The Companion Contract

Unlimited The Companion Contract - by Solace Ames, Unlimited The Companion Contract - by Solace Ames, The Companion Contract, Solace Ames, The Companion Contract Control Submission Power Amy Mendoza knew she d never have a Cinderella story She walked away from the ashes of her childhood on her own and signed her first porn contract the day she turned eighteen The money s been good but it s time to walk away again before the life drags her down When a mysterious stranger offers her an unusual contract sexual companion to a reControl. Unlimited The Companion Contract - by Solace Ames - The Companion Contract, The Companion Contract Control Submission Power Amy Mendoza knew she d never have a Cinderella story She walked away from the ashes of her childhood on her own and signed her first porn contract the day she turned eighteen

  • Title: The Companion Contract
  • Author: Solace Ames
  • ISBN: 9781426899522
  • Page: 342
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited The Companion Contract - by Solace Ames

The Companion Contract, Unlimited The Companion Contract - by Solace Ames - The Companion Contract, The Companion Contract Control Submission Power Amy Mendoza knew she d never have a Cinderella story She walked away from the ashes of her childhood on her own and signed her first porn contract the day she turned eighteen

  • Unlimited The Companion Contract - by Solace Ames
    342Solace Ames
The Companion Contract

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  1. Solace Ames Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Companion Contract book, this is one of the most wanted Solace Ames author readers around the world.

  2. About this time last year, I got into reading a lot of erotica erotic romance ssh, don t judge me, the British winters are cold and lonely P But I stopped pretty quickly because there was so much bad Most of my reviews were 1 star rants and, let s face it, when you ve read about one throbbing penis then you ve read about them all So we parted ways I read YA, fantasy, sci fi and contemporary, and I forgot about erotica until I saw this book highly recommended in my feed What was this An erotic r [...]

  3. ARC provided by NetGalley I just finished reading Christmas day the Companion contract by Solace Ames and let me tell you this book is something else Solace knows how to write and she knows how to grab the reader s attention right on page one I found it amazing how easy it was for me to connect with Amy and to understand where she was coming from Creating characters that you can relate to is tough but Solace does it superbly well Being inside of Amy s head was entertaining as hell And the sex Lo [...]

  4. A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review at Romancing Rakes for the Love of RomanceE COMPANION CONTRACT is the latest entry in Solace Ames s excellent LA Doms series, and although it ended up being a good read for me, it wasn t nearly as good of a romance as her previous stories In this story, we meet Amy Mendoza, who lost her entire family to deportation at the age of thirteen, forcing her into life choices that no child should ever have to make Now eight years later, [...]

  5. DNFNo cumpli todas mis expectativas, me estaba gustando hasta que Amy y Emanuel empezaron a salir, de la nada Amy sale con que lo ama y yo estaba como Wait, WHAT Igual vale la pena darle una oportunidad por la diversidad que tiene adem s de que Amy esta segur sima de su sexualidad y no se averg enza de eso.

  6. Unhappy with her life as a porn star, Amy takes an offer to be a companion to a former rock star, trying to make his way back into the stop light It is her job to watch over him and help him transition into a sober lifestyle, meeting all his needs This book was a hot mess, IMO I did not finish it, stopping at 55% It was like watching a horrific car wreck, while you don t want to look you just can t turn away until you get to the point you have seen enough That is where I m at with this book I ke [...]

  7. While I can really get behind this book in terms of the diversity of lives it portrays, it was just not my style Ranging from addiction to transgendered to the blurred lines of bisexuality and race, including albinism, The Companion Contract was an extremely diverse read about people from every walk of life The first half of the story was interesting Amy is a porn star disenchanted with the business Honestly, when she signed this companion contract with a rock star albino I was hoping for a stor [...]

  8. Complex, nuanced, intensely compelling story, wonderful characterization Beautiful The novel is is so balanced It tackles complex stuff, allowing both the hard stuff and the hope in at the same time I especially liked the depiction of solidarity community among sex workers, immigrants, and women of color I also loved how queer the story feels Not just the many queer characters but the story itself The D s relationship is deeply nuanced, very hot just gorgeous, from negotiations through play It f [...]

  9. 7.75 10 The Companion Contract has great characters, who feel real I can imagine meeting them in the flesh Solace Ames writing is incredible, it was a welcome surprise All I can see any is you You drown the world in your light I received an ARC of this novel thanks to the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review My thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I loved this Vivid, emotional and raw Honest and gritty Hot Racially diverse Passionate love Epic Five stars for me.

  11. I m not sure I actually wrote reviews of the first two LA Doms books The Dom Project which was clever, hilarious and sexy and The Submission Gift which explored intriguing ideas about relationships, gender constructs and sex work They were both stellar reads for me I was disappointed with The Companion Contract in comparison, though it s not actually a bad book.The story revolves around Amy Mendoza, a Filipino American porn star on the verge of retirement and Emanuel, the Colombian lead guitaris [...]

  12. I loved it I ve never read anything like this I didn t love everything about it but it still gets 5 big stars because the strengths far outweighed the weaknesses I liked the heroine from the start Amy is a porn star unhappy in the business In the first chapter she collects her drugged out friend from a party The friend starts convulsing and an ambulance is called This is not a great time for a meet cute While the paramedics are working on her friend, she gets the hots for a large, mysterious Col [...]

  13. Read this on vacation can t remember muchor maybe I m just old Yeah, it s that old thang What do you get when you take one Albino rock star, one half Filipino porn star, and a rock star who needs a sober companion who will also bang, blow, and whip him per doctor s orders Well, you get this book Emanuel, albino and lead guitarist for Avert, hires Amy to help Miles, another Avert band member, stay sober while the band tries to stage a comeback Amy s tired of doing porn, so I guess being a paid co [...]

  14. Apologies in advance, this review is likely not going to be remotely helpful.I don t know what to say about this book I don t know what to think about it It s certainly not what I was expecting From the description, I figured on a read that was sort of smutty, and maybe a little dirty What I got was this insanely compelling allegory on life, sexuality, immigration, and the human condition complete with bizarre ocelot analogies Written entirely from Amy s perspective, her narrative is quite blunt [...]

  15. I am unsure on my ratingThose handful of references she makes to where she is from and I am not talking about the porn industry here simplify that aspect to its negatives, yet the bigger important thing as to who she is and who she has chose to become was splendidly done dark, different, but factual she doesn t dramatize much as former pornstar meets former rockstar with oddball entourage not entourage alongside, things got interesting as they both reveal their pasts an how the same has brought [...]

  16. The heroine is fascinating An old for her years 21 year old heroine, who is a porn star, owns it This story read like a fever dream, with it s near delirious descriptions of the high and lows of a retired porn star and an alt rock band I still haven t processed how I feel about it The heroine is cool Bought from kobo.

  17. I loved the LA setting and the diversity of the characters, both in terms of class and ethnicity Such a refreshing change from the white Billionaires stalking NYC streets and playing in their deluxe dungeons.

  18. Niente da fare, ma io ci ho provato Giunta a pagina 80 ho capito che Solace non mi va n su n gi Controllo Sottomissione Potere Bah sar anche, ma trovo pi stimolante Biancaneve e i sette nani Quando si dice che la pubblicit l anima del commercio se la lettura di un quarto di romanzo definito erotico mi lascia un blando senso di insofferenza, pu anche darsi che sia solo un bluff La scrittura buona, ma la trama non nient altro che un rosa con un paio di scene di sesso descritte neanche tanto bene A [...]

  19. ARC provided by Netgalley2.5I m a big fan of Ames previous two LA Doms books, but THE COMPANION CONTRACT left me feeling rather flat Amy Mendoza, a Japanese Fillipino American, has a meet rather ugly with an Afro Colombian albino man while she is in the midst of extricating her cocaine OD ing friend at an industry party Amy s been starring in hardcore porn films since she turned 18, and now, at 21, is on the verge of burn out So when Emanuel, the man from the party, calls her and offers her a jo [...]

  20. Leigh s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.5 StarsI was frankly surprised by the depth of this book I picked it up thinking it was a piece of fluff not that there s anything wrong with fluffy about a woman being hired to serve a spoiled rock star but falling in love with her employer instead I thought this would be taking place in a world of tour buses and concert venues and have kinky contracts galore.What I was not anticipating was a story that took place almost entirely outside o [...]

  21. The Companion Contract has been paraded as the good alternative to 50 Shades of Grey , and I can definitely see why.I learned that this book existed from Mara Wilson s twitter Granted, nobody would believe me if I said I learned about an erotica book because I m a fan of Roald Dahl s Matilda, yet here we are.I wasn t particularly interested in the plot Or the whole genre, actually I felt the prose wasn t dealing too well with the first person narrator And it wasn t exactly a page turner.So Why d [...]

  22. Amy is a porn star, ready to retire at age 21 Emmanuel is a guitarist, for a once popular rock band attempting to reunite He offers her a job as a sober companion to Miles, the recovering drug addict lead singer I don t mind that she s a porn star, she clearly states it s a job and she works hard to marker herself, there is no emotional involvement with her co stars Emmanuel offers her the job after seeing her cool head when her friend overdosed at a party However he indicated that sex with Mile [...]

  23. Advance Reviews RT Magazine TOP PICKSlow burn romances aren t common in erotica, but nothing about the third in Ames LA Doms series is typical in the best way possible.Publishers WeeklyTwosomes, threesomes, bondage, a little SM porn actress Serena Sakamoto, aka Amy Mendoza, has done it all In less capable hands her characterization as a tough on the outside insecure young woman might be clich d, but Ames The Submission Gift pulls off a genuinely complex portrayal with ease BibliodazeWhat I ended [...]

  24. book to me seemed kind of long I wonder if it was because I didn t feel invested into these characters Miles has a long road of sobriety ahead of him Amy is there to help with that sobriety hence the name The Companion Contract and all the whilefalling in love with Emmanuel He hired her and she felt a spark for him the minute he touched her Miles os the one who she is with initially I think I would have liked back story on these characters Maybe, a little history with Miles and Emmanuel [...]

  25. The premise of this novel was interesting and kept me reading to the end to find out what happened However, this reader feels that so much could have been made of this book and the characters in general It would have been nice to have had back story on the two male main characters as I am sure this would be an interesting read, unless this is the subject of another book.This reader also feels that could have been made of each sexual encounter The transition in some of these scenes made for a [...]

  26. Interesting premise for the novel, but Ames crams WAY too much into the novel, esp in terms of characters traits The narrator Amy is a 21 year old Japanese Filipina American porn star whose whole family was deported from the US when she was 13 That s a lot just for one character, and then we meet Emanuel, her love interest He s an Afro Colombian albino who escaped the slums of Bogota as a German tourist s boy toy and eventually made it to the US, where he formed his own rock band, which he s try [...]

  27. Reto personal, Be an international feminist.Estoy cansada de leer tantas cosas denigrantes y espantosas, as que me estoy proponiendo leer m s autoras feministas y libros m s diversos Como qu Personajes no heterosexuales, personajes no binarios, personajes transg neros, personajes de color, personajes discapacitados con una discapacidad, libros body positive, sobre enfermedades mentales y des rdenes alimenticios Cualquier g nero est bien Por favor, recomendame In English

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