Do Not Forsake Me

[PDF] Do Not Forsake Me | by ì Rosanne Bittner, [PDF] Do Not Forsake Me | by ì Rosanne Bittner, Do Not Forsake Me, Rosanne Bittner, Do Not Forsake Me Experience the epic sweeping story of Jake and Miranda Harkner from Bittner s beloved Outlaw Hearts called by New York Times bestseller Heather Graham a wonderful absorbing read with characters to capture the heart and the imagination Fate brought them together His past may tear them apart Miranda Hayes life was changed the day she faced down infamous gunslingerExperience the. [PDF] Do Not Forsake Me | by ì Rosanne Bittner - Do Not Forsake Me, Do Not Forsake Me Experience the epic sweeping story of Jake and Miranda Harkner from Bittner s beloved Outlaw Hearts called by New York Times bestseller Heather Graham a wonderful absorbing read with characters to

  • Title: Do Not Forsake Me
  • Author: Rosanne Bittner
  • ISBN: 9781492612841
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Book

[PDF] Do Not Forsake Me | by ì Rosanne Bittner

Do Not Forsake Me, [PDF] Do Not Forsake Me | by ì Rosanne Bittner - Do Not Forsake Me, Do Not Forsake Me Experience the epic sweeping story of Jake and Miranda Harkner from Bittner s beloved Outlaw Hearts called by New York Times bestseller Heather Graham a wonderful absorbing read with characters to

  • [PDF] Do Not Forsake Me | by ì Rosanne Bittner
    487Rosanne Bittner
Do Not Forsake Me

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  1. I am a USA TODAY best selling authors with 35 years, 66 books and numerous writing awards behind me I am currently working on 67 for my publisher, Sourcebooks The story is called LOGAN S LADY and is set for the spring of 2018 My most recent publications are my Outlaw books OUTLAW HEARTS, DO NOT FORSAKE ME, LOVE S SWEET REVENGE and THE LAST OUTLAW, with a follow up Christmas story in an anthology called CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY S ARMS This series is a family saga and an unforgettable love story between a wanted man and the woman who changes his life My most recent Native American story is CAPTURE MY HEART, published by in 2017 I just finished a sequel, A WARRIOR S PROMISE, which will be available on sometime in February, 2018.For those of you who have not yet read my books, my stories are generally set in the American West of the 1800 s and feature vividly described, historically accurate settings that span the US from Missouri to California, from Canada to Mexico Many of my books portray the poignant history of our Native Americans, and though the characters are my own, I use real historical locations and events in all my novels.My biggest selling books are my SAVAGE DESTINY series of books about the settling of Colorado and its affect on the Cheyenne Indians SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, RIDE THE FREE WIND, RIVER OF LOVE, EMBRACE THE WILD LAND, CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, MEET THE NEW DAWN and EAGLE S SONG The series follows one family throughout and is yet another memorable love story for all time.National magazine ROMANTIC TIMES has called me the Queen of Western Romance and an emotional powerhouse My husband and I have traveled the west for over 30 years and I have visited just about every location mentioned in my books.For info on all my books and constant updates on what is coming next, visit my web site at rosannebittner

  2. Summary Its been twenty six years since Miranda and Jake s life changed and their lives became intertwined with one another They have raised two children, been hunted by the law and gangs, and their bond has only strengthened despite the tough challenges that sought to break them apart Jake and Miranda are living in peace for the first time since they met, Jake is working for the government as a U.S Marshall, for the past two years, both of their children reside in the same town with them, they [...]

  3. I fell in love with this couple and their family in Outlaw Hearts I couldn t have been pleased when I realized there was a sequel I was not ready to let them go and I m glad the author wasn t either Jake and Miranda Harker and their family saga set in the last days of the Old West makes for some of the best Western Historical Romance that I have ever read This is a sequel, but it is written in such a way that newcomers can do fine if they accidentally pick them up out of order Fair warning, the [...]

  4. This sequel to Outlaw Hearts didn t have the power as the first, but it did add a great chapter in the lives of Jake and Miranda It s a worthy addition to Bittner s collection of historical romance works.The author chose to go further in a romantic relationship than many do in historical romances nowadays The leads are in their 50s and 40s, far older than most romantic leads I loved exploring how their relationship grew and matured as the years and trials went by The author explored such issues [...]

  5. Once again Bittner has created an emotional novel that takes you back in time and shows you what real cowboys are all about It was a fantastic sequel to Outlaw Hearts that highlighted the hard hitting lives these characters lived Lasting love and romance shines through while the harshness of the land is apparent to all.Bittner s vivid and lifelike characters invite you deep into their lives They re the type of individuals that you instinctively want to get to know better I appreciated how Bittne [...]

  6. 41 2 out of 5I ve been waiting for this one for a long time I ve been simple mad for Jake and Randy from Outlaw Heats ever since I first read it twenty years ago and I was beyond delighted when I heard there was a sequel planned and preordered it the first moment I could When it came I set aside time to get back into the amazing love these two have for each other I finished it in about a day and a half So now the big question is what did I think Hmmm I am so glad that I read it but it s not goin [...]

  7. Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyDo Not Forsake Me is a welcome sequel to a much loved romance In the early 90 s Roseanne Bittner wrote an epic fantasy, Desperate Hearts It was a sweeping saga and affected readers deeply I did not read it in the 90 s so my wait for a sequel was much shorter but no less excitingDo Not Forsake Me follows the Jake and Miranda Harkner as they serve out Jake s sentence Jake has been released from prison and exonerated for his most famo [...]

  8. Incredible Book Series, Awesome Characters, Lots of Action RomanceThis has got to be one of the best books and series I ve ever read Do Not Forsake Me is book 2 in this series It follows Outlaw Hearts I didn t think it could get any better than Outlaw Hearts but this book is just as incredible I m so glad to have read that at least 2 books are in the works.This series has been a bit different in the fact that book 2 follow the same couple from book 1 and it sounds like the next 2 books will con [...]

  9. Well now I might have found a new author to binge on Do Not Forsake Me was a lovely read I d say it s family saga than romance but I loved it That the heroine was in her 40s The hero in his 50s That they d been married 26 years and had grown kids and grandkids The strength in the heroine and the fierceness in the hero who was just scary sexy Drama and danger and an amazing family that helped each other through the horrible times Just a great read Full review to come.

  10. I have read the first book Outlaw Hearts and I loved the characters Jake and Randy were so in love with a lot of burdens behind them Then came this story, I just couldn t wait to read Oh, Ms Bittner has written a dynamite epic that will be long remembered You get to feel so much in this book when things happen like the good, the bad and the ugly Jake Harkner has done it all in his life He s so handsome, strong, and can be mean in an instant when it concerns his family He was an outlaw now U.S Ma [...]

  11. Book InfoMass MARKET Paperback, 512 pagesExpected publication July 7th 2015 by Sourcebooks CasablancaISBN 1492612847 ISBN13 9781492612841 edition language Englishseries Outlaw Hearts 2other editions 1 Source Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksBNBOOK SYNOPSISExperience the epic, sweeping story of Jake and Miranda Harkner from Bittner s beloved Outlaw Hearts, called by New York Times bestseller Heather Graham a wonderful, absorbing read, with characters to capture the heart and the imagination.Fate broug [...]

  12. I can still see the bookshelf in the library when I was a teen and pulling down a worn copy of Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bittner It was the first adult romance book I remember reading And from that moment, Jake and Randy have always been a constant favorite Jake being someone I compare other heroes to I was thrilled to discover when Outlaw Hearts would be released in Kindle format, Rosanne would also be releasing a sequel Do Not Forsake Me and then shortly after that, it was announced a 3rd book [...]

  13. 1892, Jeff Trubridge reporter, Chicago Evening Journal, Jewish arrives in Guthrie, OK, wanting to write a story about the Wild West Evie Harkner Jake s daughter, P G, wife mother Jackson Lloyd Harkner Lil Jake, Evie s son had been kidnapped by a bunch of ruthless outlaws.What is in Jake s past that still haunts him Who is Ben Perry What did Dixie prostitute Randy Harkner wife mother grandmother , discuss Will U.S Marshal Jackson Jake Lloyd Harkner grandpa, 56, former outlaw, aka handsome cowboy [...]

  14. I tend to get attached to some of the greatest fictional characters I read about and Jake and Miranda Harkner is a couple I hated to say goodbye to after I was done with Outlaw Hearts Lucky for me that their story continues in this sequel If you haven t read the first book in which this couple met, don t fret too much although if I were you, I d be getting it because it really was a wonderful beginning to their romance , because the author wrote this story so well you ll be catching up on all th [...]

  15. Some spoilers may abound I had just read Outlaw Hearts and loved it so I was so happy to read book 2 and to also know this great series is continuing Personally I think I loved book one but this one was great and had a solid story and great action I love jake and Miranda and it s great to see the family growing I didn t like Lloyd so much in book 1, but he really grew up here and it was nice to see The only thing is that I wished we could see of him and Katie falling in love I didn t really un [...]

  16. I think I have a new author to stalk follow in Roseanne Bittner the writing and characterization is wonderfully done with characters that dance above the norm for romance mid 40 s and 50 s While there was a solid romance sense in the feeling and progression of the story, for me calling this a family saga better explains the breadth and scope of this story Placing the romance as a secondary, even tertiary element allowed for the history and connections of the characters to speak louder Picking up [...]

  17. I received a complimentary book from Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This is a sequel to OUTLAW HEARTS Although you can read this book without having read the first one, I think it is extra enjoyable having read the beginning of this couple s life.Miranda and Jake are now in their 40s I absolutely love that fact because so many of our heroes and heroines are in their early 20s I also like that we get to see the characters after their children are grown and married w [...]

  18. This is book 2 in the Outlaw Hearts series.It s been two years since Jake Harkner got out of prison and started being a U.S Marshall He knew that it would not be an easy life, but hoped that it wouldn t endanger the lives of his family After a run in with a particularly nasty family of outlaws, Jake must hunt them down Right before he is to leave, Jake finds out that his beloved Miranda is sick He wants to be there for her, but he has to go after the outlaws for he could risk going back to priso [...]

  19. In this western historical romance a sequel to Outlaw Hearts , Miranda Randy and U.S Marshall Jake Harkner have been married for 26 years Their children are grown and married, and the parents and the children s families are very close When Jake and their son Deputy Marshall Lloyd Harkner take down a gang of bank robbers and rapists, the result is a revenge plot targeting Jake and his family Jake s reputation throughout the West is formidable He is intimidating, private and loyal As an exception, [...]

  20. I love reading about great fictional characters from a previous book Jake and Miranda were two I loved in Outlaw Heart s so it was wonderful to continue their story in Do Not Forsake Me sequel Miranda and Jake are now in their forties and we get to catch up with their children and family Jake and Miranda have been living in peace for the last 26 years raising their children and Jake is now a US Marshall who has been trying to atone for his time as an outlaw Unfortunately for Jake and Miranda the [...]

  21. I m so glad Rosanne Bittner decided to write a sequel to Outlaw Hearts It s not very often that a romance follows the entire course of a relationship Randy and Jake Harkner are together after 20 years of marriage Their children are grown and have children of their own Jake is in his 50s, Randy in her 40s, and they are experiencing middle age together Age has not diminished their love, and the family is very close A reporter comes to town who wants to write a book about Harkner s life, as an outl [...]

  22. As I finished the last sentence of this phenomenal book, tears spring from my eyes Very few authors have a way of bringing such characters into your life and holding on to your heart after the story has ended We are very lucky to be living during a time when the true Queen Of Historical Romance, Rosanne Bittner, keeps delivering epic novels that are forever engraved in our hearts Do Not Forsake Me is such an emotional roller coaster Jake and Randy have totally engulfed me Truly the heartwarming [...]

  23. OMG I enjoyed this 2nd book so much, what else can happen to this wonderful family the surprises kept you wanting to read The Harkners family is growing They have so many that love and respect them This book had me rooting for Jake and Randy and the kids and little jake with his son of a bissssh that had me laughing, The End of the book, left me wanting , made me wonder did Jeff get his 5.oo lol what happens in the next six months until they can head out to CO I have the next book and will star [...]

  24. So worth than 5 starsRosannes books just keep getting better They show the true love for family and how they take care of their own You can just feel the love between Jake and Randy How they overcame Jakes horrible past Thanks again Rosanne for another beautifully written story

  25. A continuation of the series 2Roseanne Bittner is becoming my favorite author Her writing is full of plot , action, love and healing This is the continuation of Jake and Randy Harkner, their children and grandchildren Excellent story, suspense and conclusion Well worth it Read the first book first

  26. To many Jake Harkner would always be a gunslinger, although he is a US Marshal now But to Miranda he is the love of her life With all that Jake has faced in his life, nothing compares to not being by Miranda side when she has to have surgery But when you mess with Jake s family you re asking for trouble.Story keeps you wondering all the time.

  27. I loved OUTLAW HEARTS, and this well written saga continues the story of Jake Miranda and their children It s a long book, and a lot happens, but Bittner keeps things moving and of course I m going to pick up the third book in the series to finish it off Can I also say it was really nice to see the central couple of a romance novel be over the age of 30

  28. I had a very hard time putting this book downJake and Randy Harkner and what a story this is and then you add Lloyd and Katie, Evie and Brain along with the grandkids its a story worth ready the only bad thing is that we have to wait until next summer I think for book 3 and maybe a book 4 also I cant get enough of Rosanne s books they are work reading

  29. Omg this is another wonderful book by Rosanne Bittner I hated for it to end I love loved it Jake and Miranda just get even precious And oh his grandson Little Jake is a pistol ball Get it asap and read or devour it as I did You definitely will not be disappointed

  30. I loved this book Rosanne has written yet another book that will end up on my keeper shelf You just can t help falling in love with the entire Harker family I cannot wait for the next book in the series

  31. Roseanne Bittner was one of the first authors I read as I left my childhood behind She does not disappoint This is the second in a series, can t wait to see how the third one goes Great characters She is always be one of my favorite writers Thanks for the memories.

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