There Will Be Phlogiston

[PDF] Read ¿ There Will Be Phlogiston : by AlexisHall, [PDF] Read ¿ There Will Be Phlogiston : by AlexisHall, There Will Be Phlogiston, AlexisHall, There Will Be Phlogiston An instructive story in which vice receives its just reward Inspired by true and scandalous tales of the Gaslight aristocracy we present the most moral and improving tale of Lady Rosamond Wolfram Weep reader for the plight of our heroine as she descends into piteous ruin in the clutches of the notorious Phlogiston Baron Anstruther Jones Witness the horrors of feminineA. [PDF] Read ¿ There Will Be Phlogiston : by AlexisHall - There Will Be Phlogiston, There Will Be Phlogiston An instructive story in which vice receives its just reward Inspired by true and scandalous tales of the Gaslight aristocracy we present the most moral and improving tale of Lady Rosamond Wolfram Wee

  • Title: There Will Be Phlogiston
  • Author: AlexisHall
  • ISBN: 9781626492561
  • Page: 185
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read ¿ There Will Be Phlogiston : by AlexisHall

There Will Be Phlogiston, [PDF] Read ¿ There Will Be Phlogiston : by AlexisHall - There Will Be Phlogiston, There Will Be Phlogiston An instructive story in which vice receives its just reward Inspired by true and scandalous tales of the Gaslight aristocracy we present the most moral and improving tale of Lady Rosamond Wolfram Wee

  • [PDF] Read ¿ There Will Be Phlogiston : by AlexisHall
There Will Be Phlogiston

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  1. Alexis Hall was born in the early 1980s and still thinks the 21st century is the future To this day, he feels cheated that he lived through a fin de si cle but inexplicably failed to drink a single glass of absinthe, dance with a single courtesan, or stay in a single garret He did the Oxbridge thing sometime in the 2000s and failed to learn anything of substance He has had many jobs, including ice cream maker, fortune teller, lab technician, and professional gambler He was fired from most of them.He can neither cook nor sing, but he can handle a 17th century smallsword, punts from the proper end, and knows how to hotwire a car.He lives in southeast England, with no cats and no children, and fully intends to keep it that way.Oh, and you can also find me on Booklikes if that s your preferred book based social media product

  2. So this is beautifully written free 40K words of free no, really, free featuring a really difficult heroine, who responds to being unloved by being unlovely, a horribly closeted aristocrat who can t accept who he is, and the totally irresistible poor boy turned phlogiston baron Anstruther Jones who gets them both out of their horribly constrained existences part of the amazing Prosperity series, but not written in thieves cant if that was putting you off Prosperity, which it shouldn t menage, wh [...]

  3. The secret to happiness, she would say, sipping her tea delicately, is a generous hearted, sexually amphibious man who desires you, and a confirmed sodomite who admires your hair.The secret to happiness, I would say, is reading a free stand alone novelette, set in the same universe as your favourite book of all times Come to think of it, we can scratch the free, because I would pay a lot of money to read a story by Alexis I could say a lot of things to try to convince you to read this book I cou [...]

  4. Well, what a jolly romp.As a rule I m not a fan of menage, but I m right fond of Alexis Hall, and the lovely people I read this with I have to say it was lovely.What I particularly liked was the feel of Phlo, the Victorian northern industrial revolution backdrop, overlaid with the terrifically mannered social structure where girls come out for the season and the nouveau riche are looked down upon by the gentry All very traditional so far.Into this comes Jones, the epitome of the new rich, a man [...]

  5. 3.5This story is full of love I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but that s the truth And it is beautiful Reading it made me feel good It broke my heart too, but it was necessary.You have this wonderful, huge, unapologetic rich commoner who has so much to give, you end up sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for that moment when he gets what he deserves And he deserves a lot Then you have your lovely, beautiful, scared noble who has to learn a couple of things before the author lets him have wha [...]

  6. This is a lovely and free entry in the series Just be aware that the Riptide edition I had was half story, but fully half at the end was excerpts from other stories in the series most of which come before this That foreknowledge will avoid the moment of deep disappointment as you hit the end of the actual story, with half the volume yet to go.This is about three main characters, in a menage of sorts first, our heroine, Lady Rosamond Wolfram, whose practical nature and inquiring spirit are poorly [...]

  7. Another lovely read from Alexis Hall Thank you, Alexis, for going against the grain and writing an M M F I really enjoyed this triad, and the relationship they formed, and how each character found what they needed in the others also the mechanical horse was pretty cool.

  8. Buddy read with Kat as soon as we get our greedy hands on this one Review mostly likely to come tomorrow Hmm, it s seems tomorrow was a long time ago I somehow forgot the write my review of this I m not a big fan of menage stories, especially in contemporary romance mostly beacuse I m not convinced how they would work in real life I read this one because it s by Alexis Hall and because many things that bother me in contemporary romance work really well in a paranormal stemapunk setting It s a be [...]

  9. I had so much fun reading this.Yes, there are heartbreaking moments as this is the story of three people in search of love in what seems to be an impossible situation, but, as usual, Alexis Hall managed to insert clever humour when most needed A lot of challenges for the three characters fear and shame to overcome, society expectations to throw away, violence I won t forget many of the scenes for a long time Especially the one in the circus it was breathtaking I loved Jones and Lord Mercury but [...]

  10. For those already acquainted with Alexis Hall s steampunk novel, Prosperity I apologise for going over facts you are already aware of However, I wish to encourage others to enjoy the pleasure of the steampunk world of Gaslight This pseudo Victorian, Northern English town is founded on the money from mining the mysterious energy source Phlogiston, which is mined in the clouds aboard flying ships, and is the setting for There will be Phlogiston It is a world of manners, social conformity and repre [...]

  11. 3.5 starsWhen I received this story, I got curious and decide just to read the first page even though I have not yet read Prosperity and then I read some and then I continued.The mixture of steampunk and historical romance works plus the characters are marvellously drawn I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry because the writing is easy and some situations may be funny but underneath there is truths most of us will recognise It is light and deep at the same time I enjoyed the first three quarter [...]

  12. I can t remember when I last read a romance with a female love interest And, if I m not mistaken, this is my first MMF I liked it a lot The book is told from the POVs of three well rounded and equally interesting characters Anstruther Jones, the Plogiston BaronLady Rosamond Wolframand Arcadius, Lord MercuryI d say this is a tale of two romances and a friendship, not a bisexual romance.Romance 1 Jones and ArkadyBefore Rosamond enters the picture, Jones and Arkady go from associates, to friends, t [...]

  13. I forgot to write a review And now I m behind on a ms so I m just copying what I posted on FB when I first read this book Note I ve now read TWBP at least six times, so that should tell you something YOU MUST GO READ THIS BOOK NOW It is the platonic fucking ideal of a romance, while being full of all kinds of trope subversions I want to sit still and read it over and over again, which I could do by rereading my highlights alone, since they cover 90% of the book The writing is gorgeous and witty [...]

  14. This short story novella whatever it is is so beautiful Oh my gosh I mean everything that Alexis writes is gorgeous, of course, but this one is still bouncing around my brain weeks later which is unusual It is weird and lovely and SO romantic and sweet Just gorgeous Read it It s free at Riptide riptidepublishing titles t and you don t have to have read the rest of the Prosperity Series first I haven t.

  15. BJ and I did a buddy review five fookin stars from both of us on Prism Book Alliance, YOHere be my half o the equation Lord Mercury Arkady if you re Jones, apparently doesn t seem to have any effective defenses against said Jones and his unrelenting natural state of self acceptance, and everything else Jones has that the Lord wishes he could be, and share.I had the feeling of dancing, gliding along as I encountered and welcomed Hall s words He s got this way of saying something extremely direct, [...]

  16. I ve updated my review of this beloved book, based on a recent re read Same rating, just a few new thoughts 2nd read Dec 5 9, 2016 happy, happy sigh I am not normally a re reader of books, no matter how much I love them I make an exception for Alexis Hall though And this was just as beautiful in every way as it was the first time In re reading this, I was struck anew, as I am every time, by the distinctive way he writes scenes of physical intimacy Intimacy being the key word, because while they [...]

  17. Okay Mel, I get it I totally see why you are in love with this author This was some truly fantastic writing Eloquent Deep Honest Loved it The genre isn t what I normally go for This whole thing of a woman should be this, men should be this and societal rules makes me want to vomit, but this was well done and really illustrated all the reasons and attitudes that contribute to my dislike of this particular kind of society It took me a bit to get into Ros, I was just not really feeling this chick a [...]

  18. This review is a bit spoilery, don t know how to get it tagged right, but be adviced, if you haven t read the book.This was an amazing book this time too I didn t cry as much, but I laughed much , and found some amazing quotes, mainly by Rosamund She s so prim and proper on the outside Should there be some fashion of reciprocity , so inquisitive and open minded under the surface and so alone She s selfish and unpleasant, but I can totally get why Jones is the strong centre, there to guide them t [...]

  19. Scarlett O Hara, Rhett Butler, and Ashley Wilkes all reside in the same steampunk town and decide they can t decide, and so embark on a three way love affair in order that I should buy the first book in this series Well played, Alexis Hall, but joke s on you I was going to buy it anyway Na na na na na.

  20. This was really, really fricking good I kinda loved it, it was soo, sooo fun to read The characters were amazing, the writing was great, it was super funny, and it had absolutely incredible feels Also, a killer mechanical horse I mean really, what can you want from a book

  21. Great as we re used to from Alexis Hall If there s any complaint at all, it s that this was too short I was a bit disappointed when it ended near the 50% mark on my kindle Still, since it s free and everything there is is wonderful I loved both the writing and the story itself , I really shouldn t complain.

  22. I loved this story I have a huge book hangover since I want to read NAO but have to wait until January for the anthology to come out Rosamond and Mercy were such victims of their time I really felt bad for them both Loved Anstruther Jones How can you not with a name like that

  23. Glorious One day, Alexis Hall may write a book I don t immediately fall in love with.Today, is not that day and this is not that book

  24. We re told in the title that there would be phlogiston.I m here to answer your burning question Was there phlogiston Before I answer, there will be a lesson.Ready Pay attentioneampunk st m p NGk nouna genre of science fiction that typically features steam powered machinery rather than advanced technologyVictorian vik t r n adjectiveof or relating to the attitudes and values of the Victorian period, regarded as characterized especially by prudishness and a high moral tonem nage trois m n ZH t r w [...]

  25. Like with the end of Liberty, I find myself torn between absolutely loving this and ending on a disappointed note I ll start with the disappointment, since it s pretty cut and dry.This book is listed as 150 262 pages long depending on if you looks at the ebook or Kindle edition , but it s literally half that long At exactly 50%, the story ends and the rest is all sneak peaks of the other stories in the series I was really bummed too, because I had been excited about starting the next chapter and [...]

  26. Not really my cup of tea So the romantic hero here is bi sexual Which is not a problem But this turns out to be a menage with a guy and a girl Both are uninteresting I didn t get this declamatory love stuff if it would have been just the two guys it might have worked better But adding a third It felt rushed and without depth.

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