The Greek's Pregnant Bride

The Greek's Pregnant Bride Best Read || [Michelle Smart], The Greek's Pregnant Bride Best Read || [Michelle Smart], The Greek's Pregnant Bride, Michelle Smart, The Greek s Pregnant Bride The Gorgeous Greek Married for His Heir Christian Markos swapped the streets of Athens for the world s top boardrooms Now with enough riches to indulge his every whim there s only one luxury he can t buy stunning sensual Alessandra Mondelli His best friend s sister is strictly off limits until their forbidden attraction consumes them both leaving Alessandra pregnanTh. The Greek's Pregnant Bride Best Read || [Michelle Smart] - The Greek's Pregnant Bride, The Greek s Pregnant Bride The Gorgeous Greek Married for His Heir Christian Markos swapped the streets of Athens for the world s top boardrooms Now with enough riches to indulge his every whim there s only one luxury he can

  • Title: The Greek's Pregnant Bride
  • Author: Michelle Smart
  • ISBN: 9780373133376
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback

The Greek's Pregnant Bride Best Read || [Michelle Smart]

The Greek's Pregnant Bride, The Greek's Pregnant Bride Best Read || [Michelle Smart] - The Greek's Pregnant Bride, The Greek s Pregnant Bride The Gorgeous Greek Married for His Heir Christian Markos swapped the streets of Athens for the world s top boardrooms Now with enough riches to indulge his every whim there s only one luxury he can

  • The Greek's Pregnant Bride Best Read || [Michelle Smart]
    119Michelle Smart
The Greek's Pregnant Bride

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  1. Michelle Smart is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author with a slight to severe coffee addiction A book worm since birth, Michelle can usually be found hiding behind a paperback, or if it s an author she really loves, a hardback Michelle lives in rural Northamptonshire in England with her husband and two young Smarties When not reading or pretending to do the housework she loves nothing than creating worlds of her own Preferably with lots of coffee on tap.

  2. 1,5 StarsThis is the 2nd book in the Society Weddings Series and tells the story of Alessandra Mondelli, sister of Rocco Mondelli, whose story appears in book 1, The Italian s Deal for I Do, written by Jennifer Hayward, which I liked immensely book show 2 I was looking forward to Alessandra s book, having liked her in the previous book A beautiful and successful fashion photographer, she finds herself pregnant after a one night stand with one of her brother s best friends, gorgeous billionaire G [...]

  3. Pure addictive passion, romance of the most sensual kind, words that flow like magic and characters so vividly brought to life they seem to be people we have know for many years, those are just a few of the descriptions I can use when speaking about the new Michelle Smart read The story tells of the gorgeous Greek Christian Markos, long ago he swapped the streets of Athens for the world s top boardrooms, now he has enough riches to indulge in his every whim, except one He can t buy it, but he ca [...]

  4. All my favorite themes were in this book virginal heroine, alpha tortured hero, marriage of convenience, unexpected pregnancy and a great HEA My only complaint is that the plot was moving a bit too slow at times.

  5. Not my favorite Michelle Smart book Too much time apart for H h, and not enough time for resolution.

  6. Normally I would be raving about this type of plot playboy hero virgin heroine gets pregnantdrama But the storytelling fell flat There was no sizzle between the hero and heroine And I couldn t warm to the heroine to care about her hea.A DNF.

  7. This is a book that I would not recommend There were times I just wanted to shake the hero, and heroine, and say wake up, and face what you are feeling.Alessandra s mother died when she was born Her father became bitter after losing his wife Alessandra was raised by her brother, or the wait staff She grew up with money, but always felt she was in the way Christian grew up with his mother they were dirt poor So poor they couldn t afford shoe laces, or food His mother became one bitter, cold perso [...]

  8. Alessandra s had a crush on her brothers best friend since youth, and when she gets the chance to taste, just one night, she can t resist She never expected there to be any repercussions.Christian can t forget the wonderful night he spent with Alessandra, and when fate steps in to give him a second chance, he s taking it with both hands Fast paced read, contemporary romance and smutty fluff in a great combo Won an autographed copy of my own yay Still my own review

  9. I ve read two books in this miniseries and thus far I ve not been impressed by either one Maybe it was due to the authors given characters and story lines then needed to follow for this series and there in by not creating their own material that would become attached to or feel that it was their own baby That could have reflected in how the story came across as well as how it was written And since they seemed to not connect with it nor did I Here some thoughts on this book in bullet point fashio [...]

  10. Book Two in the Society Weddings series Christian and Alessandra are introduced in book 1 with just enough details to make me curious so purchased this as soon as I could, especially after reading the excerpt.First thing I loved about this story is the fantastic start to the story, Alessandra is the little sister to Book 1 s hero, Rocco His three best friends know that the beautifully stunning Alessandra is 200% off limits but one night Alessandra acts on her simmering attraction to Christian an [...]

  11. Christian Markos grew up on the streets of Athens but now has enough wealth to indulge in whatever he chooses except the sister of his best friend Alessandra Mondelli had made a mistake years ago that put her under painful scrutiny so she avoids putting herself in the position of being judged again However a one night stand with the last man she should be with has consequences that can hurt her all over again Christian makes an honorable proposal to protect both her and their child at first she [...]

  12. The Greek s Pregnant Bride by Michelle Smart was a well written marriage of convenience romance and sudden pregnancy romance Alessandra was introduced in the first book and her match with Christian was very much implied in the same She was an adorable character who had suffered in the past due to public scrutiny Christian is an alpha tortured hero who feels he is unworthy of anyone s love I loved him and it was so beautiful to see him fall in love with a worthy woman.The romance was emotional an [...]

  13. They are compatible In body and mind.Neither of them wants entanglements of romantic love and marriage is imply not on the cards but Christian and Allesandra embrace marriage for the tiny miracle they had created together in an unforgettable night.Holding themselves back, giving their spouse a reason to believe the other was unhappy these two lose their heart to each other.Will they realise in time the importance of their better half in time or is paradise far away.Knowing it is a Romance, they [...]

  14. Smart s tale of forbidden love is fabulous At times tragic, the use of humor is persuasive and lightens the mood, and the settings are utterly posh But the couple s conquering of their fears of love shines the brightest RT Book Reviews, 4 1 2 stars.Miniseries Society Weddings

  15. Can I just say Christian is stupid he didn t want to be like his father mother so he pushed away Alessandra to protect her Although he just hurt her I hat when guys or girls I guess think this way all your doing is what u did not want to do sincehe feel like a gutter rat.Self fulfilling prophecy Of course they talked out their problems feelings and fixed the problem because they LOVED each other D

  16. With breathtaking characters that come alive on the page and having a will of their own, a distinct plot popping with high octane drama, a blooming and fascinating romance, red hot sexual chemistry, stunning and picturesque scenery, engaging dialogue, and a writing style that sparkles makes THE GREEK S PREGNANT BRIDE, the second story in Harlequin s SOCIETY WEDDINGS, by Michelle Smart a must read Christian Markos has lived life to satisfying fulfillment He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly [...]

  17. This one very sensual and emotional story as two people who think they can never love and they have their reasons for thinking this fall head over heels in love after they spend one night together that leaves a baby to think of Alessandra Mondelli is beautiful and a great fashion photographer and part of one of the biggest fashion families in Milan and Christian Markos her brothers best friend is a Greek billionaire who has worked his way up in the world but after going out to dinner one night a [...]

  18. I m on page 38 and I m really having issues understanding these two characters Page 60 these two are driving me crazy Chapter 9 First page Christian s friend are Zayd and stefan NOT sebastian Back to Christian He is the real first Hero I ever hated in an HP book Why is this mess Yes we know you suffered so much but to act like that with Alessa that was so confusing Once he wants her wants he doesn t I don t get what the writer is really telling me about him.Alessandra the confident woman who pro [...]

  19. Loved it Alessandra is a very passionate woman with a thirst for love she didn t even know she had At first I was hesitant to sink my teeth into this story, but I love it When I imagine a big brother I think of Rocco and when I think of how he reacted I feel like the author got it spot on here Family is family man and if you take advantage A punch in the face is likely to happen Everything about the story was well done and I would recommend to those looking for good story on a Sunday afternoon.

  20. I was on pins and needles waiting for this book Where do I start As much as I tried, I just could not empathize with the h, to the point that I truly didn t care if she got the guy or the HEA and the H My heart went out to him, not only for getting possibly the worst heroine but having to now deal with what basically is a one night stand gone wrong Anyhow, notwithstanding that this book disappoints, I still think Michelle rocks Check out her other books, particularly The Sicilian s Unexpected Du [...]

  21. On the surface Christian and Alessandra have it all Wealth, beauty and smarts However, their childhoods made them very vulnerable to love Can an unplanned pregnancy change their interpretation of love Will marriage be enough I just love my Harlequin books.

  22. GoodI liked this book about two people with demons learning to live with each other It was good to catch a glimpse of Rocco too.

  23. Not the one where they Get together at costume ball when wearing masks This one was when they were drunk She is his friends sister and he has always stayed away from her

  24. it was good Sometimes what you want and need is right in front of you All you have to do is the take the first step

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