Inte enklare än så

Unlimited Inte enklare än så - by Kajsa Ingemarsson, Unlimited Inte enklare än så - by Kajsa Ingemarsson, Inte enklare än så, Kajsa Ingemarsson, Inte enklare n s None. Unlimited Inte enklare än så - by Kajsa Ingemarsson - Inte enklare än så, Inte enklare n s None

  • Title: Inte enklare än så
  • Author: Kajsa Ingemarsson
  • ISBN: 9789170011252
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Inte enklare än så - by Kajsa Ingemarsson

Inte enklare än så, Unlimited Inte enklare än så - by Kajsa Ingemarsson - Inte enklare än så, Inte enklare n s None

  • Unlimited Inte enklare än så - by Kajsa Ingemarsson
    140Kajsa Ingemarsson
Inte enklare än så

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  1. Kajsa Ingemarsson is one of Sweden s bestselling novelists, already beloved throughout Europe Her novels are warm and compassionate, where the reader finds people, settings, and events that are current, compelling, and relatable Her writing style is entertaining and stylish, put forth in a conversational tone that is, at same time, smart and expertly developed to lead the reader through the personal development that is the foundation of her stories.In the same tradition as Nora Roberts, Mitch Albom and Julie Powell, Kajsa Ingemarsson represents a new generation of contemporary fiction With almost a million readers in Sweden alone, she is one of Sweden s greatest bestsellers of all times.On a deeper level, Ingemarsson relates with finesse and humor the little things that make everyday people heroic in their own lives Individual happiness can look very different from one person to another, as is revealed in each of her stories.Having worked with counterespionage, diplomacy and translations, then as an international model and, currently, a regular guest on radio and TV, Ingemarsson often shows her humorous side In person or from her pen, Ingemarsson is a complex person who brings style and clever wit to all her endeavors.

  2. I couldn t have read this book at a appropriate time I was going through a rough patch with my boyfriend of a few years, and a new guy at school had marked his interest in me loud and clear although I was a bit naive at the time Consistently as I was reading this, I was imagining my boyfriend as Tom, and this guy who had taken an interest in me irl as Rickard Let s just say This book took me to places and scenarios that were similar to thoughts I had already had, but it really highlighted how f [...]

  3. Met het boek inte enklare n s verheft Kajsa Ingemansson de typische chicklit tot een iets hoger niveau, evenwel de nodige humor en luchtigheid behoudend Niet makkelijker dan dat luidt de titel, die de lezer al snel op het verkeerde pad zet, want het verhaal blijkt iets moeilijker te zijndan dat Het verhaal gaat over Annika, een 36 jarige vrouw die voldoet aan het typische beeld 7 jaar gelukkig getrouwd met Tommy, 2 kinderen in huis, een voltijdse baan waarbij eventuele carri remogelijkheden moes [...]

  4. Tom och Annika h r ihop som salt och peppar, ketchup och senap Annika tappar bort sig sj lv i vardagens alla m sten, finner sp nningen hos en annan man Det r den absolut gn lligaste och tr kigaste boken jag l st p l nge Det tog emot att ta upp boken varje g ng Jag ville s klart veta hur den skulle sluta, men det var drygt och jag kan inte rekommendera den h r till n gon.

  5. Relationship drama, the author handles it really well with good, driven narrative and quite a pinch of humor.

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