Winter Hearts

Unlimited Winter Hearts - by Fyn Alexander, Unlimited Winter Hearts - by Fyn Alexander, Winter Hearts, Fyn Alexander, Winter Hearts Luke Chandler says he wants nothing than a quiet life on his land claim in Dakota Territory But what he also wants is a partner The problem is loving other men in means a lonely life for a man like Luke As the son of a butcher from Boston his desire for a loving domestic relationship seems nothing than a dream until one winter night a snow storm blowsLuke Chandler says he wa. Unlimited Winter Hearts - by Fyn Alexander - Winter Hearts, Winter Hearts Luke Chandler says he wants nothing than a quiet life on his land claim in Dakota Territory But what he also wants is a partner The problem is loving other men in means a lonely life for a man l

  • Title: Winter Hearts
  • Author: Fyn Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781623005061
  • Page: 323
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Winter Hearts - by Fyn Alexander

Winter Hearts, Unlimited Winter Hearts - by Fyn Alexander - Winter Hearts, Winter Hearts Luke Chandler says he wants nothing than a quiet life on his land claim in Dakota Territory But what he also wants is a partner The problem is loving other men in means a lonely life for a man l

  • Unlimited Winter Hearts - by Fyn Alexander
    323Fyn Alexander
Winter Hearts

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  2. 3.75 HEARTS My first Fyn Alexander and certainly will not be my last.This author has built a house on my TBR mountain The premises are SRAL appealing large age gap, a young twink type and an older bear type, D s and alludes to kinky sex Why did I wait so long that her books can pay me mortgage for their residence in my TBR I dunno I get distracted.I m paying attention now.I am not sure if I can call her writing formulaic yet but I am usually pretty good at sniffing those out And this is a formul [...]

  3. How do you take the measure of a man Somethings you just can t learn in a book Sam discovers this pretty quick when he stakes a claim out west to farm From the very beginning Sam would have been lost without Luke s help Pioneering life isn t easy or forgiving, and the people reflect that fact Sam is bold and Luke is cautious Part of this is the age difference and experience garnered along the way, and while prudence can save, it can also cost But, there is a sweet ending to this bitter situation [...]

  4. I really enjoy this author s super romantic style She kind of writes crack like Calmes or Cardeno but with story.

  5. I loved this well written romance Luke and Sam were so different that they fit together perfectly It was uncanny that both men came from Boston albeit from very different sections and fell in love in the Dakota Territory While the story revolved around Luke and Sam, it also showed the difficulties of life out on a government land grant The ending was left me feeling good and smiling I was happy that Mrs Chandler had some good sense and that the school was all inclusive The angst level was low to [...]

  6. When I saw that Fyn Alexander, who may be best known for her contemporary BDSM romantic suspense series Angel and the Assassin, released what looked to be a historical western romance, my interest was piqued Although Angel and the Assassin pushed up against my envelope of things that I want to read, I dug Alexander s straight forward writing style and her development around the ruthless assassin Kael and his evolution as he learned to become human around his Angel Since I also enjoy historical [...]

  7. 3,5 stars Winter Hearts is a beautiful, vividly written historical M M romance that takes place in Dakota 1881.I loved cute young Sam who falls for rugged and grumpy Luke the minute a snow storm blows him into Luke s cabin He is determined to make Luke his darling man no matter what Luke is a piece of work for him being gay means living a lonely life without hope for a partnership Once badly beaten up by homophobic bullies he is desperate for love while at the same time afraid of the repercussio [...]

  8. An historical that is based in the town of De Smet in 1881 You bet your ass I m reading this.Laura Ingalls would be 14 See The Long Winter.If she makes an appearance I swear I will squee and maybe do a little dance

  9. I am not usually a big fan of historicals but I really enjoyed this one Set in the 1880 s in the Dakota Territory, its the tale of 2 men, Luke and Sam One night during a bad snowstorn, Sam knocks on Luke s door and never goes home.Its sad to realize that 2 men who loved each other couldn t be together as it was still illegal For me, this was a thought provoking book.

  10. 3.5 starsWhat surprises me the most about Winter Hearts is the writing style I ve read Alexander s Angel and the Assassin series and loved all three books I guess I was expecting something of the same here, but assassins and D s daddy relationships ain t even close to sweet lovin on the prairie.Luke and Sam s story takes place in the late 19th century They re farmers who meet and fall in love while working claims on the prairie The narrative voice is quite simple, plain and sweet It suits the ti [...]

  11. Barely 3 star rating and even though I liked quite well one of the characters, Sam, who pursued his darling man with passion and devotion, it was only an ok, forgettable read.

  12. Luke and Sam couldn t be different in thinking, personality and upbringing, but they seem made for each other from the start Sam, is a bit naive about what it takes to survive on the prairie, never having had to work for a living or been away from his wealthy family He believes his book smarts will be all he needs to farm a parcel and make a go of it He s desperate to strike out on his own and avoid the pressures of family expectations back in Boston, including marriage to a woman shudder When [...]

  13. Very nice historical telling the story of Boston butcher s son Luke, who goes out to De Smet just before the winter of 1881 to take up a land claim, and Sam, an upper class Bostonian who wants to try and make his own way and has the claim next to Lukes In the depths of winter Sam stumbles into Luke s rented cabin in town and ends up staying as the pair start a relationship But this is a time when homosexuality isn t acceptable and sodomy a criminal offence Add to this pressures from Sam s wealth [...]

  14. 3.5 StarsIn the late 19th century, Luke has learned from bitter experience to keep his sexual orientation under wraps and he s doing a pretty good job in the Dakota Territory until a blizzard brings Sam to his door and worms his way into Luke s life against all odds.Sam is young and is the only son and heir and is in the Brahmin class of rich Bostonians But he wants to try his hand at farming in the Territories with only enthusiasm and book learning He s going by an assumed name and has changed [...]

  15. LOVED it big time Had me engrossed and up reading til 3 AM Pretty wonderful story in my eyes LOVED Sam to bits Damn those lies though sigh Glad it all worked out in the end for them.

  16. DNF at 20%Awkward writing style, there isn t enough character development so I can t really say I like connect with any of the MCs But it s not exactly bad, so a lot of other people might like it just fine It s probably me P

  17. Fyn Alexander is back with a new release titled Winter Hearts I became familiar with this author a few years back when I stumbled upon the series, The Angel and the Assassin A series that I absolutely love and have read than once I immediately started looking for books by this author because the writing style, the emotion the characters portray, the hot sex of course and the storylines were all something that I connect with and feel pulled towards when reading.A lot of her characters also have [...]

  18. Winter Hearts is a lovely tale about two men who fall in love in the old west Although the era and setting are not my preferred for romances, something about the blurb enticed me to give it a try and I m glad that I did Ms Alexander does a great job of creating a realistic feel to the town of De Smet and the natural perils that Luke and Sam encounter as they each try to make a go of it on their land claims in the Dakota Territory in 1881.I loved the way that Sam s sweet and cheery nature complem [...]

  19. 5 stars No, 4 stars No, okay, 5 stars Perhaps the book was not perfect but I enjoyed it for five star worth I m not sure it read one hundred percent realistic maybe not even fifty percent realistic to me as far as farming, animal tending, characters vocabulary and their opinions were concerned, and I m usually very good at suspending disbelief But it was very engaging I mean there was time when I did feel worried Oh my God, what if they don t get together in the end What if there is no HEA Pleas [...]

  20. In the first chapter, we get to see Luke and his wintery existence in DeSmet and the author s eye for detail had me immediately hooked As someone who has lived their entire life in Wisconsin, winter can be grueling, even though I have never experienced the kind of blizzards that were in 1881, it can still be extremely lonely and emotionally exhausting When the author captured that in one chapter I knew this was a story for me and I was right, Luke and Sam have very little in common and yet their [...]

  21. Really, really liked this one, yeah, there was inconsistencies confusions but do you know what I don t give a dam, it totally worked for me The confusions was basically the timeline it may sound odd, but I couldn t identify it with the 1800 s, sometimes I felt I was reading something modern I would love to know if anyone else thought the same The storyline is a heart wrencher two men falling in love in a time when, if caught, it meant a death sentence and every time Luke said People like us it [...]

  22. I enjoyed this book very much In the beginning it reminded me a bit of an adult m m version of The little house on the prairie books, there s even a mentioning of a family named Wilder in it This is one of the first historical books i read and i loved it Both main characters are very loveable Luke is a bit of an alpha male, Sam is very sweet he loves to cook and clean and take care of Luke They fit well together Overall it s a story about love in a time were they could only love behind closed do [...]

  23. 3.5 stars It was enjoyable and had a good HEA I didn t love this though because of some overused plot devices e.g the lies that will come back to haunt one of the MCs and the fact that one MC was the heir to an extremely wealthy family.

  24. This was my first book from Fyn Alexander and I already read it two times because I enjoyed reading it so much Great work.

  25. 4.5 star review by DanI don t normally DO historical fiction But something about this one appealed to me and I picked it up I m really glad I did I really liked the story of Sam and Luke Enough so that I couldn t put it down and was up until 2AM finishing the book Luke has come to the Dakota Territory to escape the rampant homophobia of the time He made a mistake in New York City and smiled at a man in a bar Before he knew it he had been dragged outside and beaten severely Prior to that, he was [...]

  26. Well,I don t know how fair is it to rate a book since I just skipped some 30% of itbut I m going to do it anyway Setting of the story was nice and I think author did a good job of making this story historically believable I don t know how accurate is it,I m not an expert I mean,of course you ll find flaws,we re talking about relationship between men in 19th century here,but as far as I am concerned,that aspect of the story was nicely done That being said,problem I have with this story is Luke an [...]

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