The Vintage Teacup Club

☆ The Vintage Teacup Club ✓ Vanessa Greene, ☆ The Vintage Teacup Club ✓ Vanessa Greene, The Vintage Teacup Club, Vanessa Greene, The Vintage Teacup Club Three women s lives are about to change because of a few delicate pieces of china When Jenny Davis comes across a beautiful vintage tea set at an outdoor market in the English countryside she s convinced it s fate A young bride on a budget she has her heart set on a vintage tea party theme for her wedding and the gorgeous gold rimmed china before her is perfect TherThree. ☆ The Vintage Teacup Club ✓ Vanessa Greene - The Vintage Teacup Club, The Vintage Teacup Club Three women s lives are about to change because of a few delicate pieces of china When Jenny Davis comes across a beautiful vintage tea set at an outdoor market in the English countryside she s convi

  • Title: The Vintage Teacup Club
  • Author: Vanessa Greene
  • ISBN: 9780425265581
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Vintage Teacup Club ✓ Vanessa Greene

The Vintage Teacup Club, ☆ The Vintage Teacup Club ✓ Vanessa Greene - The Vintage Teacup Club, The Vintage Teacup Club Three women s lives are about to change because of a few delicate pieces of china When Jenny Davis comes across a beautiful vintage tea set at an outdoor market in the English countryside she s convi

  • ☆ The Vintage Teacup Club ✓ Vanessa Greene
    379Vanessa Greene
The Vintage Teacup Club

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  1. Vanessa Greene Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Vintage Teacup Club book, this is one of the most wanted Vanessa Greene author readers around the world.

  2. A nice read really does sum it up I wanted to like this so much as it is a new author and the blurb sounded like it would be a fairly decent story however I have to say I was disappointed, the blurb didn t come through with it s promise confrontation of pasts, a friendship that changes their lives, breaking pointst from where I was reading Don t get me wrong it was nice to read a nice story about nice friendships and nice relationships and nice husbands but where were the problems we were promi [...]

  3. A delightful and easy read.Despite it taking me only a few hours to read, I really felt for each of the characters The situations were believable and the realism throughout the book added to the story and the characters I love realism in fiction and this was particularly believable.A group of women brought together by chance who ultimately end up changing each other s lives in the most special way What could be better than that This is a great chick lit, chock full of tea TEA and prettiness and [...]

  4. I have been looking forward to this book all the time I knew about it so when I got a copy at my library I couldn t wait to start The simple start of a friendship that begins through the vintage teacups found at a car boot sale, deepens into a true friendship.

  5. Sorry to be a dissenting voice, but I was really rather disappointed by this one an ok read, but that s about all I wasn t that impressed by the writing, and thought a lot of the dialogue was distinctly clunky I thought she squandered an opportunity by choosing to write Jenny by far the least interesting character in the first person, while telling the stories of the far interesting Maggie and Alison in the 3rd Some of the characters weren t rounded at all Alison s husband Pete, the gay friend [...]

  6. I was very much looking forward to reading this, as not only did it sound fascinating, but as you all know, I LOVE debut novels I absolutely love discovering new authors, so after a few recommendations to read this book thank you I settled down on an afternoon to start this.This is a beautifully written novel that combines the lives of three women after they all fall in love with the same vintage tea set In the end, they decide to share it, and this forms a friendship between them The novel then [...]

  7. Jenny is planning her wedding to Dan and is hoping to serve their guests tea in vintage teacups at the reception While on the hunt for vintage cups at a local car boot sale, Jenny spots the perfect tea set and sets her heart on it Florist Maggie is helping to organise a client s wedding and is also trying to track down vintage teacups as part of her floral display She spots the tea set at the same time as Jenny and Alison Alison has always been good at sewing and crafts and has set up her own bu [...]

  8. Jenny is planning the perfect wedding to Dan and at the reception each guest will be served their tea in a delicate, beautiful vintage china cup Alison has a business making candles and other lovely things She plans to cash in on the new china teacup candle craze Maggie is planning a posh wedding that has an Alice in Wonderland theme and requires teacups for the Madhatter Tea Party portion of the decorations When all three spot the perfect tea set at flea market stall they come to an unlikely ba [...]

  9. 3.5 estrellas Me ha gustado mucho Aunque al principio es un libro bien normalito, cuando se va afianzando la amistad entres las tres protagonistas, el libro empieza a ser encantador Me han gustado mucho estas tres mujeronas Todas decididas, emprendedoras, trabajadoras Sencillamente geniales.Cuatro hombres muy diferentes Me gusta que la autora le d un papel distinto a cada uno de ellos.Es un libro OPTIMISTA, y ltimamente me encantan los libros que me dejan esta sensaci n Muy muy buen sabor de boc [...]

  10. This little bit of perfect has brought me out of my reading slump I loved this book, well I must have reading it in less than a day The friendships between Jenny, Maggie and Alison are wonderful and it felt like a true, genuine thing.The writing style was lovely, easy and flow magnificently Like Vanessa Greene s other books, this one is just magical.

  11. Imagine sitting down with the perfect cup of tea in a delicate gold rimmed cup which is decorated with daisies, roses, or another flower of your choice and a mouth watering slice of freshly baked chocolate cake on the side which is covered in sweet icing Sounds quite perfect, doesn t it That is exactly what reading The Vintage Teacup Club feels like With delightful descriptions of gorgeous antique tea sets very much like the one gracing the stunning cover and wonderful characters the book is swe [...]

  12. Classic chick lit that is quintessentially British, so elegant and delightful that makes for an absorbing read Are you drinking tea with a fine bone china painted teacup If you are not then you should be, for The Vintage Teacup Club is a spectacular and truly delightful read that I aim to now re read This brilliant debut novel by Vanessa Greene combines the love of three women who meet by chance and then from firm friendships Jenny first person narrator visits a car boot sale in Charlesworth, an [...]

  13. This is one of my favourite chick lit reads so far this year and an excellent debut from Vanessa Greene.The story centres around three characters Jenny, Maggie and Alison who meet at a car boot sale as they hunt for vintage teacups to add to their collections and spot the same set at the same time I loved that Vanessa Greene gave an instant introduction to the three very different characters, their looks and personalities Jenny is young and fresh excited about her upcoming wedding and searching [...]

  14. Well, up to Chapter 5 and after reading the Seafront Tearooms before that I could not help but wonder why this author would bother writing several books, if they are all the same from the very covers, that is, and right up to the plot, in fact a small seaside English town and three friends, who become inseparable just after their first meeting The one is blonde, the other is a brunette and the third is what a surprise a redhead, their predictable and absolutely nondescript partners, the inevitab [...]

  15. All I can say is What a charming book I read the book on my kindle, but the cover displayed on was delightful and elegant and reflected the contents accurately Three women want to buy a particular Victorian tea set from the car boot sale but instead of two of them being disappointed, they agree on a solution that benefits all three of them The women are different ages and live completely different lives and all wanted the teacups for different reasons.The story opens a window to each of their li [...]

  16. I really wanted to like this one There were so many user reviews that rated this at 5 stars and described it as heartwarming and, it was our number one bestseller within two weeks of release This, I thought, was going to be the next The Help no no no If I hadn t been reading The Vintage Teacup Club for book club, I wouldn t have got past the first 100 pages For me, I think it was an expectations thing I was expecting vintage , quirky, Frankie meets Marieke Hardy witty observations on the lives o [...]

  17. I rarely read chick lit but this was surprisingly good Light and frothy but the perfect book to read in a couple of sittings and for some girly escapism The storyline was a little predictable, but nice to see a disabled charactera rarity in almost any books chick lit or otherwise A nicely written debut.

  18. It took about 100 pages before I actually cared about the characters There s way too much backstory in those pages The second third of the book was well paced and I was invested on the lives of the characters The last third was a can t put down page turner that made me feel like a member of The Vintage Teacup Club The novel is told from the eyes of three strangers who bond over a tea set It s a bit weird that Jenny s chapters are in first person POV while the others are in third person POV.

  19. 11 20Un roman feel good agr able avec des h ro nes attachantes et des liens d amiti profonds, mais une construction parfois inachev e et un livre la fois trop rapide et sans grandes volutions des histoires abord es Un joli moment de lecture m me s il ne sera pas inoubliable.Ma chronique myprettybooks.wordpress 2

  20. El comienzo es un poco flojo y al final le faltan un par de cap tulos En general y en mi opini n quedan historias por completar o cerrar.

  21. I picked up this book from the library following a discussion with a friend about books with teacups on the cover I had no idea what to expect, but I really enjoyed this story.Three women, Jenny, Maggie, and Alison connect at a car boot sale over a vintage tea set Each woman has their own reason for wanting the teacups, and, in their search to increase their collection, become close friends.Each chapter is from the point of view of one of the women, sharing the story of their lives along with th [...]

  22. Step by step we d let each other in, and now it was hard to imagine that we hadn t always been there for each other This lovely debut novel combines the lives of three different women as they meet by chance and form firm friendships Jenny is our first person narrator she is browsing at a car boot sale in Charlesworth, an old market town in Sussex, and we share her delight when she happens upon precisely the items she has been searching for, a vintage teaset Just at that moment, two other women s [...]

  23. I couldn t finish this book fast enough and it was not because I liked it Quite the opposite I thought it was so awful and pointless I just wanted to get it done so I could start on something else I used to think just about anyone could write a half decent chick lit book Having read quite a few I have even be tempted to try one myself I think this book really shows us that there is a craft to it and this book was not well crafted at all It was really horrible and here s why 1 There was no defini [...]

  24. Book 6 for 2016PopSugar Challenge Categories A book set in Europe A book with a blue cover A book that takes place on an island A book that takes place during summerPersonal Challenge Category A book with multiple POV charactersThis was probably of a 2.5 star read for me, but it was a nice, pleasant read, so I ll round up I m tempted to say that this is not the sort of thing I d have picked up if it hadn t been a book club selection, but that s not really the case I would have found the premise [...]

  25. This book was absolutely lovely If I had to choose one word to describe it, that would be it Lovely Three women, three separate lives, but a slight obsession with collecting vintage teacups is what has brought these ladies together, and it is marvellous The story begins at a car boot sale Jenny spots the teacups first Then Maggie, followed closely by AlisonAs the three women eyeball each other, they come to realise that there is a way that all three of them can get what they need out of the teac [...]

  26. This cup of tea had waaaay too much sugar in it.Not that I was expecting some literary masterpiece, but come on, that s just lazy writing Like other reviewers had noted before me, everything happened just so conveniently, without any real struggle or challenge and therefore without any character development Jenny conveniently got a book deal from the very first try Pete conveniently found a job within weeks Maggie conveniently got pregnant while Owen was conveniently already in love with her aft [...]

  27. This is a light, easy read Three women, Jenny, Maggie and Alison meet at a garage sale where they find a vintage tea set which they agree to share The three women are very different and in different stages of life, yet an instant friendship is formed between the woman It s a story of friendship and chapters are related from each woman s point of view Personally I found Jenny and the other bride in this story rather shallow and selfish as they obsessed about having everything perfect for their we [...]

  28. I don t think I can keep reading this I had such high hopes and it just didn t even deliver It sounded like such a good and interesting real life problems story and I was really looking forwards to reading it so it s a shame really Nice enough characters but the plots seem a bit all over the place fair enough as life kinda is and, though it may sound like a small thing to mention, I was unhappy that the only non straight character minor character in back ground so no spoilers in the book had a s [...]

  29. Once I got into this book, I really enjoyed it Its about one of my favorite subjects, the friendships of women The three main characters meet at a swap meet over a tea set All 3 want the set, so having just met, they decide to buy it together and share it Jenny wants the tea set for her wedding reception, so she ll use it first Maggie owns a floral shop and event planning business and wants to use it for a wedding event she is planning, she ll be second in line and Ali sells a lot of homemade th [...]

  30. Very surprised by all the 5 star reviews Admittedly, I read this because my very thoughtful flatmate, knowing I collect vintage teacups, picked it up at the library for me and thought I d enjoy it I wasn t expecting a masterpiece but I did think I might enjoy it Whoever edited this should be rethink their career storylines which don t add up, not one fully developed character and this is a 400 page book , pointless and illogical bits e.g Holly and her friend stealing the friend s mum s credit ca [...]

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