The Ghost Box

The Ghost Box Best Read || [Mike Duran], The Ghost Box Best Read || [Mike Duran], The Ghost Box, Mike Duran, The Ghost Box Reagan Moon paranormal reporter terminal underachiever and staunch cynic of the human race The only ghosts he really believes in are the ones in his own head But his world is about to get an upgrade When Moon is hired by a reclusive tycoon to investigate the events surrounding his girlfriend s tragic death he learns of an impending apocalypse about to flatten LosReagan Moon parano. The Ghost Box Best Read || [Mike Duran] - The Ghost Box, The Ghost Box Reagan Moon paranormal reporter terminal underachiever and staunch cynic of the human race The only ghosts he really believes in are the ones in his own head But his world is about to get an upgrade

  • Title: The Ghost Box
  • Author: Mike Duran
  • ISBN: 9780990907718
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback

The Ghost Box Best Read || [Mike Duran]

The Ghost Box, The Ghost Box Best Read || [Mike Duran] - The Ghost Box, The Ghost Box Reagan Moon paranormal reporter terminal underachiever and staunch cynic of the human race The only ghosts he really believes in are the ones in his own head But his world is about to get an upgrade

  • The Ghost Box Best Read || [Mike Duran]
    306Mike Duran
The Ghost Box

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  1. MIKE DURAN is a novelist, blogger, and speaker, whose short stories, essays, and commentary have appeared in Relief Journal, Relevant Online, Bewildering Stories, Rue Morgue, Zombies magazine, Breakpoint, and other print and digital outlets He is the author of THE GHOST BOX Blue Crescent Press, 2014 , selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the best indie novels of 2105 and first in a paranoir series followed by SAINT DEATH 2016 , a short tale of Southern Gothic horror WICKERS BOG 2016 , a short story anthology SUBTERRANEA Blue Crescent Press, 2013 , the supernatural thrillers THE TELLING Realms May 2012 and THE RESURRECTION Realms, 2011 , an e book fantasy novella entitled WINTERLAND digital, Oct 2011 , and a non fiction exploration on the intersection between the horror genre and evangelical fiction entitled CHRISTIAN HORROR Blue Crescent Press May 2015 You can learn about Mike Duran, his writing projects, cultural commentary, philosophical musings, and arcane interests, at mikeduran.

  2. The Ghost Box Reagan Moon 1 by Mike Duran is the first book in this great new series If you like paranormal items, creatures, intrigue, action, magic, and lots of fun, this series is for you I picked it up because it looked like it might be fun and it sure was It was so much fun Just what the fantasy junkie in me needed I had a blast A fun ride from start to finishof course I had to look for book two

  3. I ve been a fan of Mike Duran s since his first book This is definitely my favorite so far Urban fantasy, mystery, strange supernatural artifacts, lots of action, and quirky characters That last especially I really liked Reagan, totally connected to him, and found the voice of the novel compelling My favorite character, though, is Bernard Sorry, no spoilers you ll have to read to meet him My WebsiteFind me on FacebookMy YA fantasy series book 1 book 2

  4. The Ghost Box is the story of a paranormal reporter, Reagon Moon, who is caught up in a supernatural mystery that involves his dead girlfriend, an old relic, and a boatload of trouble.The book reminded me a little of the old timey detective novels because of the cynical, sarcastic voice of Reagan Moon and the collection of zany characters he runs into Though not straight up horror, there are some genuinely creepy moments and plenty of action to keep you turning pages, but also some humor Mike Du [...]

  5. It s hard to put a finger on what genre to call this Urban Fantasy Speculative Thriller I think it hews closer to Paranormal Noir, the sort of thing you d get if Frank Peretti channeled Dashiell Hammett and H P Lovecraft.A love for genre fiction runs strong through this novel, as well as a fascination for the weird and the offbeat And yet Mike Duran makes it all work and keeps the pages turning while his protagonist falls deeper down the rabbit hole You ve got a struggling investigative journali [...]

  6. The Ghost Box is my first Mike Duran book and though it s not my normally preferred genre, I found the book gripping, engaging and thought provoking It might be called noir paranormal suspense or perhaps supernatural thriller Reagan Moon is a severely disillusioned paranormal reporter with a penchant for numerology and a huge dose of cynicism for anything paranormal or supernatural Moreover, he is finding it hard to move on after the tragic accidental death of his girl friend Ellie less than a y [...]

  7. An excellent third outing for Mike Duran, easily my favorite of his yet Duran pretty much mixes it all up in here Otherwordly creatures from Beyond seeking a foothold in our world, ancient gods and demons preying upon mankind, healthy nods to Lovecraft, esoterica and mythical themes abound with the eternal battle between Good and Evil raging in earnest I also loved the portraits of weird LA I almost hope Moon s next adventure is not QUITE so big on an epic scale, and that he gets to mix it up a [...]

  8. A skeptical reporter from a paranormal magazine gets hired to investigate the death of his girlfriend by an eccentric and reclusive billionaire The book s occult themes start out as creepy A serial killer is stalking mediums throughout Los Angeles and something wicked this was is coming About half way through the book, creepy turns to fantastical as mystery becomes mission.The author s prose is excellent and the story well conceived, but I didn t connect with the main character Reagan Moon is a [...]

  9. I ve wanted to read this book since the author breathed word of its existence It didn t disappoint gods, monsters, demons, grubs, the LAPD, and numerology Boy oh boy, this was a fun book.Once there s a few books in the series, I think it ll be a fine way to scratch the Dresden itch between books I ve been hunting for an urban fantasy hero with morals, like Dresden has While not yet as heart wrenching, Reagan Moon makes an admirable start I found him much likeable than the hero of the Iron Drui [...]

  10. This was a wacky, fun read that reminded me of what might happen if Ghostbusters met Warehouse 13 The story s first person narrator, Reagan Moon, has a distinctive voice that had me giggling on multiple occasions.

  11. I admit, I was totally a chicken to read this novel The cover had me intrigued for sure, but ancient gods from a parallel dimension as well as an occult archivist No, no thank you However, here I am writing a review, giving it four stars The Ghost Box was very well done and really grabbed my attention Reagan Moon was a great hero to cheer for and despite not being as cynical as he is, I found myself relating to him often The things he experiences that would be considered other worldly had me suc [...]

  12. The Ghost Box is an enjoyable mix of urban fantasy and science fiction, with a smartass noir protagonist and moments of real horror Reagan Moon is a reporter for a tabloid newspaper that focuses on the paranormal He is a cynic who finds his skepticism challenged by a dramatic series of events The Ghost Box is reminiscent at times of the C S Lewis classic That Hideous Strength, but with a sharper edge The Audible narrator, Randy Streu, captures the tone of the novel perfectly Highly recommended

  13. Reagan Moon is a journalist Sort of Actually, Reagan Moon is or less to journalists what mimes are to actors He s a tabloid reporter A paranormal tabloid reporter Which is a great job if you can get over the insane hours, the pushy editor, and the vague self loathing that come with it After the tragic loss of his girlfriend, Moon spends his time muddling through his day job, and going home to muddle through the rest of his life, when out of nowhere he finds the story of a lifetime Or rather, it [...]

  14. Reagan Moon is a reporter who covers paranormal events for his paper, mostly skeptically He s suffered some loss in his past, losing both his father and his girlfriend, but his head for the most part is on all right That is, until a shadowy, rich benefactor gets him involved in the mother of all conspiracy cases Now he s tied up with a mad Spaniard who presides over a large collection of paranormal objects, his daughters, and the owner of a local megacorp who might just be trying to open a gate [...]

  15. I bought this book because of the cover Pure and simple And The Ghost Box lived up to its cover This is an intense, intelligent urban supernatural thriller with a sharp, sarcastic edge and another underdog protagonist to add to my list of favorites.Author Mike Duran is clearly accomplished in his craft and has a solid editor This is a well paced, well written story that doesn t waste a sentence, and ramps up the tension with every chapter The sense of setting is particularly well done Duran uses [...]

  16. The Ghost Box by Mike Duran is a ghost story, a murder mystery, an urban fantasy, and a love story.The protagonist Reagan Moon, reporter for a publication specializing in the paranormal is the guardian of a Tau left in his care by his girlfriend, Ellie, before she was lost in an explosion Why is it important Why does a famous recluse want Reagan s help, and why are psychics and mediums being killed Framed for the murders and sought by those who want the Tau, Reagan seeks help from Matisse, a for [...]

  17. My mom recommended The Ghost Box to me a while back, and for lack of anything better to do, I started to read it I was not expecting to become so involved in the story so quickly However, the book reached out and snared me almost immediately I usually have trouble losing myself in fiction yet, once I had sat down in a comfortable chair with The Ghost Box to entertain me, I found it a Herculean task to pry myself away for any reason.The plot is suspenseful and exciting, and there is a good balanc [...]

  18. Thanks to Mr Duran, I didn t get much done around the house on my day off Instead, I sat down with this book and couldn t put it down until I finished The main character is a skeptic, and I began this book in the same mindset, skeptical I could love a genre I don t normally read paranormal suspense I certainly didn t expect to be sucked into the plotline, falling under the spell of a great story It takes a talented author to describe darkness so well I could practically smell the stench of evil [...]

  19. I ve read Mike s short stories and liked them Now I know I like his longer stories, too I only finish one of every five books I read, so it got an automatic three stars for that The main character was interesting, if occasionally slow on the uptake I can t shake the impression that he wore sweat pants through the whole book I finished it in a reasonable time frame, meaning I didn t put it down for three months and come back to it I enjoyed the humor, and wondered if I d missed an earlier book be [...]

  20. I m so glad I had this book with me as I waited fruitless hours for the furnace repairman It s the first time I ve had a good time while waiting on an appliance repairman This noir paranormal filled with science fiction tropes done fresh and with humor made for an exciting read Satisfying end though there is room for a sequel, which I will also buy So, if you like noir, paranormal, suspense, thriller, science fiction, humor, or any combination thereof, you might enjoy this book as much as I did. [...]

  21. If you re into the semi serious adventure movies from the 80s and early 90s, then you ll get a kick out of The Ghost Box Lovecraft meets Indiana Jones meets The Mummy meets WTF Supernatural bug a boo abounds, and any fan of paranormal urban fantasy will eat this up The protagonist s snarky, cynical commentary did become annoying pretty quickly but the book is set in LA, so an overdose of attitude is to be expected As the cover suggests, there are books to come, so bring em on

  22. I m very slow at reading eBooks, but this one was so good that I didn t care it was an eBook.I can t even explain this amazing book I couldn t predict what was going to happen, even in the last page I loved everything about this story, and I m curious about the next adventure.Now I m going to take some time to fangirl with this book

  23. I have liked other things by Mike Duran, but this isn t one was not my favorite The first time I read this book, I pretty much panned He has since put this it in an audio in audible, and I must say, it was decent.I still think the presentation of this story is a bit flat, but if you like the urban fantasy genre, you will find this worth reading.

  24. Really good book great characters and a good story line me turning the pages to see what happens next

  25. This was a fantastic story I suppose the main character being a journalist had a lot to do with my reaction to this book With his wry wit and cynicism, he d have fit right in at the newsroom where I used to work.I had been hesitant to read this book because my perception was that Duran was a horror writer, and horror is not my thing But this book is like a noir detective novel than anything else I would classify it as a supernatural thriller.I listened to the audiobook version, and Randy Streu [...]

  26. WHAT WORKED I admire the boldness in this story Mike Duran is a Christian fiction writer, but you might not know it from this work I don t say that as an insult, but a compliment that his work reads like any other story.Few Christian writers would tackle the occult in such depth, but Duran goes to some dark, strange places This may make some fret, but fret not my friend, this is Mike Duran, not Zack Snyder He doesn t go too dark or dark for the sake of darkness it s there to tell the story prope [...]

  27. Full Disclosure I was gifted a copy of The Ghost Box to see what I thought I really don t know Mike Duran, and he doesn t really know me, either That said, because it was free, I feel free to share my honest thoughts So here goes.What to say about Mike Duran s The Ghost Box First off, did I enjoy it You bet Would I recommend it Absolutely.Who would I recommend it to Well, pretty much anyone who enjoys a good metaphysical action romp, really Think Harry Dresden meets The Librarian meets The Lone [...]

  28. Disclaimer The author provided me with a paperback copy to review The Ghost Box is a fun read that harkens to the gritty detective noir novels, with a brooding hero against whom the forces of darkness are arrayed I had fun with the mystery aspect, trying to figure out what danger the hero faced The story is reminiscent of the Harry Dresden wizard detective series, with a couple of major differences one, Reagan is a skeptic of all things supernatural where Harry is a stalwart believer two, Reagan [...]

  29. The Ghost Box by Mike Duran is a curious book The story itself took a few chapters to get into, as I wasn t completely unfamiliar with the urban fantasy occult reporter landscape of ideas from which Duran was mining Or maybe it s because I hadn t read fiction in a long time That said, as I read, I noticed echoes of C.S Lewis, Bram Stoker and Lovecraft and than a few nods to sci fi TV series like Fringe and The Twilight Zone and movies like The Matrix and those by Guillermo del Toro While its ow [...]

  30. From the first page of this pre Apocalyptic thriller to the last, the wry wit and non stop action kept me nailed to the pages Characters such as Matisse the Mad Spaniard, Blondie the not so mindless bodyguard and messenger, Bernard the guardian angel, and Jimmy the police detective, add life and breadth to this cross between Ghostbusters and Guardians of the Galaxy Ok, that comparison might be reaching a bit.Content Violence There s a bit, and it can get graphic It s not gratuitous, but some peo [...]

  31. The Ghost Box was a refreshing change of pace after several months of giving up on nearly every novel I began Reading Urban Fantasy is not typically a part of my wheelhouse not by a long shot but I think Duran has changed that for me Reagan Moon is an everyman, stumbling into his unique place in a world of powerful relics and otherworldly nasties With the ending poised to send Moon on his next adventure, I look forward to reading the upcoming sequel, Saint Death.In addition to The Ghost Box, I h [...]

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