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✓ Zen to Done ✓ Leo Babauta, ✓ Zen to Done ✓ Leo Babauta, Zen to Done, Leo Babauta, Zen to Done Zen To Done takes some of the best aspects of a few popular productivity systems GTD Stephen Covey and others and combines them with the mandate of simplicity It makes things as simple as possible and no. ✓ Zen to Done ✓ Leo Babauta - Zen to Done, Zen to Done Zen To Done takes some of the best aspects of a few popular productivity systems GTD Stephen Covey and others and combines them with the mandate of simplicity It makes things as simple as possible a

  • Title: Zen to Done
  • Author: Leo Babauta
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: ebook

✓ Zen to Done ✓ Leo Babauta

Zen to Done, ✓ Zen to Done ✓ Leo Babauta - Zen to Done, Zen to Done Zen To Done takes some of the best aspects of a few popular productivity systems GTD Stephen Covey and others and combines them with the mandate of simplicity It makes things as simple as possible a

  • ✓ Zen to Done ✓ Leo Babauta
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Zen to Done

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  1. Leo Babauta is a simplicity blogger and author He created Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog according to TIME magazine with 260,000 subscribers, mnmlist, and the best selling books focus, The Power of Less, and Zen To Done.Babauta is a former journalist of 18 years, a husband, father of six children, and in 2010 moved from Guam to San Francisco, where he leads a simple life.He started Zen Habits to chronicle and share what he s learned while changing a number of habits.

  2. Zen To Done is helpful in making one productive and better results can be drawn from it than Getting Things Done or To Do Lists.The methods in it focuses one job at a time and then moving to next habit once the previous one is completed.I m glad that I to have read such ebook.

  3. I would only recommend this to a person who has NEVER read a blog post or a book on how to be productive Otherwise, you pretty much know all the stuff here It emphasizes the simplification of your productivity system.Since I have loads of tasks to do that have deadlines from school , I have no problem being organized I use the iPhone app iStudiez Pro for scheduling all school work exams courses lecturesc That s it No calendars, no notepads, nothing But whenever the weekend comes and I need to do [...]

  4. This is a handy little e book I read it because I had read an interview with David Allen author of Getting Things Done and that interviewer suggested that Zen To Done was the minimal one had to read to get started on GTD I ended up reading Zen to Done kind of in parallel with GTD and it helped me to understand the concepts In GTD the approach is to just jump right in, take a couple of days, collect everything, process it, and from that point on continue with the GTD method Zen To Done is all abo [...]

  5. I have been trying to figure out my own GTD system, but I couldn t, simply because it s just too complex Zen to Done on the other hand immediately gave me a sight of hope it s OK not to implement everything and at once The biggest take away was to schedule 3 at most Most Important Tasks for the first part of the day, get them done and then I can freestyle from there Honestly, it was a big relief to experience this For me, this is stress free productivity Highly recommended to anyone who wants to [...]

  6. I really liked this little ebook I had been a GTD user for a while, but felt caught up in the minutia and unable to focus on the big picture When I had a little free time I d think, I have to knock some tasks off those long lists Over time I realized GTD wasn t good for me It was filling up all my free time with work and I wasn t working towards anything particularly important ZTD is an adaption that works for me It s about streamlining and simplifying allowing you to figure out your big goals a [...]

  7. A little book of common sense If you re an unproductive person and can t figure out why, this may offer the kick start you need to do what you don t realise you re already capable of doing.It s suggestion to keep a diary, and record every new task that comes to mind in the diary so that you don t clutter your mind with things to remember that you inevitably forget , has lightened the weight off my shoulders Reviewing the diary each morning and evening prevents procrastination Reducing your year [...]

  8. Zen to Done is Babauta s bizarrely simple take on David Allen s Getting Things Done and Steven Covey s 7 Habits I read this book when looking to simplify my GTD system, and this has definitely helped The concept of Big Rocks, Most Important Tasks, and Simplifying have helped me become productive.This review is evidence of that I highly recommend this book And because it is uncopyrighted, I will gladly share my copy of it.

  9. Another in a long list of productivity books I ve read This one, like all the others, basically says 3 things write your shit down, organize your shit, do your shit.

  10. Zen to done es un libro muy pr ctico y conciso sobre organizaci n personal Se inspir en otras t cnicas como Eat that frog de Bryan Tracy o Get things done de David Allen pero principalmente, Los 7 h bitos de la gente altamente productiva de Stephen Covey pero digerido y simplificado Y por si fuera poco, ofrece una versi n a n m s simple, minimalista, de su propio m todo, que consiste en desarrollar 4 h bitos 1 recopilar ideas, 2 procesar y no acumular, 3 Planificar, usar una simple lista de pend [...]

  11. ZTD captures the essential spirit of the new system that of simplicity, of a focus on doing, in the here and now, instead of on planning and on the system.

  12. Ka d lovek sa zrejme raz dostane do situ cie, kedy sa doslova zasekne v pr ci Prive a e mailov, z pisov a loh z por d, neut chaj ce telefonick , i stne po iadavky Hromady nevybaven ch papierov na stole Tis c rozroben ch loh, iadna dokon en A takto sa to opakuje ako v zlom hororovom koloto i ka d r no Existuje mno stvo n strojov, ktor pom haj zv i produktivitu, mno stvo dlhosiahlych n vodov Do toho nezmyseln ho chaosu prich dza Leo Babauta so svoj m jednoduch m syst mom Zen a hotovo, zah a len de [...]

  13. For those who haven t ever read any books or blogs about self organization, self improvement, etc, this might provide a few pointers For others, there is nothing new here and the writing style is a bit tedious Now I understand those who said bullet lists don t belong in a book It s like the book was written by a list freak.The most helpful for me was chapter 11, and it can be summarized thusly Set a yearly goal and some short term goals, set aside a short amount of time every week to review your [...]

  14. Jednoduch , pou n a pro m ze v ech motiva n ch knih i nejv c re ln Asi prvn kniha tohoto nru, kter m zaujala natolik, abych si n kter rady nejen vzala k srdci, ale i je zavedla do ka dodenn ho procesu.

  15. Less compelling than 7 Habits less overwhelming than GTD This little book is a calming reminder that time and task managementdon t have to be stressful.

  16. Quotations from other books mostly Getting things done and nothing original.All the book is the author arguing with Mr Allen s ideas and pointing out how he is betterd all of the sudden there is the end of the book and we learned almost nothing new in one of the last chapters he explains us why he is convinced that he didn t steal the rights of Mr Allen s and his GTD method Obsahuje cit ty ze Sedm n vyk skute n efektivn ch lid a z metody GTD Allen M t v e hotovo.D le v ak t m nic vlastn ho.Text [...]

  17. I m so glad I finally picked up this book again and finished it What added to my understanding was not perusing the Zen Habits blog but hearing interviews with Leo Babauta Zen I am not but the way is clearer The processes outlined clearly in the book are nowhere near new though his suggestions for implementing them one at at time and his concentration on habits versus goals and simplifying is new to me These principles will also take some as much reflection as action This isn t a book to grab if [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this book I am a utilizer of GTD Getting Things Done and yet this book ZTD Zen to Done incorporates the best of GTD and Franklin Covey s system of Seven Effective Habits Even though I am a bigger fan of GTD there are definitely insights that can be gained by Franklin Covey Babauta helps look at a very practical way of putting these principles into place I recommend this book thoroughly for those who want practical ways to put GTD into place.

  19. There are two main things about this book just try one new habit, and stick to it unit it really become a habit the author suggests one month practicing each new habit And the habits itself, there are a list of ten new habits.For sure those two components really made me confident than another productivity tools that I had seen.

  20. Good starting point for complete beginners but if you ve been working on your productivity for a whileyou are probably doing all this and I agree thought it s much simpler and efficient that David Allen s Getting things done

  21. Buena guiaAunque llevo un tiempo con GTD no me termina de cerrar, leyendo este libro y considerando sus diferencias con el anterior veo que se adapta mejor a mi.El libro en s es de f cil y r pida lectura, pero su implementaci n requiere algo m s de tiempo.

  22. A perfect complement to David Allen s Getting Things Done Definitely picked up some pointers for improving my GTD habits system.

  23. M e to b t zaj mav a pro lidi i docela napomocne, ale j to z ejm sly ela v dob , kdy to vlastn nepot ebuju

  24. A great minimalist approach to Getting Things Done which will help to get things done By creating small sustainable changes and focusing on results, good stuff

  25. Short book with very good ideas about productivity, but most of them I already know and use I would recommend it to everyone who is completely disorganised.

  26. You don t so much read this book as practice it Laid out herein is a simple productivity system that draws very heavily on David Allen s classic productivity bible Getting Things Done GTD It s a condensation of the key methods and I find that to be rather apt, but the emphasis, quite rightly, is on habit formation The book is a very lean 67 or so pages , but that too is very appropriate people who want to get things done don t like the idea of spending several hours reading a book full of comple [...]

  27. 3 5 Mi piaciuto, ma c di meglio Cosa mi piaciuto le basi ci sono, ed tutto molto semplice al contrario di GTD di David Allen, questo libro scritto in maniera chiara e scorrevole non ci sono allungamenti di brodo, ogni pagina semplice e concisa Cosa non mi piaciuto tutto il metodo si pu riassumere in scriviti quello che vuoi fare, organizzalo, fai le cose pi importanti per prime nella giornata leggendo la giornata tipo una delle ultime pagine , sembra che il tipo in questione non abbia quasi null [...]

  28. Great way to get a high level understanding of Minimalism in all aspects of your life I can see referencing this 1x per year as I move to a minimalist lifestyle.

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