Sanguine Mountain

[PDF] Sanguine Mountain | by ☆ Jennifer Foxcroft, [PDF] Sanguine Mountain | by ☆ Jennifer Foxcroft, Sanguine Mountain, Jennifer Foxcroft, Sanguine Mountain Connie Phillips has never told a lie until now An anonymous letter shatters the world Connie thought she knew and trusted The news that her parents aren t really her own leaves her angry devastated and alone The search for the truth leads her down a dark desolate forest road where she meets a boy in the shadows who has secrets of his own Rockland s life has been ruledConnie Phi. [PDF] Sanguine Mountain | by ☆ Jennifer Foxcroft - Sanguine Mountain, Sanguine Mountain Connie Phillips has never told a lie until now An anonymous letter shatters the world Connie thought she knew and trusted The news that her parents aren t really her own leaves her angry devastated a

  • Title: Sanguine Mountain
  • Author: Jennifer Foxcroft
  • ISBN: 9780990989509
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Sanguine Mountain | by ☆ Jennifer Foxcroft

Sanguine Mountain, [PDF] Sanguine Mountain | by ☆ Jennifer Foxcroft - Sanguine Mountain, Sanguine Mountain Connie Phillips has never told a lie until now An anonymous letter shatters the world Connie thought she knew and trusted The news that her parents aren t really her own leaves her angry devastated a

  • [PDF] Sanguine Mountain | by ☆ Jennifer Foxcroft
    215Jennifer Foxcroft
Sanguine Mountain

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  1. Jennifer Foxcroft writes young adult paranormal romance For years, the crazy characters inside her head have plagued her waking hours In 2013, she decided to start sharing the journeys her characters take her on and wrote her first novel for publication.Jennifer adores animals of all shapes and sizes, so it s no wonder her first series features shape shifters A life long dream of hers is to travel to Thailand and attend Elephant Camp Getting to care for her very own elephant for a week is her idea of heaven on earth.Born and raised in sunny Queensland, Australia, she loves the ocean and swims in it whenever she can She is living out a dream and currently experiencing life in the US, which explains why her books are written using US English She s now an awfully long way from the ocean, surrounded by the most incredible mountains and enjoying every second of it.Two truths and a lie book trivia 1 It took Jennifer five years to read The Lord of the Rings At thirteen, those Nazgul scared the living daylights out of her, and she never made it out of The Shire on her first two attempts.2 Jennifer started reading the Harry Potter series when Chamber of Secrets was first published She has a Harry Potter tattoo, but she s not telling you where.3 When living in Japan, Jennifer discovered she wasn t a slow reader after all Not having a TV to distract her, she became a book demon and burned through novel after novel This is where her true love of reading was born.Can you guess the lie Let her know on twitter.

  2. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Rating 3.5 out of 5 starsSanguine Mountain had a fresh paranormal element to it bats I ve read plenty of vampire books, but never one where the characters were basically bat shapeshifters not vampires, though some blood drinking was involved It was a neat idea The Camazotz were interesting, as was how they re world contrasted with the human one.There were sweet characters Rocks was adorable His awe over technology and love for sweet [...]

  3. Must admit I get nervous trying new authors I get so used to my old faithful storytellers and their styles I saw this cover on FB and couldn t resist clicking to find out I just love this cover and it suits the story really well after reading it So glad that I took the chance on this one What a neat little original read I devoured it over the weekend and was sad when I got to the last page I want book two like NOW Right now I m not joking.Think I m going to go back to the start and read it agai [...]

  4. Connie Phillips is in way over her head Her parents aren t her real parents, her best friend wants her to work at a wiener stand, and let s not forget her new friend who just so happens to shift from a six foot four hunky man boy to a much smaller vampire bat What s a girl to do with all of this going on There s only one word that comes to mind when I think about the happenings in this book awkward But the awkward wasn t all bad types of awkward There was funny awkward, sad awkward, weird awkwar [...]

  5. Sanguine Mountain s title suggests a story of vampires and blood There is blood, although very little, and there are vampire bats Neither Lestat nor Edward Cullen are sneaking in anyone s windows The only creatures of the night in this tale are actual bats In a new take on the vampire myth, this is a much Wild Kingdom approach to a teen love story.Rockland or Rocks is descended from a centuries old culture called the Camazotz that was magically transformed into bats to evade and conquer their e [...]

  6. Review first on In WonderlandI m so glad that Jennifer contacted me to see if I wanted to read this book for a review I was pleasantly surprised with it Jennifer s writing is beautiful It s very well done And even though she self published, it looks and feels like it was published by a big time publisher I loved that And that cover, people it s perfect It s different and unique It s simply gorgeous.It starts off with the main character, Connie Phillips She s driving to a place she s never been b [...]

  7. One look at the title cover and you have to wonder, what is this book about This story begins with main character Connie Phillips making a mess of her first attempt at finding her real parents, after discovering through a semi anonymous letter she s adopted Her search literally leads her fumbling and stumbling upon a secret gathering of cursed humans.From the start we see the depths of her pain for discovering she s been lied to her entire life She feels isolated, even though as an outsider look [...]

  8. I fell in love with this book immediately If you have not picked it up yet I definitely recommend you do you won t be disappointed The love story, the paranormal aspect, the hot guys in this book is just perfection.Our main character Connie has just received a letter telling her she is adopted and to not go looking for her birth parents, but like anyone Connie ignores the warning and goes looking for her birth mother I loved Connie s character so much she s so independent and when she sets her m [...]

  9. I was given a copy of this book by the Author for an honest reviewNGUINE MOUNTAIN is a sweet, fun read I loved reading this book The characters and story line are well developed Connie has always thought that her parents were her real parents Until a letter shatters that bubble Now she is determined to find her true Mom She is driving to the last known place her true Mom once lived when she takes a wrong turn and is lost Her car overheats and she has to find someone to help her out Now she is on [...]

  10. Sanguine mountain is a good quick read that leaves you wanting the next book in the series The book is well paced with likable characters While big reveal is made quite early on, the author leaves much to be discovered and learned through this elaborate world she has created The history and legend for which this story is based is well thought out and told in detail to aid in setting a fantastic foundation The character, Connie, is completely relatable as often times I could see my own 17 year o [...]

  11. Love, lies, and final exams Such is the life of high school senior Connie Phillips, who journeys into adulthood in the ashes of a life that was never hers An accidental discovery in her family s mailbox leads her on a search for the truth of her lineage and right into the arms of shape shifter, Rockland Her relationship with him grows into the tenuous threads of first love while they work together to find a sense of belonging in a world that has abandoned them both.Author Jennifer Foxcroft utili [...]

  12. Sanguine Mountain, the debut novel by Jennifer Foxcroft, brought me so much joy That s the only way I can describe it because it was such a unique and exciting love story.Foxcroft s writing style was fun, fresh and witty I loved the story s concept and world building.I loved the main character Connie She was hilarious I loved her inner dialogue I found myself laughing out loud, drawing stares from the disapproving audience at my house My cat and Husband Rocks was a mysteriously attractive charac [...]

  13. If I could review chapter by chapter this first one would be OMG Wow Loving this and I m only a few chapters in The interactions and connection between Rocks and Connie is cute and you can t help but want to it to continue and grow And another progress review Noooooooo Connie can t date Parker and just be friends with Rocks Please say it isn t so The universe wouldn t be right if Connie and Rocks couldn t find away to be together I hope I get to read that love wins out with these two I m loving [...]

  14. 4.5 5I was very very pleased when I was able to read this book for A Month Of Indies I loved this book The characters were all really thought out and loveable The main characters Rocks and Connie were both wonderful people and I was able to laugh and cry with them, though at times I thought they were being stupid The plot and everything about the Camazotz is incredibly interesting and thought out I thought that Connie s reaction to Rocks was appropriate and realistic The only thing I didn t like [...]

  15. One of the best things about going to RT is meeting and learning about new authors It is especially true for me with this book I met and absolutely adored the author at RT, and I would have NEVER purchased this book otherwise I m so glad I did.The first book in any series is hard because of the world building, but I found the world building in this book to be excellent I felt comfortable with how the world worked, but didn t feel too overwhelmed with detail If you re looking for a solid YA NA bo [...]

  16. Fun read but it did take me few chapters to get out of my adult head and let the story unfold Rocks is an excellent book boyfriend with his dark good looks and old fashion manners, even with the tendency to flip himself into a bat As a protagonist Connie takes a while to warm up to with her na vet and all that teen angst I think Jen left the ending open beautifully and it has a sharp enough hook to make me want that 2nd in the series

  17. I really enjoyed this book It took a little to get into, but once I was, I really enjoyed it Connie had a fun internal monologue and the world Rocks lived in was really interesting The worst part was that it was a cliffhanger and I have to wait for the next one to find out what happens Can t wait

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am now waiting with baited breath for the next book to be released I can t wait for my kids to read this and let their imaginations about bats run wild Great book from this author and a fantastic debut book I can t wait for the next one.

  19. Fun, fast and engaging right from the start I love the incorporation of real mythology But the real praise is that we have a teenage heroine that sounds and behaves like an actual teen and not some unrealistic amalgam I m anxiously awaiting the next installment.

  20. I actually enjoyed this book Even though it seems of a YA read to me than an adult read It brought back memories to me and so I continued to read it I m looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy

  21. I have been looking forward to Jennifer s debut novel for a long time, and it did not disappoint Rockland is my new fav book boyfriend with his old school manners and waistcoats Get writing Jen, I can t wait to read the rest of Rockland and Contessa s story 3

  22. Note I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Review will be posted soon Right after 4th of July

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