Just a Bit Unhealthy

Just a Bit Unhealthy Best Read || [Alessandra Hazard], Just a Bit Unhealthy Best Read || [Alessandra Hazard], Just a Bit Unhealthy, Alessandra Hazard, Just a Bit Unhealthy When the line between need and want gets blurred Gabriel DuVal rising soccer star Jared Sheldon team physician To the outside world they re just good friends But the truth is Gabriel isn t entirely sure what they are to each other Some call their relationship unhealthy Some call it codependency Gabriel calls it confusing He knows Jared wants him as When the line between ne. Just a Bit Unhealthy Best Read || [Alessandra Hazard] - Just a Bit Unhealthy, Just a Bit Unhealthy When the line between need and want gets blurred Gabriel DuVal rising soccer star Jared Sheldon team physician To the outside world they re just good friends But the truth is Gabriel isn t entirel

  • Title: Just a Bit Unhealthy
  • Author: Alessandra Hazard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: ebook

Just a Bit Unhealthy Best Read || [Alessandra Hazard]

Just a Bit Unhealthy, Just a Bit Unhealthy Best Read || [Alessandra Hazard] - Just a Bit Unhealthy, Just a Bit Unhealthy When the line between need and want gets blurred Gabriel DuVal rising soccer star Jared Sheldon team physician To the outside world they re just good friends But the truth is Gabriel isn t entirel

  • Just a Bit Unhealthy Best Read || [Alessandra Hazard]
    281Alessandra Hazard
Just a Bit Unhealthy

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  1. Two words EMOTIONAL TRAINWRECK Are you tolerant enough to deal with DENIAL for 85% of the book Obviously, I m not And the rest of the 15% was also just so so for me Gabriel is one of the most pathetic, hateful, disgusting and emotionally unstable characters I ve ever read and I m sure he s in one of my top 10 hated MCs Seriously Jared should have tied up that brat and fed his cock years ago and the problem will be solved I mean I just can t understand the part that you said you love someone but [...]

  2. Oh, Jared, Jared What s your excuse for being a shoe debris catcher Huh That this is an M M story excuses nothing, silliness transcends sexual proclivities I won t say much to spoil because the Book Blurb does a spiffing job of that Essentially, the entire series is premised on the evolution of hetero men who find themselves thrust into situations that make them question their sexual orientation, notwithstanding they d never been so inclined What bothered me about this story was the lack of resp [...]

  3. 1.5 stars I wish somebody had told me this when I started reading this story I wasn t planning on it, because I hated the previous book , but the fourth of this series sounds promising and I thoughtwth, it s short Well, fooled me once.This wasn tjust a bit unhealthy, it was insane, all kinds of fucked up and I came pretty close to giving up Reasons Gabriel I shit you not, even after finishing it I don t know what this guy s deal is And I don t mean that he was a selfish, manipulatve, arrogant, s [...]

  4. WellI ve read all the other books in this series, so I figured I would give this one a try too, even though the reviews made me kind of nervous I was right to be nervousevery damn character in this book except maybe Alexander and Christian pissed me off I m sad to say that I didn t enjoy this one Both of the MC s were such idiots.Gabriel, is a famous football player, who was paralized, when he was 16 years old That s when he met Jared, the team physisian Jared helped Gabriel healysically and men [...]

  5. I can t fault this book and say how needy and co dependent these characters were on each other because it literally tells you in the title that it s gonna be unhealthy The relationship frustrated me as much as it did, Jared The man at least tried to leave the fucked up situation But then he went and had himself talked into being in some kind of fucked up three way without the sex Then we have ClaireHer boyfriend literally comes home all fucking giddy authors words and extremely happy after being [...]

  6. The best book in this series, for what I ve read yet It was a total mindfuck but beautifully written with such a plot line that will keep you in your seat I finished this book in less than 45 minutes I have never read a love story like this, so unhealthy, so ugly but beautiful at the same time.RTc.

  7. 5 stars It couldn t get less than that.My god That was overwhelming I can t believe I cried a little over a book I m an emotional mess Damn.Gabriel was so needy, clingy and obsessive He considered Jared as his yet he always thinks he was straight straight Straight as an arrow that couldn t get bend And Jared goodness, he just takes what he could get even though seeing Gabriel with his girlfriend breaking his heart over and over again They re both f ed up This is the moment where I want to bitch [...]

  8. A bit disappointed Strange enough, this one was my least likable in this series Strange, you wonder Well, I L O V E possessive men and rising soccer star Gabriel Gabe Gabi Gavriil DuVal 20 was so possessive of team physician the Head of Sports Medicine at a top Premier League club Jared Jay Sheldon 30 However, something just didn t work But yeah, I loved their connection, Gabriel s possessiveness and neediness for Jared and I adored Jared s heart Yet, I didn t like the selfishness I dislike self [...]

  9. 2.5 starsI loved the first two books of this series, so there was no question whether I was going to read this one, even though Gabriel Jared didn t exactly win my affection so easily as the other characters after we first met them in the previous book.Unfortunately, my first impression of them didn t change even after I ve read their story Frankly, they ended up being my least favorite couple of this series Why is that Well, the main reason for that is one of the main characters Gabriel His imm [...]

  10. This was so bizarre but I can t complaint because the blurb warns you that it was gonna be a twisted gay for you story I quite enjoyed Jared and Gabe because I already knew that this wasn t gonna be a conventional love story as the previous books, it was utterly strange and unbelievable but whatever This series is so crazy and weird but yet I can t stop reading it It s so messed up and addictive ahg Again, I hated the stupid girlfriend What kind of friends does she have by the way Why would they [...]

  11. The whole REASON I read m m almost exclusively is to get away from the tired ass hetero tropes Does any hetero trope exist that is clich than trapping a man with a baby Maybe Gabriel should have also been a billionaire soccer player with a penchant for BDSM that gets trapped with a baby and holy hell we d have the tri fuckin fecta I think it s best to take a break and come back to finish thisrantreview I m just too damned disappointed and annoyed.

  12. Clair and my feels.Clair could have fell off a bridge on page 1 and I would have been okay with that Clair set herself up for failure Via the a typical stupidly of the per se man trap And I pitted her But, she doomed herself Shame to because she was not as bad IMO, as Mila in the previous book Gabe, fixed all that I loved that cuddle slut, he was my kind of guy.The bookMan oh man was Gabe ever POSSESSIVE I loved it Possessive MC are my most loved MC s that is always a win win for me Manipulative [...]

  13. Goodness, I LOVE this series As I was reading this book I kept looking at the bottom corner of my Kindle, watching the percentage, and I kept thinking NOOO, I m not ready for it to be over Ah, but the book did end and I FUCKING LOVED IT

  14. 3.5 stars Not as good as the previous books, but I still enjoyed it and will continue with the series This one was a bit frustrating since the main couple were so hardheaded, both on their own way Gabriel, he was so spoiled and selfish and his love for Jared was borderline obsessive and consuming Jared was as bad since he gave into that kind of demanding love Jared and Gabriel have been best friends for years, Jared is gay and Gabriel is straight and is in a committed relationship with his girlf [...]

  15. Gabriel DuVal is a soccer star and Jared Sheldon the team physician who pulled him up from hell after an accident that threatened to end his career Jared loves Gabriel, has for a long time He tries to hide it because Gabriel is straight and has a girlfriend Jared secretly knows exactly how Jared feels for him Knows he should let him go, but can t Codependency Maybe When Jared discovers that Gabriel knows about his feelings and quits the team, Gabriel is devastated He makes a deal to get him back [...]

  16. Just a Bit Unhealthy I don t think so I m sad to say that for me personally, the wheels fell off the wagon in this one It s my least favourite of the whole series and if the next book is about Tristan, I m signing out for good I actually have to like the characters in a book to find it enjoyable.I liked Jared up until the point where he lost all his self respect and just for the hell of it through his morals into the fire along with those WHAT THE HELL Out of all of the characters in this book h [...]

  17. I loved this book Gabriel is so needy and messed up I wanted to hate him for the way he was treating Jared But at the same time I loved him for his love for Jared No matter what, he loves Jared and can t live without him Jared on the other hand I wanted to feel sorry for him, but I couldn t do that either His love for Gabriel is bottomless and he is ready to do anything and settle for anything, just to be near him And in some strange way, that makes him equally messed up Just as the title says a [...]

  18. I m addicted to this GFU series I was a bit skeptical whether I was going to like this one after reading a bit about the characters in the previous book I thought that Jared was just going to be doormat character and Gabriel, a total A hole Luckily that was not the case This story is messy and very much unhealthy in terms of relationships but I enjoyed it all the way Both characters are messed up but I still found them likable I like that the author writes her character heterosexual and then we [...]

  19. What a freaking hot mess These characters were something else Especially Gabriel I don t even know what to say Issues Lots and lots and lots of really fucked up issues I am not even sure why I loved it so much but I did Once I started I couldn t stop reading until I was finished This has turned out to be a great series and I am looking forward to

  20. This book was a huge disappointment after the first 2.5 books I found nothing cute or attractive about Gabriel He was a selfish manipulative ass I found Jared to be a huge wuss What did he love so much about Gabriel I didn t see it I almost DNF this but decided to keep going.The only reason I m giving it 2 stars is because it WAS well written.I honestly hope the next book will be better but if it s about Tristan I highly doubt it He s about as redeemable a character as Gabriel.

  21. I love you in every way possible that matters I LOVED IT It s a very complicated relationship and the unhealthy one, but i truly deeply loved this one Alessandra Hazard, could you please hear me out From now on, i love you forever and ever Your works are all amazing I can t believe i m gonna say it but i love Jared Gabriel than i love Tristan Zach I thought they re my favorite Real review coming laterwhen iam not sleepy

  22. Gah, I have such mixed feelings about this one I just don t know if I buy that Gabriel is it for Jared I mean the guy wanted to spend his life with him as his partner without sex He loved him soooo much but not that way first It just read a little odd unlike the first 3 in the series I missed the gotta have you now that we had in the others I did love that these two were so unhealthily dependant on each other I know, sick right I m just diggin this author s books.

  23. 3.5 stars.This is a VERY twisted love story 100% twisted Twisted in a way that if it was Real Life love story, one of the lovers would be admitted to a psych ward, and the other behind bars.BUT, it s not real life, it s a fictional romance, and as twisted as it is, when done right and written well, I can totally enjoy it.And I did, up until I didn t It started out very good and it continued to be a very beautiful and emotional read.I think the author did an amazing job transferring the MC s emot [...]

  24. Rating 5 stars Holy crap, are her books addicting.Gabriel is one sick bastard, and yet I couldn t get enough of him He talked about Jared like he was an addiction And you know what I m still not entirely convinced he actually loves him There were parts where I would think, okay, he is definitely in love That s so love Then at other times, Gabe would say do something that screamed addiction obsession not love, and I would be confused all over again At times, I wanted to slap Jared, because I felt [...]

  25. God I love this series.I love Alessandra Hazard awesome author Jared is amazing and his love for Gabriel is so intense, you feel it deep in your own heart Gabriel s love is just as intense if not so.I was on the verge of tears quite a few times His possession of Jared is so hot and beyond sexual When these men get together it is explosive and real I have purchased the whole series and I can t wait to read them all, all over again

  26. 2.5 starsThis book really disappointed me about the others in this series.The relationship with Gabe and Jared is too morbid for my taste.Gabriel does not love Jay than that feels a strong addiction to him as if he were a drug.Gabe always behaved like a selfish bastard.And Jared what inspired me was sorry not to have a little self esteem.I really like this author but this book upset me a lot.

  27. WTF SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT I absolutely loathed Jared and Gabriel The story was well written, it flowed perfectly but the I read, the I hated Jared and Gabriel.Claire was a freakin moron Lesson if someone wants to marry you, they ll marry you Forcing their hand by being deceitful and selfish is a no go But the cruelty Jared and Gabriel showed Claire was beyond disgusting And she had every freakin right to go off on Jared Gabriel didn t even have the common decency to break it off with her [...]

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