One Perfect Wish

[PDF] One Perfect Wish | by ✓ L.M. Brown, [PDF] One Perfect Wish | by ✓ L.M. Brown, One Perfect Wish, L.M. Brown, One Perfect Wish Playing the part of another man s husband to fulfil a wish is easy but what happens at midnight when the magical day is over Scott Baxter is a workaholic with no time for love until a djinn pulls him out of his life and deposits him into the bed of Cameron Kirk Cut off from his life Scott isn t happy about the idea of being forced to help the djinn grant an unspecifiedPlaying t. [PDF] One Perfect Wish | by ✓ L.M. Brown - One Perfect Wish, One Perfect Wish Playing the part of another man s husband to fulfil a wish is easy but what happens at midnight when the magical day is over Scott Baxter is a workaholic with no time for love until a djinn pulls hi

  • Title: One Perfect Wish
  • Author: L.M. Brown
  • ISBN: 9781784303440
  • Page: 204
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] One Perfect Wish | by ✓ L.M. Brown

One Perfect Wish, [PDF] One Perfect Wish | by ✓ L.M. Brown - One Perfect Wish, One Perfect Wish Playing the part of another man s husband to fulfil a wish is easy but what happens at midnight when the magical day is over Scott Baxter is a workaholic with no time for love until a djinn pulls hi

  • [PDF] One Perfect Wish | by ✓ L.M. Brown
    204L.M. Brown
One Perfect Wish

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  1. I live in England, in a quaint little village that time doesn t seem to have touched No, wait a minute that s the retirement biography Right now I am in England in a medium sized town that no one has ever heard of, so I won t bore you with the details Keeping me company are numerous sexy men I just wish that they weren t all inside my head.Please note, L.M Brown is no longer active on Although she does occasionally check in to comment on another s blog the visits are few and far between.

  2. Doesn t everyone want a djinn to bring them a husband who ll fuck them into oblivion, take them sledding, and cook them a Michelin starred restaurant quality meal Scott doesn t even make a wish, yet it comes true This is a sizzling little fantasy about spending a day with a man you ve just met only to realize he s the other half of your soul, the part that s been missing all along Don t even try to make sense of the time bending aspect This is a fairy tale with a snarky djinn, an alternate world [...]

  3. A unicorn group review with Audrey, Ann, Lori and me can be found here With a range from 3 3.75 hearts, we all liked it My bit here, the others on the blog.3.5 HEARTS The main reason why I wanted to read this story Djinn I love genies And modern day fairy tales And One Perfect Wish delivered that Scott Baxter goes to bed as a stressed, lonely businessman in a hotel and wakes up as a married man in an English countryside He never met his husband, Cameron Imagine waking up in bed naked with a man [...]

  4. Suspending reality in 3 2 1 GO Workaholic Scott Baxter goes to sleep in his hotel and wakes up in a strange bed With another hot man And before he can even rub his magic lamp , there s also a djinn.Magical m nage, girlfriends Uh, no, stop workin the drawstring on your genie pants right there.Neither Scott nor his pretend husband Cameron actually wished for a day of wedded, very conjugal bliss, but someone close to Cameron made the wish on his behalf after unwittingly acquiring the djinn s magic [...]

  5. This one gets a collective Awwwwwwwww Ok, this was an adorable fantasy tale that I just loved The first half has Scott spending one day with Cameron to fulfill a wish made to a djinn The wish has Cameron spending one day with his true love Scott is naturally skeptical but resigns himself to just getting it over with so he can go back to his normal workaholic life once the djinn proves to him that he s not going anywhere until midnight He might as well make the most of his day And who knows Maybe [...]

  6. This was a fun and sexy little magical frolic A workaholic wakes up thrown into the role of a perfect stranger s husband thanks to a wish that a djinn needs to fulfill The magic is only supposed to last for a day and it was all puppies and Christmas until I got to the part where we found who made the wish that got me right in the feels There was an unexpected and clever twist that I never saw coming Well done, L.M Brown for taking an erotic short and adding an emotional layer that took this to a [...]

  7. I loved the first half.Then it got weird And then even weirder Which, given that the characters of this book defy laws of physics, is saying something.But then there were those last few pages, and I was happy and back in sugarland.Overall, this is a sweet low angst read Also, the amount of hot smexin this author fit in to 61 pages is impressive I d definitely recommend this for anyone wanting a quick pick me up, with a side of magic.

  8. What a cute cute story It had such a fairy tale feel, with magic, soul mates and a fluffy HEA.Read this if you want something short that will make you feel good.

  9. 4.5 starsI thought it was cute and a sweet book My only disappointment is I wish it would have been longer.

  10. My brain protested certain details of the world building magic even as my heart enjoyed this sweet, romantic, feel good story Side note Sledging threw me, my brain kept reading it as a typo And the Minnesotan in me cringed at the thought of sledding in deep snow with jeans on Snow pants, people

  11. We are always told to be careful what you wish for, but what the hell are you supposed to do when you are not the one doing the wishing Scott Baxter s life is busy He s a workaholic, with little time for anything that isn t being handed down to him from his boss Even sleep Then one day a djinn grants a wish for a perfect day with the man he loves Problem is, Scott s not the one doing the wishing so he has no clue what is going on when he wakes up in bed with a man claiming to be his husband And [...]

  12. 4.5 Stars I can be honest and admit when I first read the description for LM Brown s, One Perfect Wish , and I saw that it involved a djinn well, all I could think about was that really creepy episode of The X Files that featured a djinn That was not a happy episode yes, there were some , so I had high hopes that this short would keep me well entertained Good thing I was right, huh I can imagine worse things than playing the spouse of a gorgeous man for one day of wedded bliss Scott isn t too su [...]

  13. Sweet paranormal story about and a man finding his other half with the help of a djinn Made me made me feel alternately high and low, but I knew it would all work out in the end I definitely enjoyed this short read.

  14. surprisingly spectacular discovered by chance but it was worth it a magical story that made me sigh, laugh and cry so much exciting and sweet as the main character of this story long live to the happy ending The only thing I didn t like This novella was toooooooooo short

  15. Original Blog Post Review One Perfect Wish by L.M BrownIf you had a wish all of your own, what would it be Remember, you only get one wish and it should count This is the plot of One Perfect Wish, a wish that was unexpectedly offered and granted It made a whole lot of difference in the life of Scott and changed him for the better.Waking up cuddled in the arms of his husband was a huge surprise for Scott For one thing, Scott does not do relationships so how could he suddenly have a husband A very [...]

  16. Reviewer DianeGenre M M Contemporary5 HeartsReview Scott is a workaholic who wakes up one morning in bed with Cameron, deposited there by a djinn who is fulfilling a wish At first Scott is not happy to be taken from his life, even though work is pretty much all he has in that life, but realizing he has no choice, he goes along with it As the day grows to a close, Scott desperately tried to find out about Cameron and where they are to find Cameron once Scott gets back to his real life.I LOVED th [...]

  17. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsBe careful what you wish for, it might come true I am not sure what to classify this story as, fantasy contemporary In any work of fiction I start, I naturally suspend my disbelief, mostly because whatever happens in the stories I read will rarely mirror real life and with good reason Real life is boring and repetitive for the most part.What I found about One Perfect Wish is that Brown took into account the trickle down effect, one action invariably leads to another, [...]

  18. What a delightfully sweet little read A lovely fantasy of a story that was the perfect after holiday read Imagine waking up and finding yourself in bed with your soul mate, the other half of yourself But, you have never met him He knows you very well After all, according to him, you have been married for six months You don t know whether to run or kick back and enjoy yourself Before you can decide, a djinn shows up and says you are living someone s wish You have no choice in the matter, so keep [...]

  19. I have to say for a short story this packs a big punch I was expecting a very sweet but predictable story You know men meet, have sex, and fall in love, happy at least for now Wow was I floored.It started out pretty much that way We met Scott that was magically taken form his motel bed and dropped in the bed of another man, Cameron His instructions are very vague, but he can t leave for 24 hours, after that he goes back to his old life but retains the memory of this one day.Cameron, Scott s husb [...]

  20. Scott Baxter isn t sure what to think when he wakes up in Cameron Kirk s bed and is referred to has his husband Scott s never met Cameron before, and he would certainly remember getting married He soon learns he s been put there by a djinn he s been sent to give Cameron a perfect day with his husband, the love of his life Scott finds this hard to believe How can he be the love of someone s life if the two of them have never met As the day goes on, though, Scott starts to see how the two of them [...]

  21. Very sweet romance that got a little sappy towards the end The djinn part was a bit out there, but it worked for the story.

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