[PDF] Unlimited Ï Flare : by Amy Isan, [PDF] Unlimited Ï Flare : by Amy Isan, Flare, Amy Isan, Flare HIM I m a monster There s no way to sugarcoat it I kill maim and hurt and make no apologies I also take what I want And the moment I saw her with that body built for sex I wanted her in my bed I thought it would be a fling just one wild night Most women melt in my arms like butter but she stands strong I can t break her which only makes me want her She sHIM I m a monster There s no wa. [PDF] Unlimited Ï Flare : by Amy Isan - Flare, Flare HIM I m a monster There s no way to sugarcoat it I kill maim and hurt and make no apologies I also take what I want And the moment I saw her with that body built for sex I wanted her in my bed I

  • Title: Flare
  • Author: Amy Isan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited Ï Flare : by Amy Isan

Flare, [PDF] Unlimited Ï Flare : by Amy Isan - Flare, Flare HIM I m a monster There s no way to sugarcoat it I kill maim and hurt and make no apologies I also take what I want And the moment I saw her with that body built for sex I wanted her in my bed I

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ï Flare : by Amy Isan
    301Amy Isan

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  1. I m an independent romance novelist diving into Dark and MC genres Having a blast while doing it too.My latest is Dark Exposure, and I m currently working on The Stranger I Know Newsletter sign up bit AmyIsanNewsletterFacebook facebook amyisanromance

  2. Holy crap this sucked Did this author know ANYTHING about MC s How are 5 guys, no prospects, no other brothers, no old ladies or even club whores considered an MC Even the club names were lame as hell Six Shooter Petrol Seriously This was hands down the WORST MC book I have ever read.

  3. I first rated this book at 3 5 stars The thing with that rating is normally I want to read those books again but this one I really don t So maybe 2 5 is better, I enjoyed it while I was reading it but not it just seems sort of bland and frustrating.The book starts with Cassie basically hating her life and is depressed Until one day she makes eye contact with a biker and her world starts turning again I wish I could say that s a lie but is really what happened The next day she sees a biker who sh [...]

  4. Wonderfully well written and exciting story Highly recommend Bomb 5 StarExciting, Riveting and a ticking time Bomb Makes me think back to when I was younger and bolder and would I have been so bold to do what Cassie does She has courage and yet inside she s not sure He s sexy and an outlaw but he s still a man They do say opposites attract and when these two do its combustible This book leaves you wanting of the two of them and yet will there be Book 1 in a new series and its smoking Well writt [...]

  5. Stopped at 25% Couldn t continue.The first thing to irritate me was the sentence structure Normally I don t criticize this kind of thing or tense issues, punctuation, etc, if a book has my attention and the story is flowing, I can read right over those things, not the case with this one The sentences were very simplistic and I got sick to death of each one starting with I That being said, the plot just dragged for me The heroine is a 26 year old dog washer, chronically late to work, with an equa [...]

  6. I was gifted FLARE from the author for an honest review.This is a great book A roller coaster ride of adventure, power and carnal lust The world Amy creates is full of wild motorcycle crews, rogue alpha males and one woman who is tossed in the mix.Cassie doesn t live she exits, her job as a glorified dog washer is filled with animosity because of her habitual tardiness Her boss doesn t mind singling her out and pointing out her faults.One particular morning, driving into work and she is already [...]

  7. Flare Motorcycle Club Romance by Amy Isan I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for my honest review An excellent story from start to finish It was a really quick read that I enjoyed very much The primary characters of Cassie and Logan aka Bomb are very likable You can feel the sizzle when Bomb and Cassie are together You also can t help but feel for Cassie as she struggles with her confusion over her attraction to Logan The story takes many twists and turns and will leave you on the edg [...]

  8. Flare was quite the ride Logan is a member of the Ruin Outlaws MC and he can t get out of his head a beautiful woman that he sees in traffic When he ends up running into her again, he knows that he can t just leave her be Cassie is just trying to get by, working a job for a person that she doesn t really like, driving a commute that is exhausting When circumstances bring Logan, known as Bomb to his MC brothers, together with Cassie, they end up for a very long and whirlwind time Logan ends up ha [...]

  9. I had the privilege of reading an ARC in return for an honest review Flare freaking rocks.I absolutely fell in love with Cassie and Logan The author did an amazing job with keeping you on the edge and delivering one hell of a story Reading their journey was like watching a Bonnie Clyde style movie which had my damn heart jumping out of my chest wondering what would happen next As soon as you think you know what is going to happen you are thrown for a loop and I loved every minute of it I loved t [...]

  10. Received for an honest reviewI originally read all installments separately and completely enjoyed every minute I really like that all of them are now made into one Cass and Bomb are such a great couple Their relationship builds quickly but the stress they encounter is unreal Cass first comes off as a weakling but by the end she is strong, passionate, and one heck of partner I like that she doesn t complain and that she pulls strength from Bomb Bomb is a man who believes in brotherhood His relati [...]

  11. Great book Cassie hates her job and her boss One night on the way home from work, stuck in traffic, a biker rides by and looks directly at her She can t forget his gorgeous blue eyes A few days later she sees the biker and races to catch up with him in her car She hits the biker with her car, and her life will never be the same Because of the accident with the biker, her life is in danger No one but two clubs want her dead Logan is the biker she saw when stuck in traffic, and the two of them fee [...]

  12. This is the story of Cassie and Logan She is a dog groomer and he is part of an outlaw motorcycle club Cassie hit the club s president with her car and Logan tries to protect her From then on we begin to know the characters and their motivations At first the story is kind of slow but then as we get further information and other motorcycle crews got in the story develops an interesting plot with action, sex, drugs, betrayal, secrets and death There are important second characters that add to the [...]

  13. Given book for honest review I don t usually read biker books, but I read the whole story and enjoyed the book I try not to be judgmental with the characters in my books, but my mind had a hard time accepting some of the behaviors of Flare s people It was shocking to my mind set to have so many gray areas and having Cassie change so much in one book Cassie s world is about to change but will it be better It starts with being stuck in traffic and watching a biker weave in and out of traffic which [...]

  14. I received this book in exchange for an honest review, and boy you will be surprised with this one So much is happening you are wondering how the frick she got into this mess and then you wonder will she or does she want to I never saw where this book was going to go, it seemed these two were gonna ruin it for each other but in the end they get through it all and come out better than they went in I loved the twists and turns but it is a dark romance for sure, but you will be sucked in for sure Y [...]

  15. I Loved this book Cass is someone most can relate to she just does her.Thing day after day going to work waiting in traffic biting her lip when her boss yells at her for little things etc but then she has a glimpse that ll change her life completely Logan a bad boy type motorcycle rider she couldn t get out of her head She has a run in with him an his gang members an after that she sees a whole different life from guns blazing breakins and death not to mentioned hot sex They are completely oppos [...]

  16. I received this as a ARC for a honest review Let me just say thank u for the honor It was great I could so re read this again and smile every time Logan AKA Bomb is hard and a real man Cassie is loving but learns fast the tough life She is bad a s She is seeing life in a hole new way Will she like this life or go back to her old ways Will Bomb be able to help her and keep his brother s on his side.Im looking forward to reading whats next And also godda catch up Hahaha, that will definitely happe [...]

  17. a biker with a heartFirst I really enjoyed this book I liked the characters and they way they flowed with the storyline I liked that Cassie got some confidence and some backbone I hated that she seems weak and submissive Logan is a loner character and I m glad he moved on from that since meeting Cassie I could see that he was something but he numbed himself I really enjoyed the side characters and that they were colorful and not fluff I hated the ending it bugs me that the author just ended it. [...]

  18. I received a copy of this book from GoodReads in exchange for an honest review I thought the book was OK I never really connected with the characters I didn t know why they like each other, why they stayed together and further I didn t really care A bit care could have been taken with transferring this book to print There were several pages that were not chapter breaks where the text ended halfway down the page.

  19. This was my first motorcycle club book I didn t think I would like books like this but I did, Two people that is totally opposite of each other And the eventually fall in love with each during danger and someone trying to kill that he loves He keeps her a secret from the other members of the cub because she almost took out their leader but he just couldn t stay away, And now that someone knows that he is involved with her he tries to keep her safe

  20. Diffidently a great story, from start to the end this never got boring or dull but did grab my attention and didnt let go We will see a bid transformation in both Cassie from being a sorta a push over to a ball busting woman and Logan being cold hearted to getting id act together and think before acting Logan and Cassie complement each other in many ways and never hating on another over stupid stuff.

  21. I thought the book went straight into the story You met the characters quickly learned their traits and personalities The flow from book to book was great and you never felt like you were missing something The characters were strong the story line was strong and full of mystery and intrigue but easy to follow and well told I really enjoyed the books and characters.

  22. I ve read the whole series My preference would have been to read them all one right after another Not a huge fan of serial books with cliff hangers.However, with Amy s first one , I love love LOVED IT kicked ass big time Then I read 2,3,4 and I TRULY fell in love with the two major ppl It proved me wrong To a point What I realized was I liked those characters and that story line.

  23. This is a great story from the very first page to the last one Cassie and Logan Bomb will keep you guessing as to what will happen next And most of the time it is not what you were thinking I fell in love with Logan from the beginning and still loved him at the end If you love a great MC story then you should grab this one, it is perfect So pick this one up and enjoy it I loved it.

  24. I read each of these books separately so it is great that they are available as 1 set cassie and Logans story pulled me in from the beginning Of course I didnt like Logan Bomb at the start but by the end he truly turned my opinion around Great story and excellent characters Must read

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