to stay away Though Tad tries to stay away, tries to ignore his feelings, he is drawn to Scott Tad has been in a state of denial about his emotions and needs, Scott awakes something in him and it s something that as much as he is fighting it he s findin [...]

  27. I stumbled across this author in a review on a different book and decided to look her up I am so glad i did as I really enjoyed this series I find the m m books really intriguing especially in this one where she goes into the coming out of the closet bit and how that affects everyone I loved the emotions and dialogue between the characters You must go to the authors website for extras like photos and interviews with Tad and Scott which give you insight to them Oh and Kora is yet another author [...]

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