First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone

↠ First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone ↠ Mira Bailee, ↠ First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone ↠ Mira Bailee, First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone, Mira Bailee, First Taste The Lust List Devon Stone The Lust List Take Your Pick They re the world s sexiest bachelors The men of ScandalLust mag s infamous Lust List are young wealthy and oh did we mention HOT When scandal follows them everywhere there s no hiding from the cameras They re irresistible insatiable and talented in all the right ways Every woman wants them But these playboys won t be easy. ↠ First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone ↠ Mira Bailee - First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone, First Taste The Lust List Devon Stone The Lust List Take Your Pick They re the world s sexiest bachelors The men of ScandalLust mag s infamous Lust List are young wealthy and oh did we mention HOT When scandal follows them everywhere

  • Title: First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone
  • Author: Mira Bailee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone ↠ Mira Bailee

First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone, ↠ First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone ↠ Mira Bailee - First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone, First Taste The Lust List Devon Stone The Lust List Take Your Pick They re the world s sexiest bachelors The men of ScandalLust mag s infamous Lust List are young wealthy and oh did we mention HOT When scandal follows them everywhere

  • ↠ First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone ↠ Mira Bailee
    424Mira Bailee
First Taste: The Lust List: Devon Stone

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  1. Author of The Lust List Devon StoneJoin the exclusive A List by clicking here formseber form 66 20190The Lust List Devon StoneFirst Taste The Lust List Devon Stone 1 November 18, 2014 Available now Second Chances The Lust List Devon Stone 2 December 30, 2014 Available now Third Degree The Lust List Devon Stone 3 February 2015 Available now Four Letters The Lust List Devon Stone 4 April 2015 Pre Order Now ___Mira Bailee, a beer brewing librarian, has been writing leisurely, scholarly, and professionally for the past twenty years While she s always maintained a high standard of chaos in her daily routine, The Lust List allows her to pass on some of her hectic lifestyle to her characters Her storytelling balances humor and pleasure with sincerity and conflict, providing a wild ride of human emotions.In the past she studied filmmaking and screenwriting and determined what goes on behind the scenes is just as tantalizing as what s seen in front of the camera This revelation is the basis for her inspiration for The Lust List.

  2. I m confused and I don t know how to rate this book At the beginning I was afraid that this story might be similar to Kaidan s story But no, it s not Kaidan and Devon are living the same life, but they see it in very different ways It s Davon and Olivia story Devon is a very mysterious and I don t understand him Whether it is a player or or anyone who has something to hide.Olivia has not had the easy past and she struggles with that Orchids Each one is so extraordinary it stands beautifully all [...]

  3. ARC kindly provided by Mira Bailee for an honest review Quotes may differ upon publication Link to my review of One Condition3.5 4 STONE CIRCUS STARS OLIVIA DEVONNo goodbye No sexual advances He just leaves, and I m dumbfounded I don t know whether to hate him or fantasize about him I can t pinpoint how I went from bombing an interview to following this Devon guy around like a schoolgirl chasing after her crush.Olivia Margot meets Devon Stone due to a job interview and she can t get the 3 man o [...]

  4. REGISTER for The Lust List and find out when the first books are released You ll also learn how you can read the ENTIRE series FIRST and for FREE Register here formseber form 66 20190

  5. Lately I lose interest when it s lust at first sight I don t kind a few comments here and there about them being attractive, but otherwise Although it wasn t that strong in here, I still couldn t connect with the characters for some reason Anyways, disappointment, blah blah Next book.

  6. I got this one as part of the Red Hot Lovers Boxed set that I ve been reading through book by book I have to admit upfront that I only mildly intrigued by the blurb, but thought I d give it a try since books have surprised me before and hooked me in Sadly, this was not one of them I DNF d at chapter 8 when I just could not drum up any interest for the characters or the story line I feel a little guilty because the heroine is struggling with mental health issues in which she is fixated on schedul [...]

  7. FIRST TASTE THE LUST LIST DEVON STONE 1 BY MIRA BAILEE, NOVA RAINES4 STARSNew Book Boyfriend Alert If you are looking for a new bad boy, then Devon is for you I liked this story very much The book started a little slow for me at first, but after it got started I was hooked I really liked the story line and can t wait to see where this story takes me Olivia and Devon s story is just really starting in this book Olivia is a shy girl who has been scarred from past relationships and is not looking f [...]

  8. This one didn t really do anything for me I found it hard to relate to the characters, and follow the plot line I did a lot skimming than actually reading it and almost DNF, but I really hate to do that so I stuck it out I don t know it was okay,and had potential to be good The drama and intrigue of the rich and famous and the secrets they keep Then factor in a neurotic, guilt ridden middle class girl and her friend into the mix and you could have one hell of a story if done right Sadly I felt [...]

  9. I received an ARC for an honest review Where to start To be honest, I found the characters underdeveloped and quite plain I almost didn t finish the book because I found nothing to really draw my attention No offense to those who liked it While I saw potential, I did not find it be used here Maybe I missed something but I will hold out hope for the next one.

  10. I received a copy of this book from the author for a honest review.Oh DevonI a fan A huge fan I m all worried and freaking out here That ending all not what it seems Gotta love a series that gets your emotions all flowing These Stone twins are a must read and get to know

  11. eh, Devon Stone is alright, I guess Kaidan s still the biggest asshat ha, now I m comparing the two brothers why is this so short

  12. Amazing start to Devon s story Devon and Kaidan Stone aren t your ordinary twin brothers These hunky bachelors have stories to tell, and it s the women in their lives that ll uncover who they truly are Olivia Margot is too responsible to hook up with a bad boy like Devon, but maybe he s the exact sort of trouble she needs In this first book, we meet Olivia and her roommate, Maddie Olivia, a recent college graduate with a degree in Hospitality, is trying to get dressed for a job interview with a [...]

  13. A great start to The Lust List Devon Stone serial.First I have to disclose that I really don t care for serial books BUT I knew this was a serial when I agreed, no actually asked, to review this one I ve been reviewing Nova Raines The Lust List Kaidan Stone serial I really like them so I wanted to read and review the parallel story about Devon One thing about these two parallel serials that I do like is the fact that we know up front how many episodes there will be.First Taste caught my attentio [...]

  14. I got this book from Mira Bailee for a honest review of the books So, here it is When I saw the cover, my first thoughts were oh well,today we re reading a smutty noveljust a guy and a girl going at it and.ok finished damn, was I in for a surprise She, Olivia, is a shy girl, haunted by scars of the past In order to deal with these scars, she develops what sounds to me like some sort of mild OCD.e needs little reassurances to cope with life When she goes on an interview for a job as an event mana [...]

  15. I rec d and ARC of FIRST TASTE from the author Mira Bailee, in exchange for an honest opinion This is mousieys very honest opinion of her fantastic an amazing read OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS HOT BOOK Ms Bailee has out done herself with this one YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR COPY OF IT AND JOIN THE LUST LIST She has a way with writing that makes her characters jump right off the page and come to life This story is about a young women who is trying to over come an obsession of always using alarms on her pho [...]

  16. I was very kindly given a copy of First Taste to review.Having previously just finished reading One Condition I started First Taste under the worrying feeling that the story lines would be too similar for me to be able to tell them apart and that the characters in both books would be horrendous clones of each other Wow was that totally the wrong misgiving to hold to this book Our two main characters Olivia and Devon have enough depth and mystery about them to make this an absolutely thrilling op [...]

  17. I enjoyed reading this book It was a fast, fun and sexy read I have to say that, as of right now, Devon Stone is my favorite Stone brother sorry Nova Raines Devon s moods sure put Olivia s head and heart on a roller coaster ride and mine too damn it But a lot of this is explained in the book once you read it and you ll want to read it.Olivia is someone who has had a tragic even in her past that has been difficult for her to deal with which is completely understandable Olivia is a very likable ch [...]

  18. Well, well, well, now we have Devon s story I don t know if it is because I read Kaidan s story first that I m unbiased probably because I prefer a little angst and a jerkish hero Nonetheless, I liked it a lot I want to know about Olivia and her personal baggage and I want to know the story between the twins, what happened to make their relationship so strained I loved Devon he seems very sweet towards Olivia and even when I hated Olivia a teeny tiny bit and I wished a little drama, I enjoyed [...]

  19. I managed to finish this one probably because it was short enough to finish in one sitting and if it hadn t been well, I probably would not have finished it.Really, this book and another I have just finished or DNF actually should be written from the male POV because, at least then, I might believe all the brain in the nether regions Don t get me wrong, I get women thinking guys are hot but page after page after page of some women thinking with her vagina just makes me roll my eyes and shake my [...]

  20. I have read a few romance novels over the years, and usually find them to be shallow and trashy Little in the way of plot characters tend to fall flat They are to women what internet porn is to men Not so with First Taste.Ms Bailee has given us a fun, intriguing story of unlikely romance between the 3rd most lust worthy hunk in Hollywood, and an ordinary every girl Olivia is awkward and somewhat broken, struggling to find her way in life with her far too gorgeous roommate Mattie Devon is unbelie [...]

  21. This is the first book in a new serial about Olivia and Devon Devon is one of the world s sexiest bachelors and the black sheep of the Stone Record Label mogul family, having enjoyed the high life of fame and fortune Olivia is the exact opposite struggling to get by every day and trying to cope with a traumatic incident in her past They come into each others lives when Olivia goes for a job interview at the Stone residence The story in this book predominately deals with Olivia and Devon and the [...]

  22. ARC provided by author for an honest review After readingI was a little nervous to see where First Taste would end up It was the total opposite, which I LOVED In some aspects I enjoyed this than Kaiden s story, I think partially due to Devon being highly likable and charming There is defiantly something up with this family though and am very intrigued to find out I have some theoriesI enjoyed Olivia, though it frustrated me on some of the reactions she had with Devon him some credit, he grew up [...]

  23. Olivia Margot lets alarms run her life Ones that helps keep her on track of what she has to do It was a tragic occurrence that made her this way When she goes to an interview for a job as an assistant, she meets a handsome guy that she would like to know better When she doesn t get the job, the handsome guy steps up and makes the mean rude man that interviewed her hire her Now she has a job and a handsome man that she owes her thanks to When she finds out that Devon, the handsome man, is a playb [...]

  24. First Taste by Mira Bailee was a fun read Olivia is totally neurotic when it comes to anything doing with time and Devon just blows hot and cold They come from totally different backgrounds but cannot seem to keep their attraction for each other at bay This story reminds me of high school with wondering does he like me, does he even know who I am The fun part is watching how they seem to just fit together despite their differences I look forward to reading the rest of the series because now I ju [...]

  25. I received this free for the NOOK, in exchange for an honest review Ugh, Devon was totally dreamy I just loved him I don t know which brother I like better Him or Kaidan That is the question.Overall I loved this book It was really good, and well written I could really relate with Hayley in some ways I have anxiety problems too, and when she would become anxious I could really feel for her Although I m not as bad as her.I would totally recommend it is such a fun read and I could not stop smiling [...]

  26. Be still my beating heart the lust list is a series of books about twin brothers Kaidan and Devon kaidan s story was the first I read, I was hooked and a little in love so no question about it I had to read Devon s story, now I m torn, which brother do I choose Devon is a rich bad boy that the press love to catch in scandalous situations but he appears to have a softer slightly insecure side in private or at least with Olivia and Olivia is a long way from Devon s world and struggling to cope wit [...]

  27. An ARC received in exchange for an honest review OMG This book was soooo good First of all, I LOVED Devon, but I mean how could you not And Olivia was a really sweet and cool character, too I especially loved Olivia s problem view spoiler with her father s debt hide spoiler which was a really brilliant idea I m not only looking forward for their relationship, but the plot is super interesting Most importantly, that ending though I can t explain how happy that made me This was a really great book [...]

  28. Love this one Devon Stone is definitely my favorite Stone brother While Devon and Kaiden may be twins, they definitely approach life differently Devon is the bad boy and appears to want nothing to do with the business When he meets shy, reserved, and slightly OCD Olivia he is immediately interested but convincing Olivia to give them a chance proves a bit difficult Olivia can t understand what a guy like Devon Stone would want with her nor does she feel she can handle the life he deals with Their [...]

  29. I received the copy for free in exchange for an honest review, so here goesI was immediately drawn in by Olivia and her OCD behavior and I m looking forward to exploring that in detail She s a quirky chick who you can connect to that finds herself drawn to one Mr Devon Stone.Devon is one half of the infamous Stone Twins who find themselves in the limelight than they d like Devon seems to be the outcast and has a bit of a bad boy rep which makes him irresistable I cannot wait to read in the ta [...]

  30. Olivia is struggling to survive and control every aspect of her life She lands a job interview with a party planner at one of Hollywoods elite families home Devon Stone sees her crying outside the office door, and makes sure she gets the job Devon makes it clear that he wants a relationship with Olivia but she can t see how it would work Devon s past, and the paparozzi always following him make Olivia hesitate to get involved After some ups and downs, on again, off agains, Olivia will agree to g [...]

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