Arise (Henchmen Book 2)

[PDF] Arise (Henchmen Book 2) | by ✓ Eric Lahti, [PDF] Arise (Henchmen Book 2) | by ✓ Eric Lahti, Arise (Henchmen Book 2), Eric Lahti, Arise Henchmen Book Steven was having a pretty good time for a guy who helped release a captured god He had a nice place in Colorado a pretty girl sent him a picture of herself in a bikini and he had neighbors that left him alone Everything was looking pretty good until he woke up to find two people in his house that were planning on killing him one was old coworker and the other was anSteve. [PDF] Arise (Henchmen Book 2) | by ✓ Eric Lahti - Arise (Henchmen Book 2), Arise Henchmen Book Steven was having a pretty good time for a guy who helped release a captured god He had a nice place in Colorado a pretty girl sent him a picture of herself in a bikini and he had neighbors that lef

  • Title: Arise (Henchmen Book 2)
  • Author: Eric Lahti
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Arise (Henchmen Book 2) | by ✓ Eric Lahti

Arise (Henchmen Book 2), [PDF] Arise (Henchmen Book 2) | by ✓ Eric Lahti - Arise (Henchmen Book 2), Arise Henchmen Book Steven was having a pretty good time for a guy who helped release a captured god He had a nice place in Colorado a pretty girl sent him a picture of herself in a bikini and he had neighbors that lef

  • [PDF] Arise (Henchmen Book 2) | by ✓ Eric Lahti
    492Eric Lahti
Arise (Henchmen Book 2)

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  1. Eric Lahti is the author of Henchmen, his first foray into writing something other documentation Eric is a programmer and database admin living in Albuquerque, New Mexico He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Eric enjoys the problem solving aspects of programming and seeing the results magically appear when a program runs correctly He s currently working on a collection of short stories and enjoys writing about himself in the third person Eric thinks that s funny.He also runs a blog at Eric Lahti

  2. Without coffee life is not worth living Steven could just be my soulmate Worst comes to worst, there s only a couple thousand people in this town, we can always just start beating people This is why I love Eve You guys name your dicks all the time, why can t a girl name her gun This is when I fell in love with Jessica.I absolutely love the MC, Steven His sarcastic wit is still as entertaining as it was the first time round His crush on Jessica was freaking adorable.The only reason I didn t give [...]

  3. I am so happy the series continues and look forward to reading the third installment next Lahti brought it again with Arise He not only solidified my enormous crush on Jessica but continued to make a band of misfit criminals some of the most sympathetic characters you will stumble across in the literary world.Arise seamlessly keeps up with the witty dialogue and sarcastic narration of henchmen, but the stakes are higher Without giving away any spoilers, Lahti has managed to involve powers of the [...]

  4. It s been a while since I read Eric Lahti s first book Henchman Usually if I read a second book in a series I have to go back and look at the first one again, but not with Arise which can be read as a standalone The characterisation Lahti created in his first book was so well developed and his characters memorable I was able to continue with his new work without any trouble I particularly enjoyed the chapter Date Night where I can see the softer side oft the main character Steven Eric Lahti has [...]

  5. Arise by Eric Lahti is an original and fast paced fantasy thriller It is told to us by one of the main characters, Steven, as you d imagine he d tell us or his friends over a pint of beer Down to earth and with a good sense of humour there are some great one liners in this After it happens Steven reunites with Eva and Jessica in a battle against the evil forces A country in chaos and some tough enemies are to be fought I don t want to spoil the plot so I will only say that the book is fast paced [...]

  6. Henchmen was an utter delight to read, so it s perhaps no surprise that I would like the second in the series, called Arise I ll admit that Eric Lahti s writing style took me a little while to get into But for anyone who thinks this will be a hard read, I offer you Steve Buscemi s take on this, as Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs This is the world s smallest violin, playing just for you The MC, Steven, narrates both tales, and the first person narrative totally works It s interesting to see in book one [...]

  7. Once again, I am pleased to say that I have found a sequel that can be read as a standalone, which is both the sign of a good writer and a good sequel If you think of the two books in this series so far, it would be easiest to think in terms of the classic westerns This story is reminiscent of Return of the Seven , having seen The Magnificent Seven If you haven t met the characters before, you ll wish you had, but it doesn t take long before you re rooting for the whole team.This story sees Stev [...]

  8. Since I loved Eric Lahti s Henchmen , I had to read its sequel, Arise , too It s a book full of action, humor and astonishing wisdom It s an engaging story with strong characters who develop and change in surprising ways Steven is an extremely charming narrator in spite of or perhaps because of his bad guy appearance I wish I knew someone like that.The plot itself is fascinating enough, but there are also many appealing themes throughout this book I personally liked Steven s comments on religion [...]

  9. Wow Where do I start Having read Henchmen, the first book of the saga, I was prepared to leave reality at the door and strap in for a wild ride But Arise makes Henchmen seem quite calm and realistic by comparison.It was nice to catch up with the characters, although Arise is written in such a way that you don t have to read Henchmen first I do recommend you get both though The story is told through the witty thoughts and actions of Steven, a good bad guy, his gang of misfits and a demigoddess I [...]

  10. Arise is the sequel to Henchmen and continues the story of Steven and his gang I should have read the first book first, but you re introduced to the gang, who are all back together by 16% into the book Don t you love kindle for these random statistics They all have their own skills.The genre of this book is mixed It is fantasy paranormal and also thriller, with a little romance thrown in for good measure It is well written and the author has a clear voice throughout There s good characterisation [...]

  11. I enjoyed Henchman so much that I dove right into Arise with gusto, expecting of the same stuff that I loved the first time around great characters, action, and loads of snarky humor I got that with Arise as well, I m happy to say.I won t go much into describing the plot here honestly, it s so bizarre that I doubt I could sum it up in less than 500 words All I will say is that it was good to have Steven and the rest of his colorful band of thieves together once again, as they try to foil an ene [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this urban fantasy I found it witty, fast paced cleverly written, and I felt like the characters were real I haven t read the first book but now I will, though I think this novel stands well on its own The story is centred on Stephen, a likeable guy, Eva, a woman with magical powers and Jessica who runs a bar in Mexico when we first meet her throughout the novel there is the pull of a love story between these two There is no rule of law Anarchy reigns and the characters do not k [...]

  13. I was happy to see the merry band of misfits together again as they try to unravel another mystery I love to see a well written bunch of characters against a vivid backdrop It is worth mentioning here that this book is darker in some ways there others There are some times though when Eric gets a little over the top when describing how Stephen dislikes the modern world It drags for me a bit, but not enough to lose a star for it The fight scenes are vivid and believable The descriptions left no ro [...]

  14. Another great read from Eric Lahti It was really good to reconnect with Steven and the gang as they continue their battle against Dreamer and the gods A direct, immediate writng style dragged me in and kept me immersed The twists were unexpected and entertaining, and I m glad Eric plans further battles for the gang I shall definitely be looking out for the next in the series Loved it Thank you, Eric.

  15. A great follow on to the first book A cool and humorous narrative guides you through this excellent thriller with fantasy and paranormal elements A bunch of heroes are fighting against the evil forces woith thrown in romance, action and suspense Cracking read.

  16. I happened upon the first book in the Henchmen series called, appropriately, Henchmen , a while back and absolutely fell in love with the idea of seeing the whole supervillain side of things not just from the bad guy s perspective, but from those nondescript guys who help the bad guys.Of course, Steven is not quite full on matching outfit army of drone henchman, he s of a second in command, but all the same, it gave an entirely new perspective to see what might cause these droves of people to f [...]

  17. Eric Lahti s follow up to Henchmen shows there s not much rest for the wicked ly funny Steven and the gang have to deal with what they ve unleashed in the previous book making for a fantastic journey with a perfect mix of real, surreal, and fantastical all the while advocating for high quality beverages and green chile cheeseburgers Smart, funny, and unpredictable, I hope the gang gets back together for further adventures.

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