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[PDF] Free to Love | by ☆ Sydell Voeller, [PDF] Free to Love | by ☆ Sydell Voeller, Free to Love, Sydell Voeller, Free to Love One year after Joanna Sullivan s husband Kyle a firefighter has been killed while battling a house fire Joanna makes a desperate attempt to start over She moves to a new town embarks on a new career at the local coastal aquarium and attempts to refurbish a dilapidated duplex Then Austin her husband s brother visits unexpectedly He offers to stay and help her withOne year after. [PDF] Free to Love | by ☆ Sydell Voeller - Free to Love, Free to Love One year after Joanna Sullivan s husband Kyle a firefighter has been killed while battling a house fire Joanna makes a desperate attempt to start over She moves to a new town embarks on a new car

  • Title: Free to Love
  • Author: Sydell Voeller
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Free to Love | by ☆ Sydell Voeller

Free to Love, [PDF] Free to Love | by ☆ Sydell Voeller - Free to Love, Free to Love One year after Joanna Sullivan s husband Kyle a firefighter has been killed while battling a house fire Joanna makes a desperate attempt to start over She moves to a new town embarks on a new car

  • [PDF] Free to Love | by ☆ Sydell Voeller
    288Sydell Voeller
Free to Love

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  1. Sydell Voeller grew up in Washington State, but has lived in Oregon for over thirty years Throughout her twenty plus writing career, her sixteen published novels for teens and adults have reflected her love for the Pacific Northwest s ocean beaches, inlets and waterways, evergreen forests, and mountains She and her husband enjoy camping, reading, amateur astronomy, and spending time with their three grandchildren and one pampered feline Formerly a registered nurse, Sydell now teaches writing correspondence courses, sponsored by the Long Ridge Writer s Institute in West Redding, Connecticut, for the past twelve years.

  2. Pardon me while I dine on a healthy dose of crow Normally, and I ve never hidden the fact I dislike the I m in love with my brother in law trope And yetSydell Voeller did the impossible She made me love her characters and believe they belonged together It s a testament to the emotional pull she created that I couldn t stop turning pages Joanna is a plucky heroine in a tough situation her firefighter husband, Kyle, died saving kids from a fire She s now moved to a small town in the Pacific Northw [...]

  3. Kindle FreebieSweet story quick read.There s nothing extraordinary about it at all, actually the end is pretty predictable, but I had fun There are no graphics scenes or even the mention of the word SEX they kiss ONCE.So, SQUEAKY CLEAN read for you.Jo, the young widow, is moving Austin,the brother in law, is a sweetheart and willing to keep the promise he d made to his brother on his deathbed.They are both engaged in environmental causes, which end up bringing them together and closerch cl [...]

  4. I enjoyed this story about Joanna and Austin for many reasons.Joanna was a grieving widow She was having a difficult time with the death of her fire fighter husband and decided to move away from everything that made the memories harder She moved closer to her aunt and to a job that she loved with wildlife One day her brother in law showed up to check on her and ended up staying to help her and the community They found they had a lot in common , he was a veterinarian on leave from his job He mean [...]

  5. A short read but I had difficulties with it and it took me much longer that it should have to finish I could have easily abandoned this one I liked Austin, Joanna not so much In truth, I found her totally flat and unlikable as a lead character and considering how rude she was written, I don t know why Austin stayed around aside from his promise Yes, the plot had potential all through the story for it to turn around, but every time it was almost there Joanna would have another freak out It also t [...]

  6. The idea behind the storyline of this book held promise, but the story fell far short Instead, it seemed to be a book with a political agenda Much of the dialogue was about environmentalism, and though that could have been worked into the book effectively, it felt too stilted,unnatural, and forced I kept thinking no two people, friends, or lovers would have those conversations Also, not enough was done to put me in the scene and thus inside the characters heads I didn t care if they got together [...]

  7. Kyle Jo are a newly married couple when Kyle a firefighter is killed in a fire Jo trying to struggle through the loss can no longer live with the loss living where it happened moves back to her hometown where her aunt support is Kyle s family has thrown themselves into work to survive So, before moving back she secures a job in her field of study buys a fixer upper on the beach Within weeks though Kyle s brother Austin appears after months of no contact It instantly stirs raw feelings within her [...]

  8. This book was a quick and it was easy to follow It is a book about Joanna whose mourning the loss of her husband Kyle and Austin, who has come to fulfill a promise that he made to his brother Kyle.However I found that the dialog about the environment took up too much of the story which didn t put as much focus on Austin and Joanna as I would have liked It was a good clean book which I often like to read but I would have liked to here about their healing over the death of Kyle Over all I would g [...]

  9. Story was cute, read was quick, but I m confused as to why the e book version I got had quite so many typos Also, I have to say that fact that the main character s dialogue voice didn t differ at all from her internal monologue voice or even the author s descriptive voice was distracting She sounded overly and anachronistically proper Loosen up, child I know your husband is dead, but you can still speak like a 20 something year old It s ok.

  10. I got this book from and was apprehensive at first because it seemed like the book that definitely had a happy ending.It does and on top of that it tells how widowed people can move on to better times and love again even if say the man you love is your dead husband s twin I enjoyed reading it.

  11. Was like an infomercial for the Marine Animal protection society but after you get past all the eco babble, the underline love story isn t bad Predictable in places, ending could be seen from outta space Worth it as a freebie but would of been annoyed if I had paid for it

  12. This was an environmentally thoughtful romance There is a lot of preaching about marine pollution and environmental clean up The romance of a widow who falls for her husbands brother The love story is painful The heroine is obnoxious The hero sweet

  13. I liked this book it was a good free read I had a hard time with some of it just getting in to the hole thing I am an Oklahoman so oil and gas is our livelihood and we never want to see a spill I liked the way it ended I wish there had been ending and less day to day.

  14. Nice Story It was about Joanna , a widow, starting her new life in a new place after her husband Kyle s death Over time she falls in love with her brother in law Austin Sullivan.I love the hero Austin D

  15. Great._resThis is a great book if you enjoy romance novels.The setting is along the ocean with a view of how an oil spill effects the wildlife.

  16. Quick read mostly about moving past grief with a minimal love story Could have done a lot with the story, but overall decent book.

  17. Was a good book but wouldn t recommend Too quick, I think the characters could ve been developed better and all the wildlife kind of put me off but otherwise fair read

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