The Hit List

✓ The Hit List ↠ Nikki Urang, ✓ The Hit List ↠ Nikki Urang, The Hit List, Nikki Urang, The Hit List The Los Angeles Conservatory for the Arts is supposed to be a new beginning for Sadie Bryant Moving across the country is exactly what she needs to escape the gossip surrounding her injury the devastating betrayal of her ex partner and to rebuild her career as a solo dancer When the school announces that the annual Fall Showcase a performance that secures a spot studyiThe Los Angel. ✓ The Hit List ↠ Nikki Urang - The Hit List, The Hit List The Los Angeles Conservatory for the Arts is supposed to be a new beginning for Sadie Bryant Moving across the country is exactly what she needs to escape the gossip surrounding her injury the devast

  • Title: The Hit List
  • Author: Nikki Urang
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ The Hit List ↠ Nikki Urang

The Hit List, ✓ The Hit List ↠ Nikki Urang - The Hit List, The Hit List The Los Angeles Conservatory for the Arts is supposed to be a new beginning for Sadie Bryant Moving across the country is exactly what she needs to escape the gossip surrounding her injury the devast

  • ✓ The Hit List ↠ Nikki Urang
    140Nikki Urang
The Hit List

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  1. Author of THE HIT LIST Spencer Hill Contemporary, 11 11 14.

  2. Sadie loves to dance Dancing is actually the most important thing in her life and she wouldn t know what to do without it When her longtime dancing partner and ex boyfriend goes to a school without her, Sadie decides to move far away from home and to go to school there At that school, there is this list, the Hit List That s a list where some men get points for sleeping with women Some women are worth and Sadie is one of those women Sadie doesn t understand what s happening She just wants to foc [...]

  3. I received an advanced copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review All quotes taken from a pre published copy may be altered or omitted from the final version 4.5 Stars Opening Lines I never should ve agreed to do that stupid article I shove the magazine back onto the shelf and pull another magazine over the top to partially cover it Not that it will do any good The bright red letters of the Jete in Jete Magazine are recognizable to half the students here It s probab [...]

  4. 1.5 stars Would not recommend unless you want to drown yourself with aspirins and then hit yourself repeatedly with a bat for being sadistic enough to read this mind numbingly whiny and P R E D I C T A B L E book.The only reason why this book gets 1 and a 1 2 stars is because of the love interest, Luke because he s not a douchebag unlike EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE GOD DAMN BOOK and Adam who s also surprisingly not an asshole, but too bad he was barely in the novel Right off the bat, I could tell Luke [...]

  5. The bonus girls are worth points if a Hitter is able to get them into bed The first Hitter there gets to claim the points After someone claims points, the girl will lose her bonus status and become like every other girl in the game.Welcome to the game Sorry, welcome to the story I mean When Sadie moves across the country to attend a new school, The Conservatory, she s introduced to the game Before going into the details of the game, we ll stay with Sadie for a moment She moves across the countr [...]

  6. Gorgeous emotional development, sharp pacing, and OMG the sexual tension Nikki writes about dance like a dancer, and Luke and Sadie s dance scenes are hot, sweet, and packed with conflict This is one I ll be reading again.

  7. I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Spencer Hill Contemporary and NetGalley This was an okay contemporary dance story, but it didn t hold my interest well.Sadie was a girl who had issues, and you couldn t really blame her considering what she d been through I did think she was maybe less introverted than I would have possibly been in the same situation though.The storyline in this consisted of Sadie s day to day activity during dance classes etc wi [...]

  8. DNF 30%I was really excited about this one but I just cannot force myself to continue reading 1 Sadie is jaded and it s really annoying She constantly blames Patrick for her injury and while I haven t gotten far enough to find out what really happened, I m over her whining and constant blame game.2 The Hit List Blog I tried to suspend reality but there is no way a school would allow this to go on 3 The insta feelings between Sadie and Luke She talks to him for 5 seconds and yet acts all heartbro [...]

  9. DNF at 5%Nope As far as I can see this is a book that romanticises rape.Did I even read this right This game states that all parties must give consent, but that if a girl is drunk then she s fair game Wow Charming Fair game.What the hell is it about the transition from YA to NA literature YA literature is all about consent during sex, but then as soon as the characters turn nineteen, it s like, Yeah, if a guy fancies you so much he literally can t stop himself from banging you it s really romant [...]

  10. All I can say about this book is pass the aspirin.I honestly don t know how it is getting such great reviews I must have read a different book than everyone There are 2 things that are going for the book 1 The Cover It is what drew me in I thought it was beautiful and I was expecting so much from this book.2 The subject matter Hit List This could be interesting, plus it involved ballet and dance.What did I getA main character Sadie who the only way I can explain it is she is delusional I have ne [...]

  11. 3.5 stars Not everyone leaves in the end Sometimes you just have to give people a chance Give them a reason to stay The Hit List really surprised me, in a very good way At first I thought it was going to be a contemp on the silly side once I started reading and found about about the hit list , which is a list of girls that guys in school can earn points for scoring with Yeah, not something I would normally be interested in reading about But I was so happily surprised as I read into the story h [...]

  12. This is one of the most unrealistically angst filled books I ve read all year I mean, the heroine is nursing a heartbreak over some dude who isn t worth a second thought, suffering from betrayal over something that really isn t anyone s fault much as she d like to place the blame on anyone but herself , trying to come out on top at a new dance academy that has a very unrealistic hit list thing going on where guys get points for scoring with girls, and falling for some guy whose early flirting te [...]

  13. With a cover this beautiful and a premise so absolutely intriguing, I couldn t wait to get started on this book The idea of the game set in a world of dance had me hooked from the start, and the execution is written perfectly.What this book does beautifully is develop a character in a richly compelling and dramatic manner Sadie begins this book as a broken girl, running from a past that has up to this point defined both her career and personal life Moving to LA and starting over is the impetus f [...]

  14. Actual Rating 2.5 LORD Am I happy to be done with this book I bought this book during one of my big New Adult Contemporary moods along with about five other books and it s just been sitting on my tablet waiting to be read So I finally decided to just pick this one up I m not going to lie, I could have liked this book It s a different kind of book with a unique story that I ve never read before Sadie Bryant is a dancer ballerina She s moved to L.A to attend The Conservatory of the Arts school in [...]

  15. Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads.I m not now nor have I ever been a dancer I don t have the body type OR the coordination required But no matter, I am obsessed with dancing So many of my guilty pleasure movies and TV shows are based around dance and dancers I ve seen Center Stage and all the Step Up movies hundreds of times I never miss So You Think You Can Dance I ve read a fair few dance books, and while I enjoyed them at the time, none of them really stood out Until now, that is I [...]

  16. 1.6 5okay ugh, just thinking and writing about this book will definitely make me annoyed.SPOILER WARNING if anyone actually cares i defienetely liked SOME like, one or two parts of the story, but, that s about it i liked the idea of the story a dancer, who had an injury that changed her life, is moving to some LA dance school, where, appearantly there s some game going around hosted by an anonymous person, called the hit man the game is called the hit list the game is basically which guy can sle [...]

  17. I had the pleasure of beta reading this for Nikki in some of the early stages of the book and even then it blew me away I couldn t put it down until I finished it I easily connected with the main character and the fear she feels toward dancing with another partner is so raw and vivid I felt scared along with her I trusted Luke along with her And omg Luke Love that boy Such a great love interest The premise is what intrigued me but the characters are what made me fall in love with this book I can [...]

  18. 4 5si se dieron cuenta, estuve un largo tiempo para leer este libro Justo cuando lo comenc , LDC lo estaba traduciendo El libro me gust mucho, amo la tapa el preciosa y la historia como est contada es genial Tiene originalidad, hace tiempo estaba buscando una historia que tratar el tema de la danza y sobretodo amor Me gust como la trama de la Lista est desarrollado, sospechas de todos de quien puede ser que esta manejando el juego Te enamoras de los personajes, pero unas cositas ah me hizo bajar [...]

  19. Not everyone leaves in the end Sometimes you just have to give people a chance Give them a reason to stay THAT LINE HIT ME This book reminded me of something I already forgot I saw myself in Sadie I can totally relate to what she was going through I enjoyed reading her journey This book will be forever close to my heart Thank you Nikki Full review soon.

  20. I hoped to like The Hit List but it fell flat for me I didn t connect with any of the characters Not once did I feel anything for Sadie It was as if I was being told what was happening.

  21. The Hit List really has a great start I could tell that it was going to make me emotional by the way Sadie talks about what her ex partner did, and the hit list that is created I just knew that I was going to get very angry and emotional while I read this book I was right, too This book is one hell of a rollercoaster ride Seriously, my emotions were thrown all over the place The drama in The Hit List was unlike anything I ve ever read about before This book gets an A in the drama department, but [...]

  22. Let s just say I expected better from this book The first pages and chapters were ok, but sadly after that I just didn t enjoy it every time This mostly was because of the characters, the silly plot and some other things.Finding good books about dancing, about ballet, about a school specially for that is not easy, so I was happy and excited to see this one Of course I was also worried for the fact that there was also a sub plot A plot about some kind of sex game Normally I would avoid books that [...]

  23. Nikki Urang really knows how to tell a good story that I just couldn t put down Regardless of how I felt about the characters, from beginning to end, I was completely committed to finding out what was going to happen to everyone even though I have no knowledge of any sort in regards to professional ballet, dance, tap, etc The author gave me just enough info to understand what the characters were doing and what they were trying to accomplish without missing a moment or lacking in the stories mome [...]

  24. I wanted to read The Hit List because I am drawn to books about dancers I have never done it, but I guess that is a lot of little kids dreams Then I read about the list, which is giving guys anonymitiy to sleep with or otherwise score with girls I haven t read anything quite like it and I knew it could lead to some hard core emotions and heart break.The main character, Sadie, has just transferred to LA after an injury with her ballet partner and ex boyfriend She has a lot pain inside and trust i [...]

  25. This review is going to be a little bit weird for me This book had many things that normally turn me off, such as the violent mood swings and the constant back and forth of will they or won t they Usually when I encounter these themes in a book, I tend to move on, but with THE HIT LIST, I just couldn t The author did an excellent job sucking me in and making me care about the characters I genuinely cared about Sadie s plight and was cheering for her and Luke to be able to work through their crap [...]

  26. Short and Sweet Beautiful Emotional Brilliant Loved it To Elaborate Do you those books you come across so rarely that punch you in the feels over and over Not just because the characters are facing a rough time or sad things happen, but also because the writing just speaks to you on such a personal level This was that kind of book for me I m certainly not a dancer looking to be the best, but the writing shot straight to my heart over and over again It s beautiful and meaningful, and it goes deep [...]

  27. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams Your passion fuels your drive But what if the person you love is standing in the way of your precious dreams Sadie Bryant was on her way to the top She would have been number at the New York ballet school if she hadn t injured herself and get her heart broken by her dance partner Patrick Months later she s moved to L.A to start fresh and forget about the pain and torment of her past But some wounds take too long to heal and Sadie finds herself in a [...]

  28. First advice I am giving you do not judge this book by its title Even though The Hit List plays a big role in this book, it is not the main focus The main focus here is to never give up on your dream, no matter what gets throw in your way For Sadie It is trust issues after her last partner boyfriend dropped her from a lift, causing a hip injury that almost ended her dance career Sadie did get on my nerves with her indecisiveness about Luke Throughout their dancing, their relationship changes and [...]

  29. Le doy dos estrellas por esto l frota su mano hacia arriba y abajo en mi espalda Verdad o Reto.Tomo una respiraci n profunda, no estoy segura si estoy lista para escuchar lo que tiene que decir No creo que vaya a ser capaz de manejar la situaci n si l dice que todav a no quiere una relaci n Verdad.Su mano cubre la m a y la coloca sobre el pecho Te amo.Por nada m s Odi a todos los personajes menos a Adam.El libro me aburri hasta el extremo.Y Sadie, tengo un mensaje para ti

  30. Dancers don t go to practice They go to rehearsals Dancers don t have tryouts They have auditions Dancers at this level aren t told to warm up before class, even though they are expected to stretch They take barre Dancers do t begin a class with pique turns across the floor Alsoa sex game Really Has this not been played out enough This book wasn t poorly written the pacing was good, the chemistry was good I, and most competent readers, will have the entire plot and ending figured out in first 20 [...]

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