Shepherd's Cross

[PDF] Download ✓ Shepherd's Cross : by Mark White, [PDF] Download ✓ Shepherd's Cross : by Mark White, Shepherd's Cross, Mark White, Shepherd s Cross Shepherd s Cross an isolated remote moorland village renowned for being the last place in England to have executed a woman for witchcraft Three hundred years later the locals remain superstitious aside from a handful of wealthy newcomers modern society has passed by largely unnoticed until the unexpected arrival of two mysterious strangers to nearby Fellside Hall Shepherd s Cr. [PDF] Download ✓ Shepherd's Cross : by Mark White - Shepherd's Cross, Shepherd s Cross Shepherd s Cross an isolated remote moorland village renowned for being the last place in England to have executed a woman for witchcraft Three hundred years later the locals remain superstitious a

  • Title: Shepherd's Cross
  • Author: Mark White
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ✓ Shepherd's Cross : by Mark White

Shepherd's Cross, [PDF] Download ✓ Shepherd's Cross : by Mark White - Shepherd's Cross, Shepherd s Cross Shepherd s Cross an isolated remote moorland village renowned for being the last place in England to have executed a woman for witchcraft Three hundred years later the locals remain superstitious a

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Shepherd's Cross : by Mark White
    222Mark White
Shepherd's Cross

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  1. Mark Anthony White April 10th, 1974 was born in the small industrial town of Consett in Northeast England Like hordes of other children across the globe who grew up in the innocent , pre internet days of the 1980s, he spent many an evening curled up in bed in a literary sense, of course with horror legends Stephen King and James Herbert Having spent his twenties and thirties working in a variety of interesting and not so interesting jobs that took him well along the road to a mid life crisis, he decided to do what he always wanted to do, which was to write stories that would remain with the reader long after they had finished the last page.Mark is married to Felicity, with whom he has a son, Leo, and a daughter, Imogen Having lived in various locations including London, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan, he is currently back in Consettwith no plans to leave any time soon Shepherd s Cross is his first novel, followed by Career Break He is currently working on his next book, a supernatural thriller called Enter the Dead, which he expects to complete around Easter 2015.Mark can be found very occasionally updating his life on Twitter mawhitewriter and can be emailed at markwhite944 hotmail

  2. It didn t take long to realise that this was a self published novel The production standards of the book are impeccable, with a great cover, typesetting, and I only noticed two typos throughout the piece excluding the capitalisation of Police at every mention, So much that I began to doubt myself and checked on the publication details partway through.The plot is a fairly standard horror by the numbers scenario where strangers come into an isolated community for nefarious means Think Stephen King [...]

  3. Shepherd s Cross is a supernatural thriller set in a small, remote English Village In the opening scenes, a farmer stumbles across a horrifying altar erected on his land with in the sight lines of an old abandoned manse He involves the police and the investigation takes off at a hectic pace as bodies and crimes begin to accumulate with no seeming concern for the police who are investigating.The plot was interesting and involved satanic rituals, virgin sacrifices, and the dark history of the vill [...]

  4. PredictableI really wanted to like this book, but I really didn t The characters were entirely one dimension, and the dialogue was ridiculous What father makes jokes while searching for his lost child Really, I felt insulted On the plus side, I liked the description of the village and countryside But, that is the only good thing I can say about this book.

  5. Fast read There s gore but not much psychological fright A person who doesn t usually read horror novels may be spooked but a seasoned horror fan will find plot holes abound.

  6. I loved the setting and that the village was snowed in I liked the tales of witch burning and devil worship from the past I liked the comradeship between the villagers Not one hundred per cent sure about the baddies Good story if a little bloodthirsty.

  7. Not really a GHOST story some reviewers have called it, this supernatural tale is nevertheless part of a long established ghostly genre Good for a binge read Fun, too.

  8. This was the first book I downloaded onto my new Kindle HD I signed up with Prime just before Christmas, which means that I can borrow one book per month from the Kindle Lending Library, for free This was from the library.It s described as a supernatural thriller , and relates the strange events that happen in a remote moorland village which becomes even isolated when it is cut off from the outside world due to heavy snowfall I d mistakenly assumed supernatural meant ghosts, but the villagers w [...]

  9. This is an okay book I wanted to read it and it kept me reaching for my husbands pad so I could read a few pages it has suspense, it has drama, the characters are easy to imagine and either love or hate depending The story moves fairly quickly and throws in some unexpected events I wasn t sure if I like the time given at the beginning of each chapter, but understood why it was there Hated the blank page between every chapter a waste of paper and it is my own personal thing It didn t detract from [...]

  10. This book deals with mysterious forces and things best left.A police constable doing part of her training with a trained sergeant come upon the start of problems in a quiet but old village with a dark past From 2 new people moving into an old house to an inverted cross on a farmers field starts a chain of events that have far reaching consequences.An enjoyable interesting read for those who like supernatural books

  11. Typical.Another generic novel about a beautiful, brave police officer who runs into baddies but she and her new boyfriend defeat the baddies Of course she is beautiful and the new boyfriend is handsome I m not sure about the bravery part because she s constantly brimming in tears or bawling I m sick of these books always dragging in romance I d really like to see a few books that have male and female leads who are equally strong, working together but not in love or lust And stop with the gorgeou [...]

  12. I did enjoy the book as having grown up in a sleepy village myself I could appreciate the countryfied, isolated setting and the varried characters that you meet I have not read many thrillers myself so this book gave me a good, positive introduction Fantasy is my usual genre.I liked the main plot, though it was became quite obvious who was the culprit quite early on in the book but it still kept me intrigued The cult aspect of it was well written and provided a good back drop as to why the murde [...]

  13. Not Quite Storm of the CenturyThe idea started off right enough The author painted a rural village, developed some interesting characters, attempted to build a Frankenstein Castle that held potential Unfortunately, the creep factor of Mastermind and Henchman was not taken far enough The physical violence was there but, the psychological cat and mouse, that is essential to a good fright, was not conveyed effectively The ending is so abrupt as to make the reader feel they were invited to a party t [...]

  14. Energetic, enjoyable and spookyA small rural town, with a haunted history, is threatened and put to the test of faith and resilience when followers of satan return, wreaking havoc on this tight knit community, thus reminding them how history has the potential to repeat itself The book is thrilling and fun It s a story I would of loved to hear near the campfire The author tells the tale using time e.g 7 00 am, 2 00 pm, etc Keeping time kept me engaged and interested in following the race between [...]

  15. Not quite what I look for in a scary story Set in an insular village, I suppose the book captures the plodding feel of village life, but as a well desensitized horror fan it was far too twee for my tastes at least the first two thirds of the book were, because that is where I gave up There are just too many great books out there for me to invest my time in a story that beats around the bush and subjects me to never ending dull conversation between dull characters As soon as tension arises, which [...]

  16. I don t know why I bought this book I read Dying to Tell by Rita Herron and that had me jumping out of my skin when I got an email notification I was expecting supernatural but on the other end of the spectrum With that being said, they book was pretty awesome Gruesome Yes Scary Yes A little funny with a touch of romance Yes Some things happened that I would have preferred not to have happened But, those events made sense and were true to the character of the antagonist.

  17. Hauntingly goodGood supernatural yarn along the the lines of James Herbert, John Saul etc The inhabitants live quite peacefully in Shepherd s Cross until the arrival of two men who move into Fellside Hall an old mansion that has been neglected for 80 years Obviously the house has rumours and stories That s when the fun begins and the people of Shepherd s Cross begin to die Will good overcome evil.

  18. A great first novelReally enjoyed this book, read in a few days was hooked.Characters were really believable and felt connected to.The situation was gripping and the mix of the normal and paranormal was well balanced.Some paragraphs descriptors were a bit cheesy on first encounter but in hindsight fitted in well.Enjoyed so much I m actively looking at purchasing the second novel.

  19. My interest in this book just petered out, though since I was reading Patrick Rothfuss at the same time, the competition was grossly unfair.Some good ideas, and the main characters were fairly relatable, though the villains of the piece I found less believable.Overall it s a good idea, but really needs some editing the incorrect use of route when he meant root , for example I might give it another go later.

  20. I love horror books and despaired that the books of James Herbert et al had been replaced by the numbness zombie romantic vampire culture that pervades our kindle store Mark White has a beautiful style that captures the essence of the characters, atmosphere and fear Simply put, I loved this story, the characters and the setting At last a proper horror writer I cannot recommend highly enough.

  21. This book was just okay for me I loved the creepy, eerie quality of the storyline as well as the characters I felt like I got to know them over the course of the story However, the story just ended I wish the author would have taken a little time wrapping up the story after the climax All in all, this was an easy, supernatural themed book that definitely held my attention I just wanted a little

  22. Very Well Developed StoryI really enjoyed this book and the development of its characters There were definitely pretty scary and gory moments that I enjoyed and found unexpected My only negative was the ending It wasn t a bad ending, I just would have enjoyed an epilogue I would definitely recommend this book.

  23. Here comes the devil Fast paced with well drawn characters that you really feel for A bit gothic towards the end than I expected and it s shifts unexpectedly between points of view.

  24. Great start with a preachy disappointing endI guess these books are free for a reason I was in until the preachy drivel started about the evils of modern technology and thoughtless rich people vs poor god fearing country folk Was the author in a hurry to finish

  25. Sexist, poor dialogue, and charactersNo real struggle between good and evil Simply a story about terrible things devil worshippers do Not much of a strong story line and the characters are unrealistic Mark White apparently doesn t view women as anything but emotional wimps.

  26. Why did I finish this book Guess that s what happens when you re sick and doped up on sinus meds you make poor choices in reading material Gratuitous gore, weak characters, stop go plot, rushed ending, quite a few typosgh.

  27. This book kept my interest the entire way I m always wary of reading horror because it tends to seep into my psyche and I have crazy dreams This definitely made you trip out at moments But I loved every page Beautifully depicted I felt like I was in Shepherd s Cross.

  28. I think the blatant blasphemy in this story was ridiculous This could have been a decent enough story without it.

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