She's Having Her Baby

Unlimited She's Having Her Baby - by Lauren Sams, Unlimited She's Having Her Baby - by Lauren Sams, She's Having Her Baby, Lauren Sams, She s Having Her Baby Georgie Henderson doesn t want to have kids but her best friend Nina Doherty has wanted to have a baby for as long as she can remember Sadly Nina s uterus refuses to cooperate One drunken evening Nina asks Georgie for the ultimate favour would she carry a baby for her Georgie says yes and spends the next nine months wondering why With intense bacon and egg rollGeorgie He. Unlimited She's Having Her Baby - by Lauren Sams - She's Having Her Baby, She s Having Her Baby Georgie Henderson doesn t want to have kids but her best friend Nina Doherty has wanted to have a baby for as long as she can remember Sadly Nina s uterus refuses to cooperate One drunken evening

  • Title: She's Having Her Baby
  • Author: Lauren Sams
  • ISBN: 9781863957205
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited She's Having Her Baby - by Lauren Sams

She's Having Her Baby, Unlimited She's Having Her Baby - by Lauren Sams - She's Having Her Baby, She s Having Her Baby Georgie Henderson doesn t want to have kids but her best friend Nina Doherty has wanted to have a baby for as long as she can remember Sadly Nina s uterus refuses to cooperate One drunken evening

  • Unlimited She's Having Her Baby - by Lauren Sams
    499Lauren Sams
She's Having Her Baby

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  1. Lauren Sams is a writer and author who has worked in magazines for ten years She writes for Cosmopolitan, ELLE, marie claire, Sunday Style and Daily Life She lives in Sydney with her husband, daughter and two dogs She s Having Her Baby is her first book, and she is currently working on a sequel.Elaine Benes is her spirit animal.For weekly musings from Lauren, sign up to her Tiny Letter here tinyletter laurensams.

  2. Lauren Sams debut novel, She s Having Her Baby, is a very real, yet humorous, look at the ups and downs of friendship, infertility, motherhood and all things in between.It s easy to not connect with Georgie at the beginning of the book, she is selfish and very opinionated but then she does the most amazing selfless thing and offers to give birth to her best friend s baby I didn t like Nina at the start of the book and still didn t warm to her by the end of the story Maybe its just I ve never bee [...]

  3. She s Having Her Baby is a funny and bittersweet debut chick lit novel from Lauren Sams This is it She s going to ask me to be her surrogate No, she won t Surely she won t That only happens in Katherine Heigl movies, Jesus f Christ, what if she asks What am I going to say There s only one answer, right Jesus f Thirty something magazine editor, Georgie Henderson, has never wanted kids but her best friend, Nina Doherty, wants nothing than to be a mother and when her latest IVF attempt fails, she [...]

  4. Georgie and Nina are best friends with one major difference Georgie has long known she never wants kids and relishes the freedom that life choice brings Nina on the other hand wants nothing than to be a mother Married for several years she and her husband have endured the rollercoaster of IVF with no success and it has taken its toll on their relationship Deciding that she can t go through the torturous process again Nina and Georgie go out drinking one night and with her inhibitions lowered Ni [...]

  5. George don t call her Georgie is focused on her career and has sworn she ll never have kids Until her best friend Nina is battling infertility and, as a last ditch effort, asks George to carry her baby Can Nina and George s friendship survive the transition to motherhood And can they avoid turning into Ellie, the one time party girl who now can t think beyond her two year old A fun, light read that covers friendship, motherhood, and feeling out of step with the world around you Looking forward t [...]

  6. I picked this up after reading Crazy, Busy, Guilty, which I really enjoyed.I would recommend reading this book first It s full of humorous moments and you get a good background on Georgie and some of the things she mentions.Both highly recommended reads

  7. I won the follow up book to this in a giveaway, so I thought it was best that I read is book first I really enjoyed the characters, George s voice and the storyline Looking forward to getting into the follow up book crazy, busy, guilty.

  8. I would actually rate this a 3.5 probably.I received this book as part of First Reads giveaways.I will simply state that I enjoyed this book What lowered the star rating for me was the protagonist George s voice I find it hard to get into the reading style where someone says something then in italics you are given some smart, satire comment that is from in the narrators head It is a normal and authentic way of giving insight into what the narrator feels and such, but for me it touches on annoyin [...]

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed reading She s Having Her Baby The characters are well developed and the story is interesting and thought provoking whilst being entirely believable The tone is very conversational it s just like being at dinner with girlfriends, sharing a few stories over a bottle of wine I laughed a lot whilst reading this book and shed a few tears too This is a book for anyone who s had a baby, thought about having a baby, struggled to have a baby or knows someone who s had a baby I would [...]

  10. Full disclosure Lauren Sams hosts a book club that I m in so I read this out of curiosity than anything.I don t read a lot of chick lit these days as I was finding it very formulaic This is of the same but is elevated somewhat by tackling some interesting issues infertility, surrogacy, workplace dynamics, the death of magazines RIP This was a quick, fun summer read and I probably liked it a bit for the very familiar Sydney setting There s a sequel to this coming out in January, perfect timing [...]

  11. There are just not enough books around that tackle fertility issues Alternatively there are not many books that talk about women who, frankly, are a bit meh about having kids She s Having Her Baby does both I love it how the main focus of this book is the relationship between Georgie not too keen to have babies and her best friend, Nina wants all the babies It hilariously describes pregnancy, dating, and why you should never make major life decisions under the influence of alcohol Cliche free, e [...]

  12. 3.5 stars I would have gone higher but I felt like the ending wasn t really what I expected All over it was a great read, I could definitely relate to Nina but I hated how the three of them need up in a car accident together, it felt like lazy writing There could have been some other reason for the three of them to not make it in time I felt very disappointed after reading that part But it had to end somewhere I guess.

  13. So happy to win this book through This book is hilarious The language that is used makes for an entertaining read It sees Georgie s surrogacy plans go wildly awry as she struggles to maintain her job and relationships Georgie is flawed, but that only makes her genuine and likeable This is a really good chick lit book, that I thoroughly enjoyed even though it s not my usual genre to read I also think it would make a pretty cool movie

  14. A nice, light read between serious books.And, it s set in Australia Magazine editor Georgie offers to have a baby for her best friend, who has been trying to fall pregnant for 7 years This begins a sometimes hilarious, sometimes bittersweet rollercoaster journey for George It s a story of motherhood and pregnancy, but mostly about friendship.

  15. This was the easiest read I ve had in a long time The characters were well portrayed, the language witty and the flow incredibly natural It felt like a long dinner party with all my best girlfriends, which meant I couldn t put it down or the fun would stop What a great first novel, can t wait to see what comes next.

  16. Quite fun for chick lit and held my interest as a new mum too with enough tender moments to relate to amongst the cynicism and first world problem ism.The twist was disappointing, as I d love to have known about how the initial story arc would have played out.Nero may want a better proofreader in future the copy I read had a lot of typos.

  17. Within the first 3 pages I was snorting with laughter, and continued throughout, I accidentally woke my husband up a couple of times I saw parts of myself pre children, pregnant a Mum in so many of the characters In some parts it was all too real, which made me fall in love with it Just gorgeous

  18. I really enjoyed this book and could relate to both Ellie and Nina The book was very well written however I couldn t help but feel that Georgie was treated a little unfairly by both Jase and Nina Without revealing plot lines, I just felt that Georgie never really set out to disappoint anyone but was made out to do that Hope this author writes another book soon

  19. LOVED this book I have a friend struggling to conceive and this novel gave me insight into her world and mind It s also super entertaining and has hilarious pop culture references, which are my fav

  20. This is an entertaining read, full of some funny moments I still have to admit to never warming completely to the main character or her woes, she s a little too annoying for me for that But the writing is solid, and it is nicely paced A Chick Lit book if I ever came across one

  21. Loved this well written, honest, bittersweet and sometimes raw book So many topical challenges dying print media, surrogacy, IVF, unplanned pregnancies, break ups, breakdowns and our homegrown Australian humor makes this read hard to put down until the last page is read.

  22. I won this book as a Firstread I must say I had trouble putting it down.It was so easy to read was a real page turner.I loved Georgie s constant humour even when she found herself in the most awkward or strssful predicaments.For those that love the Chick Lits this book is a must read.

  23. A very smart, observant and darkly funny read Lauren is a very clever writer and I m looking forward to what she writes next

  24. Love LOVED this Great stories, great characters, I laughed and cried Now all I need is for someone else to read it so we can talk about it

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