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Unlimited Make Me - by Tessa Bailey, Unlimited Make Me - by Tessa Bailey, Make Me, Tessa Bailey, Make Me Construction worker Russell Hart has been head over work boots for Abby Sullivan since the moment he laid eyes on her But he knows a classy uptown virgin like her could never be truly happy with a rough blue collar guy like him If only she d stop treating him like her personal hero a role he craves than oxygen maybe he could accept it With the future of her familyConstruction worker Russ. Unlimited Make Me - by Tessa Bailey - Make Me, Make Me Construction worker Russell Hart has been head over work boots for Abby Sullivan since the moment he laid eyes on her But he knows a classy uptown virgin like her could never be truly happy with a ro

  • Title: Make Me
  • Author: Tessa Bailey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle

Unlimited Make Me - by Tessa Bailey

Make Me, Unlimited Make Me - by Tessa Bailey - Make Me, Make Me Construction worker Russell Hart has been head over work boots for Abby Sullivan since the moment he laid eyes on her But he knows a classy uptown virgin like her could never be truly happy with a ro

  • Unlimited Make Me - by Tessa Bailey
    224Tessa Bailey
Make Me

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  1. Tessa Bailey Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Make Me book, this is one of the most wanted Tessa Bailey author readers around the world.

  2. 3.5 Stars Make Me is the third and final book in the Broke and Beautiful series by Tessa Bailey and tells the story of Russell and Abby, characters we met in the previous books in the series Like its predecessors, this book can be read as a standalone Even if Make Me wasn t my favorite book by this author or my favorite book in the series, I enjoyed this sweet friends to lovers story The characters were likeable enough, the story was fast paced, which I enjoyed and the writing was entertaining W [...]

  3. 4 StarsDay one hundred and forty two of being friend zoned Send rations.I love a steamy New Adult romance and I love Tessa Bailey Add into all that her gift for writing alpha men that I pretty much drool over and it s really a no brainer Having not read the previous two books in this series, I wasn t really sure what to expect That synopsis ultimately sealed the deal Construction worker Friends to lovers Tessa s dirty talkers SOLD You were put on this earth to make me crazy, Abby You know that I [...]

  4. 3,5 Sexy Stars Since they met, Russel and Abby have been best friends, despite having stronger feelings with each other Abby wants him but doesn t know what to do, and Russel believes Abby deserves better than him Until one night changes everything and they realize they can t never go back again Despite not being my favorite Tessa Bailey s book, this was still and sweet and very hot reading Well written and entertaining, this is a good choice especially if you read the previous book on the serie [...]

  5. Ever since I read this author s first book,she has hooked me.Her heros are to die for and the sexy,dirty speak that come out of their mouths,well ,just get yourself a nice tall glass of ice water.Trust me,you need it to cool down after they talk dirty to their girlfriend.Now,this is how you end a series and write a really ,really beautiful romance.This book had me sighing,chuckling,slightly tearing and choking up and just flat out envy for this heroine.Her man loved her so much and showed it to [...]

  6. 3 Dirty Talking Stars No man s ever licked it but me No one looks at it but me His head dropped, his mouth hovering just above her nipples That goes for all of you Every fucking inch of this dick tease body I lurve Tessa Bailey and her dirty talking men Love em Unfortunately Russell s occasional dirty times weren t quite enough to make me love this book My biggest issue stems from the fact that Russell just Wouldn t Take His Head Outta His Ass Russell wants Abby but he s not good enough for her [...]

  7. You were put on this earth to make me crazy, Abby You know that I m not sorry about it, she whispered Does that make me a bad person No It makes you a woman From the first moment he saw her, Russell Hart, has been head over heels for Abby Sullivan But because he isn t rich, he believes that he would never have a chance with classy Abby So they becomes friends, and she treats him like her own personal hero, which is better than nothing, right But keeping Abby at a safe distance, and denying his f [...]

  8. Russell He is everything Make Me serves up a healthy dose of steamy sex plus some really great comedic moments Although Book 3 in Tessa Bailey s Broke and Beautiful series, this scorching book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel and is sexy, FUNNY and fast paced MAKE ME is pure Tess Bailey gold Abby and Russell s story is an enjoyable, delicious book, written as always in the trademark Tess Bailey style of dirty talking Alphas with a healthy dose of reality, humor and solid storyline.I [...]

  9. Trust me, I m feeling pretty bad right now that I only rated this book two stars I still like you Tessa Bailey, don t worry It s just the constant push and pull between the two characters is maddening, UGH If you can handle characters who keep on sending mixed signals to each other that every chapter literally every chapter showcases how flighty they are, especially the guy, then this book might work for you I ve never been so infuriated with a male MC before Another thing he always thinks with [...]

  10. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Make Me by Tessa BaileyBook Three of the Broke and Beautiful seriesPublisher Avon ImpulsePublication Date August 11, 2015Rating 4 starsSource eARC from Edelweiss Warning this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers Summary from Construction worker Russell Hart has been head over work boots for Abby Sullivan since the moment he laid eyes on her But he knows a classy, uptown virgin like her could never be truly happy with a rough, blue collar g [...]

  11. Well written witty and smexy read awesome first half, crappy second half with exception of ending The h was awesome liked her throughout Despite loving h a lot the H really messed with h s head for a large portion of the book didn t like that part much Eventually the h dumps him go girl , so H does learn some lessons There is a HEA after a short separation I loved that the ending included a wedding so romantic Safe romance.3.5 stars for the awesome h and great writing

  12. Me encantaba Russell antes de leer su libro.Cuando comenc a leerlo toda la imagen que ten a de l se me fue a la basura.Aqu no hay nada del Russell de los primeros libros Aqu l es un cobarde asustadizo que necesita dominar y controlar para sentirse bien.Eso simplemente no va conmigo Sus actitudes machistas me ten an rodando los ojos Esas del tipo no te puedes poner esto y que se lo quita y se lo rompe en su cara I mean seriously Las mujeres no debemos permitir ese tipo de cosas Y luego estuvo Abb [...]

  13. Tessa Bailey s books never fail to be fun and sexy Both previous books in this series, Chase Me and Need Me, were entertaining books that I was able to read in a single sitting Together with the fact that one of my favorite characters in the series was going to be a protagonist in this one, I was dying to get my hands on Make Me I m excited that this was my favorite book in the series.I fell in love with Russell in the previous books Unlike Louis and Ben, he was rough around the edges, a man wh [...]

  14. I loved this book and it s my favorite in the series Firs two were such disappointment, I didn t think I would read this one but I loved Russ too much from previous books to pass on his book.Russell works in construction company and is about to get his big break, he doesn t have college education or rich parents like his friends He fell in love with Abby the moment he saw her, but she is from very rich family we are talking billionaire corporation here so he feels like he is not good enough.You [...]

  15. This hero is so wonderful and sooo stupid All I can think of when I read his POV is the following song from the uber talented and uber handsome Herb Albert but with bdsm twist.You see this guy, this guy s in love with youYes I m in love who looks at you the way I doWhen you smile I can tell it know each other very wellHow can I show you I m glad I got to know you causeI ve heard some talk they say you think I m fineYes I m in love and what I d do to make you mineTell me now is it so don t let me [...]

  16. The Ninth Avenue Stoop is the new Central Perk Remember the day when you were sitting on your comfy couch, curled up in a blanket, drinking wine and watching the final episode of FRIENDS Do you remember feeling so giddy and so sad at the same time The show had you starting off with a huge smile and ended with a couple of tears falling down your cheek You were perfectly content and satisfied and yet, so incredible sad that it was over At some point you were so emotionally invested in these charac [...]

  17. I can t believe I am saying this but this time the Tessa Bailey angst was just not delivered right I did not know that it would be too much for me, so here is the thing the angst she writes about is like my personal form of crack But this time it felt like an overdo, the characters actions were just not right There was no reason to drag this book out so much, I guess I prefer her short Brazen novels It packed the punch but after the halfway point I wanted to call quit to this plotless and even [...]

  18. 3.5 stars.I liked the idea of heroine friend zoning the hero I loved how much the hero loved her I caught a fever with the scene where the hero was sleeping , plus his dirty talk BUT I didn t warm up to Abby, I admired her work ethic, I don t know but I just didn t like her much.

  19. La rese a fue originalmente publicada en SMW Book BlogNo s cu ntos de ustedes lo saben pero, ya lo he mencionado varias veces, los libros de Tessa Bailey me encantan especialmente sus libros bajo el sello de Brazen de Entangled gui o y son mi placer culposo He le do cada uno de sus libros and I regret nothing Libro que publica es libro que, obviamente, leo Incluso tengo varios de sus libros pre ordenados y en cuanto llegan a mi Kindle, dejo de leer cualquier sea el libro que est leyendo para lee [...]

  20. I expected Make Me to be my favorite of The Broke Beautiful series because Russell and Abby were always making me laugh in the previous books Unfortunately, I liked it the least I really thought it would be fun and entertaining Wrong I mean, it had its moments, but all the misunderstandings and drama really brought it down for me Russell could be sweet and enduring with great intentions at times, but his alpha male antics got on my last nerve I wanted to send him back to his cave on a number of [...]

  21. I think maybe this series is just not for me As with the last book ugh, Ben , I found Russell s controlling behavior so so so so SO so off putting, and it worries me that this is being romanticized Like, he flips out when she is out of his sight Legitimately flips out Doesn t like other men even LOOKING at her Says she is his about 5,000,000 throughout the course of the book Is that restraining order material No Yes Yes His inner dialogue is overwrought His reasons for not wanting to be with Abb [...]

  22. I m a pretty big sucker for romances where the guy loves the girl, but feels like he isn t good enough for her I don t know why, but I can never resist books with that kind of story line, so when I heard about Make Me by Tessa Bailey, there was no way I was passing this one up.I was definitely a bit in love with Russell Hart He s gorgeous and strong, and a construction worker And he s also so incredibly caring and protective towards Abby But Abby is wealthy, and he doesn t feel good enough for h [...]

  23. Actual rating 3.5 starsSo I should preface this book by saying I haven t read the first two books in this series, but I thought it stood well enough on its own I m sure I would have a greater appreciation for Russell and Abby s relationship if I had read the first two books, but I already have a major weakness for the friends to lovers trope, to be honest The good I loved Russell s protectiveness and overall care for Abby He s extremely loyal in his feelings for her, and there is zero love trian [...]

  24. SPOILERS 2.5 3 stars.This was a cute book I liked Russell he seemed very protective and loving towards Abby and he has a great sense of humor Although I did like Abby I felt she gave up on Russell a bit fast at the end I do feel Russell should have been honest with her from the start but really he thought in his own messed up way he was doing what was best for Abby, which in reality it wasn t She definitely should have made him grovel but to just give up on the relationship soo fast was a let do [...]

  25. Well that was just quite the ending to the series and dammit it made me cry lol Loved these two Russell totally had me in a swoon and falling all over him with his smitten self And Abby was so cute and pretty great too he really should be bald on that cover grrrr Full review to come bounces around I have been dying for this one Diving inW Reviewing for herding cats burning soup.

  26. These two are a little worrisome in their baggage than their friends, but I still enjoyed the heck or of their story Fusing Bailey s BDSM erotica flavor with contemporary romance is a red hot combo, the way her characters talk to each other in bed just slays me.

  27. I would never say no to a good friends to lovers romance, but my desire to read Make Me by Tessa Bailey increased exponentially the very second Russell Hart and Abby Sullivan were first introduced in book 1 in the author s Broke and Beautiful series, Chase Me Watching Russell fall over himself for the oblivious Abby was immensely entertaining, especially when the poor guy found himself firmly ensconced in the dreaded friend zone The unrequited romance element was admittedly a big draw, with the [...]

  28. ARC Approved by EdelweissIf you are not a fan of Tessa Bailey you are not a Avid Reader.This book was once again AMAZING Tessa Bailey captured you from the first page until the last page And what makes her books so good she has a bit of everything in her books.Sweet Sexy Hot Alpha Shy everything that you are looking for in a bookRussell surely gave Ben and Louis a run for their money Russell believes that he isn t good enough for Abby so he has Friend zoned her Even though she is all he thinks a [...]

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