The Venus Trap

[PDF] The Venus Trap | by ì Louise Voss, [PDF] The Venus Trap | by ì Louise Voss, The Venus Trap, Louise Voss, The Venus Trap Jo Atkins sixteenth year was disastrous she lost her dad was assaulted by a stranger and then had her heart broken For the last twenty five years she s believed that nothing could ever be as bad again She was wrong Now still smarting from her recent divorce pretty self effacing Jo finally gathers the courage to enter the dating scene She meets Claudio whom she vJo Atkins sixt. [PDF] The Venus Trap | by ì Louise Voss - The Venus Trap, The Venus Trap Jo Atkins sixteenth year was disastrous she lost her dad was assaulted by a stranger and then had her heart broken For the last twenty five years she s believed that nothing could ever be as bad ag

  • Title: The Venus Trap
  • Author: Louise Voss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Venus Trap | by ì Louise Voss

The Venus Trap, [PDF] The Venus Trap | by ì Louise Voss - The Venus Trap, The Venus Trap Jo Atkins sixteenth year was disastrous she lost her dad was assaulted by a stranger and then had her heart broken For the last twenty five years she s believed that nothing could ever be as bad ag

  • [PDF] The Venus Trap | by ì Louise Voss
    149Louise Voss
The Venus Trap

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  1. Louise Voss Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Venus Trap book, this is one of the most wanted Louise Voss author readers around the world.

  2. A special thank you to Publishing, Thomas and Mercer, and NetGalley for an ARC of THE VENUS TRAP by Louise Voss, in exchange for an honest review British thriller author, Louise Voss delivers a twisted romantic suspense, and psycho thriller mix, in THE VENUS TRAP a cat and mouse game of obsession This is my first book by Voss solo, as have enjoyed her duos with Mark Edwards and Mark solo, in the past, with my favorite Because She Loves Me The title for this book is very fitting The Venus Flytrap [...]

  3. I have read and enjoyed other books by Louise Voss including her collaborations with Mark Edwards and after reading the beginning of this book thought it was going to be a very good read That is not to say it wasn t enjoyable but I felt it didn t fully capitalise on the excellent start to the book.In the opening chapters of the book, Jo wakes up not feeling 100% and soon realises that she has been given the date rape drug and is now a prisoner in her own home Claudio, her date for the night is a [...]

  4. This is one of those books that makes me glad I am not in the dating game any and if I ever am in that position again in the future, then I will probably think of this book and decide not to bother it is safer that way This is a really creepy read, which put shivers down my spine on page one when Jo Singer wakes up with the hangover from hell and a handcuff chaining her to her bed How did last night s date with Claudio end up in such a disastrous way After all, she knew Claudio when she was a te [...]

  5. I seem to be one of the few readers of Louise s books that does not rave and give five star reviews I love the work of Mark Edwards and have found the books they have written together not too bad, but this one, whilst good does not fall into the wow factor box in my humble opinion Jo Edwards has come through some traumatic years and is now getting over a painful divorce Pretty, self effacing Jo finally gathers the courage to enter the dating scene She meets Claudio, whom she vaguely remembers fr [...]

  6. ARC kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publisherSet in the now and looking back at the past, this is an interesting story of a woman finding herself and the truth about her fears in a very unconventional setting held captive in her own home I really liked that throughout this book you could never truly predict what was going to happen, even when looking back at the past, you had inklings about what may or may not happen, but there was so much at play that you could never be sure.Was s [...]

  7. Voss returns with another psychological thriller, tackling another angle of the horrors of love When Jo Atkins wakes up in her own bed, everything seems fine, at least until she moves She is shackled to her bed and her head swims in a lake of confusion It is only then that she is able to begin the slow process of realisation she s being held captive by her date, Claudio Jo is given an ultimatum, fall in love with me in seven days, or I will kill you , which does not seem like an exaggeration whe [...]

  8. 2.5ish stars This book tells the story of Jo, a 40ish year old recently divorced woman who s back on the dating scene She goes on a couple of dates with Claudio, who she vaguely remembers from High School, and then decides he s not the one and ends things or at least, tries to end things The next morning she wakes up handcuffed to her bed, with Claudio looming over her telling her she has one week to convince him she is in love with him or else he will kill her We spend the next week half in the [...]

  9. A page turner a great psychological thriller The story unfolds and draws you in what will happen next and how will this dreadful situation end Jo meets Claudio, who she knew in her younger years But after dating him she tells him they don t have a dating future But when she wakes up tied to the bed with a handcuff and a hangover , her nightmare begins He gives her a week to prove her love or she is going to die.Whilst she is imprisoned she reflects on her life and her ex husband and other relati [...]

  10. I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me an advance read of the book Whilst the book wasn t quite what I was expecting it was without a doubt a great read.I d been expecting a book focused upon an escape attempt, the main character trying to break free of entrapment however this did not focus quite as much as I would have liked In all honesty, I think this is the main reason why I gave the book four stars rather than five a part of me was disappointed by the lack of focu [...]

  11. WOW did this book grab me by the short and curlies right away or what We have Jo who wakes up, feeling sick and vomiting Fever, feeling really out of it, and discovering she s chained to her bed post What in the hell.She remembers now that the father of her child has taken him away on holiday and she s got some me time for herself She also recalls that she went out last night Is she drunk did she have sex with someone who in the hell would she have this sort of sex with, chained to the bed, why [...]

  12. Thank you to netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.I haven t read any Louise Voss on her own before but have read all the books she has written with Mark Edwards also all of his solo works which I really enjoyed So I was rather excited to see this on netgalley and once I started it really struggled to put it down.Jo is a divorcee going through a kind of midlife crisis realising that she hasn t ever really found herself due to events that happened to her around her 16th birthday [...]

  13. When I started reading The Venus Trap by Louise Voss I was expecting a taut thriller similar to her joint novels with Mark Edwards However, to me, this read very much as chic lit with a faint smattering of Thrill running through it.I did really enjoy the book, it was fast paced and a nice leisurely read I found myself rooting for Jo, hoping she would overcome her predicament safely in the end The other main character was a despicable and highly unpleasant person, they were described very descrip [...]

  14. I was luck enough to receive an advanced copy of this book in return for leaving an unbiased review I have read all of Louise s books with Mark but not her solo ones so was intrigued to see what this one would be like I wasn t disappointed The book starts with Jo, divorcee waking up not feeling quite right You soon find out she s been given the date rape drug and is now a prisoner in her own home Claudio, a distant memory from her past and totally crazy about her is desperate for her love and wi [...]

  15. I was delighted to be given the chance to read an ARC of this new book by Louise Voss as I enjoyed Killing Cupid also written by Louise with Mark Edwards.I started this book thinking I d just read a few chapters but then couldn t put it down until I finished A brilliant page turner, superbly written and a very current story which builds up and unfolds so cleverly I had no idea where the story was going and there were unexpected twists, which made The Venus Trap a perfect read for me I loved it.

  16. Thanks to The Book Club for allowing me to review this title.Definitely a thriller An interesting and brave narrative time frame that uses a diary to expand it I found it difficult to relate to the characters but still found myself routing for Jo If you have read anything by Louise Voss or Mark Edwards you know the sort of book you are getting and this certainly does not disappoint

  17. I love you, Jo, and I want you to love me I want to have a future with you.I ve read a lot of thrillers this year And I really do mean A LOT Many of them were really good but this one completely and utterly creeped me out I ve been trying to work out exactly why and I ve come to the conclusion that it s probably because I found the premise so terrifyingly plausible There are no super intelligent detectives in this story and no heart racing pursuit and capture There s just one woman in her own ho [...]

  18. Review by ireadnovels.wordpressFor me personally there were moments of genuine chills that ran right through me Nothing in forty three year old Jo Atkins life seem to go right for her, she lost her dad and has recently been divorced Jo finally gathers the courage to go on the internet dating scene where she meets up with Gerald in the pizza express which doesn t go too well for Jo either In the Pizza Express Jo is then approached by Claudio Cavelli who happens to know that she was divorced, but [...]

  19. This was a hard one Throughout most of the story, I felt very little for Jo and thought she was selfish But as new bits are revealed, and everything tied in at the end, it redeemed her as well as the story itself I put myself in Jo s shoes, and one always tries to think what would I do in that situation Creepy things like that happen all the time I m glad the ending gave us insight as to why Jo did what she did, and how it helped her overcome a lot of things in her life by the end Certainly not [...]

  20. I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review What can I say about this book It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, there were so many twists and turns that I couldn t put it down.I felt a bit sorry for Claudio throughout the book, all he did was love someone who didn t love him back, he just went the wrong way about it really lol The only thing that was a negative for me was that I wish it was longer would of been great to see Claudio really lose it Also I was a bit confus [...]

  21. Just finished The Venus Trap this morning I loved it I always enjoy books that flash from past to present and find it easy to follow Claudio was a sick nutter and i wouldn t want to meet him in a dark alley Brilliant story and concept Louise Voss

  22. A special thank you to Publishing, Thomas and Mercer, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review British thriller author, Louise Vossdelivers a twisted romantic suspense, chick noir , and psycho thriller mix, of dark humor and wit THE VENUS TRAP a cat and mouse game of obsession, leaving you second guessing your own past, when things may not be as they appear.Have you ever felt as though something in your past happened, not by chance Had someone set a plan in motion, which forever [...]

  23. I received this as an Advanced Reader Copy through NetGalley and from the author herself, in exchange for an honest review.Being locked in your own home by a maniac is a terrifying prospect, as your own safe house becomes your prison In this book, it s compounded by the fact that Jo knows her jailer from her past and, most worryingly, she has let him back into her life after all these years.The book has a promising start from the outset, setting the scene, when Jo wakes up handcuffed to her bedp [...]

  24. This is another solo offering from the pen of this talented author who has elsewhere found a successful partner in crime,Mark Edwards,with their thriller novels I know that this was not an easy project to write without your wingman but is an insightful thriller from a female perspective and I think it required that singularity of thought for it to be written at all.It would be a difficult read in one sitting as it has little action apart from diary entries and personal reflection as a woman is t [...]

  25. Jo, a single mother held captive in her own home by a deranged admirer, Claudio a former high school acquaintance with delusions of love is forced to reevaluate her sense of self, taking a hard look in the proverbial mirror in order to stay alive and come to terms with the decisions that have left her vulnerable With twists that turn the stomach, Jo s trials and tribulations of twenty years ago are revisited, her pain a pleasure for her captor A conceptually well executed form of localised survi [...]

  26. I ve heard comments that this isn t a typical crime novel Mostly in the vein that it s different to what Louise writes as part of a duo when she s writing with Mark Edwards, but do you know what She s a writer and writers are allowed to stray and explore and do what they want to do and this is what Louise has written and I for one am really glad she did.It most definitely is crime Jo is handcuffed to her own bed when she wakes up and it s not a sex game gone wrong Claudio, the man she went on a [...]

  27. I was lucky enough to be given an advanced ready copy from the publishers of this book and in return would give an unbiased review.I have only read one book that Louise co edited with Mark Edwards From the Cradle and that was a real page turner and heart stopping read I expected Venus Trap to have a similar thrill factor but it lacked tension in parts that should have come from a kidnap story That said I wouldn t say to be fellow book friends not to read it as it flowed well and overall I did en [...]

  28. The Venus Trap is a tense psychological thriller by Louise Voss, and the blurb for this title says it all very accurately I utterly enjoyed this book and the tension and retrospective analysis the main character, Jo, goes through during her captivity The story is narrated through the point of view of Jo, in the present, and further explored through one of her old diaries and her recollections all of the complex events that have led to her current situation, with Claudio It was very easy to ident [...]

  29. Jo Atkins knows than most that what does not kill you makes you stronger And if the aftermath of her 16th year is anything to go by, being dumped, assaulted and loosing her dad then it shows she has strong character and nothing can stop her Unfortunately this was not to be the case Twenty five years later, Jo decides to try dating again after enduring a bitter and painful divorce Jo meets Claudio,who seems incredibly familiar, but she just can t put her finger on why Feeling uneasy,after just a [...]

  30. I received this book as an ARC from the publisher in return for an honest review.This is my first solo book by Louise Voss, despite being a fan of her collaborations with Mark Edwards I always presumed her work would be of the chick lit variety If this is typical of her usual writing, then I am happy to eat my words.The story centres around Jo, who is being held by Claudio a figure from her distant past who has always held a candle for her until she falls in love with him Quite a dark story, de [...]

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