Eight Hundred Grapes

Unlimited Eight Hundred Grapes - by Laura Dave Joy Osmanski, Unlimited Eight Hundred Grapes - by Laura Dave Joy Osmanski, Eight Hundred Grapes, Laura Dave Joy Osmanski, Eight Hundred Grapes What if your beloved fianc he of the crinkly smile and the irresistible British accent had kept a life changing secret from you And what if just a week before your dream wedding you discovered it When these questions become realities for bride to be Georgia Ford she does the only thing that seems to make sense She runs She hops in her car and drives through the niWhat if. Unlimited Eight Hundred Grapes - by Laura Dave Joy Osmanski - Eight Hundred Grapes, Eight Hundred Grapes What if your beloved fianc he of the crinkly smile and the irresistible British accent had kept a life changing secret from you And what if just a week before your dream wedding you discovered it

  • Title: Eight Hundred Grapes
  • Author: Laura Dave Joy Osmanski
  • ISBN: 9781442386280
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Audiobook

Unlimited Eight Hundred Grapes - by Laura Dave Joy Osmanski

Eight Hundred Grapes, Unlimited Eight Hundred Grapes - by Laura Dave Joy Osmanski - Eight Hundred Grapes, Eight Hundred Grapes What if your beloved fianc he of the crinkly smile and the irresistible British accent had kept a life changing secret from you And what if just a week before your dream wedding you discovered it

  • Unlimited Eight Hundred Grapes - by Laura Dave Joy Osmanski
    111Laura Dave Joy Osmanski
Eight Hundred Grapes

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  1. Laura Dave is the author of the critically acclaimed novels The First Husband, The Divorce Party and London Is The Best City In America Her novels have been published in fifteen countries, and three of her novels, including Eight Hundred Grapes, have been optioned as major motion pictures She resides in Santa Monica, California.Her new novel, Eight Hundred Grapes, will be released on June 2nd, 2015.Website lauradaveFacebook facebook lauradavefansTwitter twitter lauradave

  2. You have to grow, mold, squish about eight hundred grapes to get just one bottle of wine If that isn t an argument to finish the bottle, I don t know what is.Georgia Ford shows up at her parent s vineyard in her wedding gown.She had been at her final fitting for the dress when her world was turned upside down So she heads home.Back at the winery she grew up at she realizes that after she left home to move to Los Angeles to practice law she didn t realize that her parents and brothers were changi [...]

  3. Here s a drinking game for all you fun loving wine drinkers out there take a sip of wine every time you read the phrase, I looked at him, confused , in the novel Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave The pronouns of the sentence can change, I looked at her, confused They looked at me, confused etc but I guarantee you will be pretty tipsy by the time you get through this.I received this ARC through a promotion by Simon Schuster listed through Shelf Awareness I was pretty happy to get it since I thou [...]

  4. Miranda Lambert once sang about a house that built her entire being Georgia Ford s life soundtrack could be summed up in that song, but it s than a house, it s also a vineyard.This book was a gem I enjoyed every page and this family I loved the Ford Family They reminded me of mine in a way, except my parents were split and I had one sister and no brothers The heart of this book reminded me of my own, we have a beautiful farm that has been in our family for 100 years and if my dad tried to sell [...]

  5. It really takes 800 grapes to make a bottle of wine That s pretty amazing and makes me appreciate grapes a whole bunch This story is light nothing deep here no complexity of characters, themes, plots or developments Premise is love at the forefront, family winery at the backend and a whole lot of secrets, miscommunications and wine in between I have to admit, I enjoyed it Likeable characters with a likeable backdrop and who doesn t like a little pinot noir with a story I m good with giving it 3 [...]

  6. 82.5 points Good a solid, well made book.Grippy tannins, oh my Pinot Noir is one of the main protagonists in our story It is said to be a very transparent grape that can communicate the difference in terroir, or grape growing environment, between adjacent plots of a vineyard Of course I felt that drinking some while I read about the breakdowns in a family s communications and love lives in the midst of a vineyard and winery would be most beneficial to my appreciation of this complex blend The Fo [...]

  7. Originally reviewed at Minnesota Reads.For the past few months, I saw Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave highlighted everywhere It was on lists of upcoming novels I shouldn t miss It was praised in publisher webinars as one of their great new books It was marked as a to read by thousands of people in Everywhere I turned I saw Eight Hundred Grapes, so I decided to check it out.Eight Hundred Grapes was a predictable bore with a self centered main character It should be called My Eight Hundred Grap [...]

  8. minor edits, some stuff was messed up haha 4.5 stars rounded up Wasn t that the gift of a home You looked at it the same way, but then when you needed it to, it showed you all over again the many ways you d been during the time you had been living there The many ways it brought you back to yourself The many ways it still brought you back to yourself.A lovely book that pulls you into the characters and the scenery it s easy to fall in love here thanks to the wonderful writing setting the stage fo [...]

  9. Synchronization Systems operating with all their parts in synchrony, said to be synchronous, or in sync The interrelationship of things that might normally exist separately.In physics It s called simultaneity In music rhythm.In your life epic failure A mere week before Georgia is set to marry, when she s in the middle of her final dress fitting, she sees something on the street that leaves her questioning everything about life and relationship Incapable of any rational thinking, she gets in her [...]

  10. I stopped paying attention to her I stopped doing the things that someone does for the person he loves Because I was tired Because other things always seems to matter a little bit That doesn t happen overnight, you know It happens slowly You should be careful of that You should be careful not to take the person you love for granted Not only because they ll notice But you ll notice too You ll think it means something it doesn tLike that s how much you care This book was an absolute delight Georgi [...]

  11. 3.5 stars, rounded upI ve had this book on my bookshelf for a while now, having bought it for very cheap at BooksaMillion, for no reason other than that I loved the cover But it takes a bit for me to be in the mood for a fluffy chic lit A couple of days ago, after having my heart torn out of my chest then replaced, then torn out again.ral times by the Red Rising series, this book and it s beautiful cover immediately caught my eye Just what I needed, a silly rom com esque book to make me fill all [...]

  12. I am honestly not sure how to review this book because I was a bit underwhelmed with it I didn t have any strong feelings about it one way or the other The book starts with Georgia running out on her wedding dress fitting when she discovers a secret her fianc was hiding Yeah, she didn t run out on her wedding She ran out on a fitting I guess that was the excuse for why she showed up at her brother s bar in a wedding dress The secret was that her fianc had a child and never told her This isn t re [...]

  13. You have to grow about eight hundred grapes to get just one bottle of wine If that isn t an argument to finish the bottle, I don t know what is Anonymous My best friend gave me this book because she knows I love wine That s enough of a reason It s the story of soon to be wed maybe Georgia and her wine making family going through changes in Sonoma County, California.The bulk of the story is about decision and indecision Coming to that point in your life where something happens to knock you off yo [...]

  14. Quick, light read about family drama at a vineyard Perfect between heavy reads or if you like chic lit I loved the main character and I found that it flowed very well.

  15. You have to grow, mold, squish about eight hundred grapes to get just one bottle of wine If that isn t an argument to finish the bottle, I don t know what is You had me at WINE.Once in awhile, the perfect book at the perfect moment comes along and it s a beautiful thing When I saw that Laura Dave had a new book releasing soon, and that it was available on Netgalley, and that it was ABOUT WINE, I jumped at the chance to read it Her previous novel, The First Husband, is one of my favorite books, s [...]

  16. Surprisingly great There are many things I loved about this novel First of all, it s simply a perfect summer read I loved how it s written and the flashbacks that help understanding the story It s fluent and it made me want to continue reading, just as it should I loved the family in this novel While there are many things going wrong with it, they all love each other deeply and they care about their family, which was really touching Growing up isn t easy, and there are things you wish you didn t [...]

  17. 2 1 2 starsI suspect the winery background is what got this book a lot of hype, but to me, this was just another chick lit and not even one of its better ones.The annoying main character has no idea where she wants to live, what she wants to do, or who she wants to spend her life with, yet she goes around judging and interfering in her family s life She storms into another winery, accusing them of stealing her family s business I suppose this is supposed to be the chick lit version of meet cute [...]

  18. I won this ARC via Shelf Awareness and was happy to get it, which is why it pains me to say that everything about this book is stupid Plus, there s very little in it about wine it could have taken place anywhere, about any family business I won t rate this since I only made it about a third of the way through, but I am for sure not wasting any time on it I hope whoever picks it up from the lobby of my building likes it than I did.

  19. 3.5 stars QUICK REVIEW 800 Grapes is a really enjoyable chick lit book, perfect for the summer times Even if the main character is a little bit too stubborn for my tastes I still liked everything else about it.Really fast to read, since it s so entertaining, and to enjoy FULL REVIEW Plot starsThis book could be a really cool movie Hopefully it will become one, some day It could also be a really enjoyable summer read, not exactly your average funny chick lit book but still really easy to read and [...]

  20. Puke Seriously, just ugh I may have been tolerant of this book if I d read it at a different time, but right now, even in the mood for something beachy, I wanted to throw it out the window It is a book about the whitest white people problems Absolutely the most first world problems ever It felt like I was reading about the perfect lives in those Sweet Valley High books from when I was in middle school, except set on a vineyard in Sonoma, and all those gorgeous people have grown up into accompli [...]

  21. When Georgia sees her fianc with another woman she heads to her families Sonoma County vineyard The Last Straw for solace, only to find that the rest of her family members are having their own problems A nice easy summer read, about love, family, and finding a home in the world Add wine, chocolate , and a nice summer evening , enjoy Date night movie rights have already been optioned 3 stars

  22. Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave was a great book, the perfect beach read Our heroine is Georgia, a real estate attorney who is about her architect fiance Our poor girl gets quite a surprise when she looks out the window while being fitted for her dress Her fiance Ben just may be keeping secrets This starts Georgia s journey home and to secrets and changes I really enjoyed this book and Laura Dave s style Told him first person and going back and forth to different time periods can be annoying [...]

  23. 2.5 StarsMeh This book just did not click for me It should have, I mean we re talking about a winery Sonoma, no less where I would move to in a heartbeat But the main character was too wishy washy and temperamental None of the other characters quite did it for me either, honestly The story was fine But fine is not really what I m looking for in a novel This sounds really harsh It wasn t BAD, just not recommended

  24. Eight Hundred Grapes delivered something far from what I was expecting I expected to find an average romance taking place at a winery What I got was a story that was rich and full and complex but at the same time, so very simple and can be summed up in one sentence It s a story about what one wants out of life and what will have to be sacrificed for it.Within the beautiful setting of a vineyard, the story is rich with information of what it takes to masterful at making a great wine and also the [...]

  25. Romance Winemaking Sonoma County This book had the perfect varietals to make a story I adore But, when the fermentation was complete, the overall assessment was light bodied and lacking in complexity, with a pleasant finish that faded quickly Georgia Ford flees to her family s Sonoma County vineyard less than a week before her wedding after learning that her fianc has been keeping a life changing secret from her She seeks the comfort of her parents, whose loving and stable marriage nurtured a fa [...]

  26. Take your time and savor the family dynamics Enjoy the romantic twists in this tale of a career minded young woman circling back to her roots at a California winery The appeal is broader than that of a romance since it delves into the complexities of various relationships parent to parent, parents and children, even winery and owner This is an excellent summer read Joan Hipp, Florham Park Public Library, Florham Park, NJ

  27. I loved this book and was kind of unexpected because I thought was going to be just about the grapes and the wines etcbut what wonderful characters, I loved Georgia but my favorite was Jacob, I knew that he was going to be great since the beginning, he was funny and pure and perfect except for his sweaterslolGreat read, I couldn t put the book down.Thank you netgalley and Simon Schuster for sending me the ARC for my honest review.

  28. Find the original reviewhereat This is the Story of My Reading LifeWhen the email landed in my inbox pitching Eight Hundred Grapes I ll admit to not really reading the synopsis All I saw was the words, for fans of Jojo Moyes Sold Done Give me the book In my opinion that comparison is pretty telling Like Moyes does, Dave created a pretty gripping and dynamic story about family, relationships and learning to step outside the safe zone.We catch Georgia as she s fleeing to her families vineyard in h [...]

  29. Interesting story of a complex family that blends secrets, desires, and wine all into one entertaining novel.When thirty year old Georgia returns home to her family vineyard in Sonoma County for the harvest party, her family immediately knows something is wrong She never changed out of her wedding gown from the dress fitting in Los Angeles, and she s suddenly struggling with whether or not she can continue with her nuptials.Georgia s fianc Ben has kept a secret from her for months, and discoveri [...]

  30. I received this ARC from Simon Schuster in exchange for an honest review.I was immediately drawn to this book when I read the summary From the moment I started reading it I was hooked The opening chapter gives a great introduction to the chapters and really sparked my interest I just had to keep reading to find out what was going on with Georgia Each of the characters had very distinct personalities All of the scenarios faced by the characters feel very real Even though Georgia is the main chara [...]

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